Angling for trophy carp in the Moscow area

Fishing for big carp pay fish pond « Silver Cup » on the Kiev freeway in Moscow region needs certain knowledge and also abilities.

We will try to tell you in the article regarding what take on for carp fishing it is far better to use, just how to choose a pond, how to tame a big fish, after that to capture. Step one: pick a body of water. For carp angling healthy good pay pond in which the cleaning of a base and aeration. Frequently serebryatsya.

To which for years had not filed any kind of case of noncompliance with the criteria. Right here you can capture carp all the time. When the water gets cool, especially successful in the very early autumn. Due to the fact that in these months the fish is trying to eat fat gets before the winter. Wrong not to make use of that to catch the giant responsible. Incidentally, how it should be, to angling for carp the lure ended with the success of the angler?

Tackle for carp fishing: Carp– fish is extremely strong. As a result, for carp fishing you need to select a strong line of the functioning size(0.22-0.25)with a typical prolongation without memory, natural colors because the carp are picky to the color of the line; pole with plenty of power, length; feeder (perfect feeder German company Browning Force Feeder 13 ft); the reel is really powerful( if it has a back clutch– superb); big hook of thick cord(No. 4– 0, 68 mm from the business Owner)with a brief stinger, appropriate, smooth contour and also guaranteed sharp, which ought to be transformed after capture each fish kopnoi; the float is refined as well as sensitive; a feeder( preferably from the firm Easy Speed feeder). With this snap-in carp practically in your hands. It continues to be to make fish dish.

Catching carp on boilies: Traditional menu for big wheel– worm, maggots, beans and corn today pressed the ended up feed. In particular, Boyle. They keep their flavor, flawlessly soak up dampness, can have any kind of color as well as is connected to the hook with the hair of the setup, they appear great. However the main benefit of this feed is chroboly selekcioniruut prey. Boyle might just swallow a significant carp. Small fish it will bring in. And also this is what you need in this case. An additional excellent choice is the feed pellets. It is made up of wheat, soy healthy protein, gluten, a valuable set of various minerals and also acids, flour– 3 kinds: canola, soybean, fish. All all-natural and also fairly valued.

Alternatively, you can prepare yourself food for capturing of huge fish with use grasses as well as hemp, pellets, boilies, different aromatics. The proportion is: element feed– 20%, about 40-60 basis, 20%fillers as well as 5%of fragrance.

For feeder bait you can utilize items Expo from Marcel Van Den Eynde. You can fantasize up. Take, as an example, canisters of corn as well as saturate it in banana attractant from Marcel Van Den Eynde. The big fish can not leave the deep, tart taste and brilliant

yellow color excellent Royal dish. Specifically throughout the winter months. And also constantly will be « in captivity ». Although, not a truth. Carpfishing is the everlasting look for methods of lure and capture carp. It is always an experiment. This is the whole passion of angling.

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