Attractions on a pike in the fall, appealing alternatives

Behavior of pike with cold snap after the warmth modifications substantially, it begins to actively search around the tank looking for food.

Toothy predator really feels cool, so he tries to stockpile on fat for a lengthy winter months period. It is this actions trait that will certainly tell you where to locate a pike for an angler, however there are still some subtleties.

To insist that the toothy predator can be discovered only in the shallows or near the winter season openings it is difficult.

In search of food, she can move throughout the reservoir, exploring the water location for the existence of food supply.

month where to trying to find
September pike relocates to the middle layers of the water, as the smaller sized fish goes there, which it feeds
October will significantly be at the bottom, at the entrances as well as exits of the wintering pits
November relying on the temperature level program, it can stand at the end of the landfill pits or move right into them
Equipment for fall pike fishing

Strange as it might seem, yet in the fall, when angling for pike, 2 commonly aggressive anglers can pertain to terms: a spinningist and also a fly-loving follower. Usually they work together and also fish the picked water location with each other. We will certainly talk about all the complexities of fly-fishing in the fall duration to catch pike next time, now we will certainly take care of spinning equipment.

Behavior of the pike throughout the autumn duration is much more hostile, therefore the tackle must be more powerful.

To hook and also bring a good alternative, you need to prepare the following parts:

  • The type of the spinning is picked depending upon the area from which the fishing is executed. For the coastline it is suitable 2.4 m long, it will permit “reducing” it to 2 m. Test tons have to be higher, decent cargo will be needed to capture the center layers and the bottom layers, usually their weight can rise to 30 g and more. For big rivers, blanks with an optimum sign of approximately 50 gare chosen; for small streams and also fish ponds, the border is 25 g.
  • for such rods you need at the very least with a 3000th spindle, while the number of bearings goes to least 4. When fishing with a cord, you must ensure that there is always a steel spool, plastic will certainly reduce very rapidly.
  • It is much better to take a knotted cable as a base, its diameter must go to the very least 0.14, yet you need to not place a very thick one. If the option drops on the line, after that it is desirable to give preference to Japanese makers, yet placed a thickness of a minimum of 0.3 mm.
  • It is required to equip tackle with a chain, without it the basis will quickly spoil. Sharp pike teeth will certainly be able to eliminate both the line and the cable essentially at the really first strike. For tools, steel leads or tungsten leads are selected, fittings can be used on both variations, yet the steel can be made simply in the form of a twist from a guitar string.
  • Devices made use of high quality, steel swivels as well as carbines are used to attach the leash and also warp, along with for fastening the lure. Clockwork rings are much better to extract from a stainless-steel, such will certainly last longer.

Having gathered all the gear you can go to the pond, yet what lure to take with you? Not every person can answer this inquiry. The appeals for catching pike in the autumn are extremely varied, so it is rewarding to dwell on them in even more detail.

What does the pike bite in the autumn

The bait on a pike in the fall is selected based upon many criteria, among which it deserves highlighting:

  • large size;
  • brilliant shade;
  • excellent video game.

It is intriguing! As technique shows, even a little young puppy actively pursues bait a couple of times bigger than it.

Functioning lures on a pike in the loss can be split right into several types, each of which is worth staying in detail.


The waiting is most likely the very best bait for pike in the fall. Normally choose a bigger size, and also the weight is much better to get regarding 20 grams and more.

One of the most catching anglers with experience are:

  • atom;
  • Pike
  • perch;
  • woman.

Excellent feedback indicated regarding themselves as well as Syclops from Mepps, this lure will certainly always attract the interest of a killer.

The shade variety varies depending upon climate condition:

  • overcast skies will certainly encourage using silvery and gold lashes;
  • every now and then the sunlight, which shows up from behind the clouds, will certainly enable to play in the most effective feasible method dark nickel and bronze.

But with turbid water it is best to make use of acid colors of resonances, in this shade all of the above choices are launched.

They are renowned for catching and also noise oscillating lures, they vary from the common two flowers attached with each other. With correct wiring, a sound impact will be developed that will certainly annoy the pike.


The very best for pike in this period differ in dimension, much less than 90 mm ought to not be taken, although some spinningists choose to catch only rolls that are no more than 60 mm in length. Most suggest the use of minnow. The best are:

  • Orbit from ZipBaits;
  • Strike Pro’s Inquisitor;
  • Montero from Strike Pro.

Well speak about the wobblers Bomber, especially on hearing in the fall period, the collection Deep Long as well as Long A.

Depth is chosen for each reservoir various, it is much better for the fall to get choices with an immersion of as much as 2 m. Smaller sized ones will not be able to draw in adequate interest to the pike, which has actually already fallen into the middle layers, alternatives with more deepness will not have the ability to attain the proper impact as a result of passing under prey.

The color pattern must be varied, throughout this period acidic and also natural colors will certainly function the same way.

Suggestion! You need to not obtain hung up on one lure, a spinningist with experience recognizes that a frequent change of baits will certainly have a positive effect on the catch.


Silicone variation of baits will be similarly appealing, their option is huge. Choice regulations are the same, not to take tiny ones, to offer preference to larger specimens. Will certainly work best:

  • Twister from 9 centimeters and more. One of the most catchy shades are white, yellow, lemon, red with black tail, orange with shine. Products from Manns have exceptional high quality; this traditional always works in all storage tanks without exception. Installation can be done through the jig or with the countered, after that the lots is just changed relying on the deepness to be collected. However the novelties of edible silicone are used no less efficiently, here engine oil, violet, caramel with dots will flawlessly reveal themselves.
  • Vibrotails are one of the major baits in the fall period for pike, their diversity is just fantastic. Standards of the genre acknowledged Predator from Manns and Kopyto from Relax. Pick one or even the three most memorable is simply impossible, each choice will be excellent in its own method. Acid-colored fish, light-storage gadgets, violet, caramel, lube oil, all-natural colors remain in need. Certain attention ought to be paid to the alternatives with a red head or tail, the back of an additional color on a silicone also manifest itself perfectly.

But it’s not worthwhile to emphasize these options, there are still a lot of makers that generate a minimum of memorable models of silicone fish. It is important to try and also experiment, just then it will certainly be feasible to attain the proper result.

Idea! The foam will be a superb bait for pike in the fall, particularly late. The method of uploading « on the loss» will certainly draw in the attention of big individuals.

For placing silicone, they make use of both jigolovki and mobile setup with an offsetsetnik and a retractable cheburashka. The latter choice will enable you to hold a fish without hooks among the lawn and also turf in early fall.

Much less appealing pike lures in the loss

When a fish starts to eat an idea of something as “not a catchy lure” simply does not exist. In the autumn duration, the killer rushes at whatever with the same zeal, however not every little thing will certainly be just as effective:

  • Pinwheels throughout this period usually cling to the turf, grabs and various other sound at the bottom, so they are used extremely seldom to capture pike.
  • Spinerbate despite a suitable shipment will still not have the ability to dive to the preferred depth, so this bait is delegated catch pike in the springtime.
  • Poppers also come from the surface area bait, the fish in the center water column and from all-time low simply do not observe it when uploading.
  • Mandula will certainly not have the ability to work out in the autumn period either, the surface area bait will just not be able to hook the pike’s eye from the depths.
  • Drifting wobblers will certainly likewise not be the very best choice lure, with slow electrical wiring, they just drift to the surface area of the reservoir.

Idea! Choosing a wobbler to capture a pike in the loss ought to take note of the size and also marking. The most effective options will be the bait 110 and also 130 mm with the classifications SP.

Currently every person understands which pike bait is best to make use of in the autumn. Appropriately set up tackle in tandem with them will assist everybody who wants to hook as well as bring out a pike of good size.

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