Attributes of the behavior of pike in October

Lowering the air temperature in the autumn period made the citizens of the water bodies more active, as it remained in early September and also lasted until the middle of the month. Even more cooling forces the fish to go from shallow water to deeper areas of rivers and the lake, and pike is no exemption.

All the functions of the killer’s actions are described by the motion of its food supply, it complies with cockroach, crucian carp, bleak, ruffs and also various other tiny fish. Now the pike will certainly eat fat prior to the coming close to wintertime, which indicates to throw almost any lure that is closer to the near-bottom area.

The aggressiveness of the predator will also be necessary, particularly if the fall is early and also at the end of October it is currently fairly great. This obliges anglers to accumulate even more durable equipment making use of solid components.

Where to searching for

Angling for pike in the autumn is always effective, the important things is to recognize some attributes of the search and have the ability to pick up lure. Based upon the currently studied attributes of the habits of the predator in this duration, it is worthwhile to recognize that it deserves taking specifically responsible collection of gear.

Where in October experienced fishermen determine where to seek a pike by climate condition, the cooler the water, the deeper the fish goes. It is increasingly relocating away from the coastal eyebrow and also almost does not return below, consequently, in big tanks there is absolutely nothing to do without a craft. However in this situation, the equipment is likewise constructed with its very own attributes.

gear element requirements
fishing pole blank length 2.1-2.4 m. casting examination 10-40 g, preference should be given to carbon choices
coil the size of the spool is not less than 3000, the variety of bearings from 4, the gear proportion is 5.2: 1
the basis the cable is thought about the very best alternative, the density is 0.18-0.22 mm, it is feasible to use monofilament angling line with a random sample of 0.25 mm
equipment swivels, carabiners, winding rings utilize excellent top quality so as not to miss out on a hostile catch of a good dimension

With such attires, angling is executed in promising locations, and such are:

  • network brow;
  • leave from the grab;
  • departures from the wintering pits.

In cozy, a little gusty weather, you can attempt to catch the middle layers of the water in the pond, small fish often head out there to warm up, and afterwards the pike adheres to. In small bodies of water, where adequate deepness begins promptly off the shore, you can try to conduct near casts.

Applicable Lures

In October, pike is defined by a great hunger, consequently, it delights in to respond to all the recommended attractions. The only attribute is the size, little toothy local of the storage tank will certainly not pay any type of focus. Depending on the method of angling, appeals can be really diverse.


Numerous types of fabricated bait are utilized to capture the water area with a spinning space.

The most appealing amongst fishers with experience are recognized:

  • oscillating rewriters from 8 centimeters and more, with which extended models are much better to use along rivers, however, for lakes as well as small fish ponds, even more circular blades;
  • turntables at the very least No. 4, the most effective options are Meps Aglia and Aglia Long, along with Black Fury models;
  • wobblers are thought about standards when angling in casting; extended minnow models from 90 mm or even more will be the very best choices;
  • Large-sized silicone with a jig head is also used.

Spinerbates, poppers, rattlins and fine silicone are best left to spring.


Pike fishing by this approach includes the most usually use of a wobbler with sufficient depth. It gets on an artificial fish that the pike pecks best currently of year.

Apply a wide array of designs:

  • krenki;
  • discomfort;
  • minnow;
  • two and 3 members.

An important selection alternative will certainly be the size of the lure and also the deepness of immersion. For trolling angling, alternatives from 80 centimeters or even more are suitable, however the depth is chosen depending on the characteristics of the storage tank.

Intriguing! With the full absence of biting, anglers with experience usage trolling from a wobbler for trolling, while the most deep-sea design is attached first, yet the tiniest fish will end up being the enclosing one.

It deserves keeping in mind that occasionally a predator in a fish pond can behave really unexpectedly, that is, decline all the lures attribute of this time of year. What to capture then? What sort of bait should I place? In such situations, fishermens hold 1 or 2 totally « spring» baits in their collection, it can be a small silicone or spinner approximately number 3. Often it is specifically on such options that the pike hurries virtually quickly.

Nuances of catching pike in October

The autumn period is rich in prize catches of both a predator and also some species of relaxed fish. We have already determined what to capture a killer on, but just how to capture a pike in October so regarding constantly be with a catch, we will look for out more.

There are a great deal of subtleties of capturing a trophy pike.

Each fishermen with experience has his own secrets that he is unlikely to wish to inform everybody, however there are popular guidelines, which we will disclose even more:

  • not extremely distant throws are carried out from the watercraft, the boat permits you to obtain as near the interested area of the storage tank as feasible;
  • wiring is usually shivering or uniform, however you can not only make your very own additions, yet also require to;
  • trolling is accomplished at minimum engine speed, the suitable lure speed is just 2 kilometres/ h at this time of year;
  • it’s worth utilizing brighter appeals, however all-natural colors should be present.

They got the essentials of pike fishing in October, now it is essential to go to the reservoir and also implemented the suggestions as well as suggestions received.

October is thought about one of the most effective month for anglers, especially if killer angling is favored. In October, a pike pecks nearly everything and also for any type of posting, however there are exceptions to the rules. In order not to return from fishing empty-handed, it is worth exploring some of the subtleties of fishing a predator in mid-autumn.

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