Attributes of angling Oct carp

Fishing for carp in October– not a very easy task, as the life cycle of the fish with cold sluggish. The fish ends up being slow and also is planning for hibernation.

On the other hand the natural food with the arrival of cold weather in the storage tanks diminishes.

Attributes of angling Oct carp Attributes carp fishing in October is directly pertaining to the preparation of fish for the winter.

This figures out the natural activity of the fish:

  1. The bite boosts in the quiet cloudy days, in durations of steady climate;
  2. Comfortable depth for angling is 2-5 meters at this deepness the water is warmer than externally and also not deep in the ground;
  3. In cloudy weather condition the attacking begins after the resort of the morning chill with 11-12 hrs;
  4. In clear weather condition crucian carp begins to feed from dawn to 9-10 hrs and a hr before sunset and also nightfall;
  5. The feeding duration is brief and lasts from 3 to 5 hours a day;
  6. Around the reservoir, particularly long distance, is practically removed fish gather in groups and feed in locations of future wintering;
  7. Biting happens in limited locations, not throughout the pond;
  8. The job of the bait to attract the interest and also maintain the task of the fish, as well as insufficient as food fish throughout this duration is very little requirement;
  9. Sign of a great bite is a long term Indian summer season;
  10. A good option of bait will be a blend of barley bait, which are captured, normally it’s a worm, maggot or bloodworms, watered down to 50% with dirt or sand;
  11. Up to 70% of lure– 5-6 spheres thrown at the beginning of the angling;
  12. Excellent outcomes offers prevajanje fish when the fisherman leaving the fishery tosses into the water a few handfuls of lure, accustomed to the feeding place;
  13. Bite carp are rare, yet peck, in October, large specimens;

Some assurance biting may be her casting « under the nose» of the fish. The attacking of a crucian is not predictable, even on Sunny summertime days, and also autumn in October and also much more so. The major variable affecting the fish, is the weather condition. Secure weather condition for a number of days will certainly provide the opportunity to attack the fussiest of eaters.

Caught both from a boat as well as from the coast. Choose deep sloppy holes, where the water temperature serves permanently. Angling for carp in October on a pond Lakes as well as ponds– familiar and also natural environments for carp.

In summertime of chance for the fishermen, but the autumn there are significant adjustments in the fish actions:

  • in superficial as well as little lakes, the water cools down quicker, as well as the fish are forced prematurely to dig in the mud for the winter season;
  • in ponds frequently attack little carp;
  • in large flow-through lakes, filled with oxygen as well as marine plant life capturing huge carp is still feasible.

When fishing from a boat, prevent getting darkness from the boats as well as fisherman at the angling location– moving shadow can terrify the fish.

Angling for carp in October on the river

Prefers silent, sluggish waters. In such a rivers carp stays active for a very long time. This is because of the replenishment of oxygen in the flowing water.

Favourite habitats in rivers: sloppy bayous as well as oxbow lakes where a great deal of plants. Loves carp to accumulate in the muddy openings between the channel as well as the coast, enduring of them bream. In both lakes and on the river with a cold practically discontinues to move across the fish pond.

What bite carp in October

Fall carp are particular about lures. In October, crucian carp bite on high-calorie foods, has the ability to replenish fat reserves for the winter. Food of the carp consistently. Typically pokorivshii, until a few days digesting food and after that continues to the next search of prey.

Nozzle for carp in October

Plant ideas in October are exceptionally uncommon. To try to catch you on the barley, specifically if it is in the bait, and dough, bread and mash.

Bait for carp in October

The very best lure in October, lots of anglers recognized the beam motylja. Applying bloodworms, remember that he loves as well as whole small fish that can spoil a fishing trip.

If the water in the fishing continues to be moderately warm for around 14– 16 degrees, the usage of worm can produce good outcomes. Generally utilize a number of 2-3 tiny worms. On the whole, nevertheless, energetic nibble on the worm in October is uncommon.

A strong 2nd place amongst the baits is a bundle of maggots, and a sandwich of maggots as well as bloodworms.

Lure throughout the autumn catching carp on the float rod ought to be above all-time low, as well as not to rest on it.

Angling for carp in October on a float

Float pole is the main device carp angling in October. For fishing from coast are made use of, telescopic poles with a length of 6-7 meters, with boats of 3-5 metres.

In October, for fishing from shore may require long-distance spreading, so you need to use rotating reel light class as well as equipment of the rod carrying the rings.

Installation with a float pole

Fishing in October is made use of as the mounting with sliding as well as chosen the angling line float with carrying capacity of concerning 2-3 grams with a long keel, which prevents the falling down of the wave. Hooks– light № 2,5-5 according to the Soviet classification.

Line was painted in a color that did not catch fish– eco-friendly, brown etc depending upon the places of fishing. The diameter of the major fishing line no greater than 0.15 mm, chain– 0,08-0,12 mm. Ogruzka float fishing pole Autumn fishing means that climate condition are not really comfy– wind, wave, rainfall. Ogruzka ought to be hefty, enables you to make exact casts in gusty conditions and minimizes the possibility of demolition equipment. The ratio of the float-the plan must provide maximum sensitivity– the tiniest resistance tackle bite can frighten the fish.

Angling for carp in October at the feeder

Fishing for carp on the feeder in October, if an excellent shore fish difficult to get drift rod. Furthermore, the feeder is the excellent deal with for fishing at midsts, where in the autumn of carp and also is. The feeder is fantastic for fishing in windy weather condition with a superb sensitivity.

I recommend you to review the report regarding angling on the river put on (wintering pit, Volgograd oblast): angling for large carp on the feeder

Feeder pole as well as reel for carp angling in October

Depending upon the problems of angling feeder pole is chosen with a size of 3.0-3.6 meters. The examination pole is about 60-80 grams.

Coil heads light or average class 1500-2500. The presence of a well-regulated clutch absolutely– a thin chain requires a clear setup.

Fishing line, a chain, a hook for the feeder

You need to start from the concept of invisibility when you select snap-ins for fishing in the water is extra clear than in the summer. The main fishing line to the feeder we put no thicker than 0,16-0,18 mm and the thinner leash 0,14 mm.

Hooks are sized by the dimension of the appeal from No. 4 to No. 6 in the national category. Animal baits much better fit with a lengthy fore-end for plant– brief.

To feeder snap-ins, carp are not particularly particular. For catching him will fit all classic symmetrical and uneven loophole, loop Gardner, paternoster etc.

Idea! For angling on the bottom with a deep layer of silt is necessary for the hook to stick the Styrofoam peanuts.

For effective carp fishing in October called for only three problems to tackle as well as pick the right location, in addition to guess « tasty» for him the lure.

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