Capturing carp in the autumn

As is recognized, carp is a heat-loving fish. His habits is very dependent on water temperature level. It might vary relying on the weather, which gets on the road, and especially — — in the existence of night frosts.

These generally result in a sharp decline in water temperature level, even if the day is sunny. As soon as the fish pond reveals thinning from slim ice — — usually you can forget about autumn carp angling.

The most exact sign of the autumn carp is the water thermometer. Before you fish, it is necessary to measure the temperature level of the water, if not at the location of angling, then at the very least in a nearby reservoir, where there are similar climate condition. It is not exposed to daily variations as strongly as air temperature level, consequently it can be gauged at any time of the day. However, one of the most exact figures will be acquired in the morning, since at this time it is very little.

If at such measurements the water is cooled listed below ten degrees, then you can ignore any carp fishing. In the extreme situation, if you do not intend to terminate fishing, you can try to capture a crucian carp if you live there with the aid of carp equipment. The fact is that with the start of cold weather this fish ends up being blocked in deep places where the water temperature level is reasonably constant. There carp is to heating, almost not consuming. During the winter months, the carp is covered with a thick layer of safety mucous, which conserves repaired specimens from the infiltration of bacteria.

Any talk concerning carp angling in November, as well as regarding catching it in March, can be wondered about. Such angling is feasible only where the water temperature is extraordinarily cozy. Nevertheless, lots of people integrate service with satisfaction — — during visitor journeys to Cyprus, to Turkey, Egypt, there is a chance to catch carp, which virtually never hibernates. There is little details about such angling, however they catch him with the very same float as well as lower takes on as in Russia.

Tiny people of this fish first fall under hibernation. The biggest continue to be active the longest. Currently, different water pests, worms, and also sometimes amphibians as well as bigger water animals compose the fish. Although the carp sometimes consumes fry too, yet capturing it by rotating is an arbitrary profession. Carp poklevki when capturing a predator may be, however they are unusual. What a pleasure when capturing a little perch to catch on a slim take on a trophy evaluating 15 kilos as well as draw a persistent fish out of the water!

Choosing the ideal lure

The carp in our latitudes practically refuses plant food. The truth is that he needs high-calorie food, which does not require a lot of toughness when absorbing. And in the bait, and as a nozzle it is extremely recommended to add something to life that relocations as well as brings in fish not just by odor. By the way, the last element when angling in autumn water is no longer as significant as in summer angling in warm water. In chilly water, smells spread much slower than in warm water. Stinky lure is not a lot able to bring in fish from a far range. The truth that it is qualified of holding the carp well when it came to bait ought to not be rejected, as well as it is difficult to reject it at all.

Generally, the fall carp is a single big fish. You can wait for a couple of days for a long time, patiently throwing the lure to the place where he can be, as well as lastly capture. In southern latitudes, this fish reaches strong dimension — — up to 20 kgs. Generally the largest people are subspecies of mirror or bare carp, as well as not wild carp-carp.

The mirror subspecies is also better seasoned in more northern latitudes, where you can usually find abandoned carp with the continuing to be carp. For example, there are old collective-farm fish ponds in the Smolensk region, in the Moscow area, in the Leningrad region, where you can catch big mirror carp. Regrettably, due to the air conditioning of water, angling for him in these places ends one of the most. This fish in unguarded ponds typically swiftly becomes target to poachers.

In more southern locations, where the water temperature level is higher, you can catch in October, and also the November carp fishing is not uncommon here. Frequently they capture carp when fishing for silver carp, which is well caught here. He has comparable behaviors, yet hardly ever comes together and also does not have actually blended flocks. Where there is one fish, it is uncommon to locate another.

Timeless carp fishing in autumn

English or classical carp angling in the autumn is normally carried out in stationary water or in extremely weak currents. In places where the flow is more powerful, it is almost impossible to use a marker float, particularly at great depths. Generally, you can fulfill carp on large lakes with cooling only at a considerable distance from the shore. There the water generally does not cool down as quick as near the coastline.

It is required to plainly figure out the range from the shore, where the water will certainly be much more trendy in the evening. The reality is that the entire seaside living animal with a cold snap also hurries to depth, yet not as well much. Therefore, at this temperature level boundary, where the deepness is currently sufficient to ensure that the water does not cool down to the very lower, however not very far from the coastline, there will certainly be its biggest concentration. Carp superficial marine animals attracts one of the most, and also there it should be sought.

Fishing on a platnic

On paid reservoirs, the scenario is rather different. Usually, the fish there even in the summertime time are overfed as well as reacts to the nozzle tossed by the fishermen only in a very short time of the day. It affects not just this, yet likewise stress. Fish in platnikam usually imported, and also it takes about a week to survive the tension of traveling and also acclimatize. Just after that does she start to actively feed, but after that these people are usually caught by fishermens.

In basic, a healthy and balanced carp, if it does not come under a state of hibernation, eats virtually around the clock. Neither the climate, neither precipitation, nor the stages of the moon, neither any type of other weather sensations apart from cooling down water can have a solid influence on its attacking. It is possible with the very same success to fish in the morning hours, as well as in the afternoon, as well as at night. The task of the bite decreases only in the evening, when presence in the water is poor as a result of the carp and also the darkness sheds its alignment in space and hunger for a short time.

In the fall on carp take on use specifically neutral prikormochny substances with the addition of pellets, animal component. No prompting smells or shades — — just neutral dark shades. The autumn carp is large, careful as well as its metabolic process is decreased — — appetite can not obtain the very best of prudence. You can capture on boilies, but right here they will certainly not stand apart so much against the background of worms, musty worm and also other pet lures. Of course, capturing carp deal with on a worm will be unusual, however it can bring success, as well as you have to be prepared in the absence of poklevok to place the worm on a hook or make use of one of their fishing rods under the worm.

Angling on canals, networks

It is much easier in the fall to capture carp on canals, air ducts. This is a semi-walker or a carp. It complies with from the generating grounds and summer otgorochnyh areas to the wintering pits. Normally he does not remain long in one location, also when strolling in packs. The bait when fishing for such fish is not really efficient, as well as angling for carp in such places can not be taken into consideration classic. In slim networks, the likelihood of conference fish at one factor is a lot higher than browsing for it on a vast territory of a lake, bay or pond .

Carp fishing right here might be a little different innovation. Generally « carp» locations off the coast are overgrown with reeds. Technique to the location of fishing, where the water has an open mirror of the air duct, must be in the kneecaps. The fishing rod likewise typically has to be placed on complicated supports to make sure that the coil is not in the water. Usually it is mounted practically up and down on an unique rack.

The casting distance for such angling is generally tiny, they feed the fish from the hand. They learn about the bite by causing the alarm tool. Most often it is a bell, however occasionally electronic and also various other signaling devices are made use of. Fishing is normally accomplished with no greater than three or four short-length fishing rods up to 2 meters. Such angling is prominent in several southerly regions of Russia and also is not as costly compared to full-fledged English carp angling.

It is made use of both on tiny rivers and also canals, as well as on eriks in the reduced reaches of the Volga as well as the Urals, where you can locate a sufficient quantity of carp in the autumn. On the breeze, nonetheless, there is no requirement to save. Rods themselves are simpler, and their number is much less, but excellent hair devices, excellent hooks and also angling line is the key to a good catch.

Angling for bottom gear

Can be adjusted for as well as lower gear. Generally when catching a feeder, one encounters far smaller sized trophies than a full-fledged half-carp. It is essential to take care of a good resilient pole and also premium fishing line. Cable in carp fishing is not utilized so typically as well as only in those instances when it is called for to accomplish a long-distance cast with a shock leader. It is a lot easier to check out the bottom, the temperature of the water and also recognize the places where the carp can stay closer to the coast and there is no need for a long cast. This will certainly enable you to make use of a lighter fishing rod with a fishing line that will certainly soak up the jerks of big fish.

Angling for lower equipment normally does not have the character of sporting activity angling. Usually below are used breeze from two hooks, which are spaced with a nozzle on the kind of hair breeze. Naturally, such a take on excludes angling on the concept of catch-release. Capture both on a donkey with a beater and on the catch without a rod. The common areas for fall fishing on such a tackle are such, where it can also be thrown not also far. Lure when angling on the donk from the hand, the bait in the feeder is not made use of as frequently.

Feeder fishing

Feeder — — the only sporting activities tools, which can effectively capture carp on large rivers over. It allows you to qualitatively check out the bottom, identify its areas, distinctions, promising places where carp can hold. In the Volga, carp can be discovered in the loss in ditches that run along the coastline. Normally there suffices food there, and also he consumes it willingly. In some cases, with adequate depth, these places are wintering pits. Below it is caught as a less active carp, which does stagnate along the river throughout its life, along with a semi-passage.

Feeder fishing includes using a global pole both for feeding fish and for fishing and bottom exploration. Obviously, with such a tackle you can not toss a considerable quantity of feed at the point of capturing quickly, yet this is not called for in the loss — — the amount of lure need to not be too big right here. In feeder carp fishing, aspects of carp tackle are commonly used — — hair devices, feeder-method, boilies, etc.

You can capture both, and on the classic feeder gear, as the common metal feeder-cage is extra effective in the program. She is able to quickly supply food to the bottom and not to scatter it in the water column when diving. Sadly, such a feeding trough excludes the use of pellets in the bait, and for them the classical carp is preferable, which is as well hefty for the feeder. Using crawler feeders for feeding suggests making use of a feeder of a class not less than Heavy despite tiny weights of a weight, a little existing and a little spreading distance.

Angling on the float

Fall float fishing of carp from the coast is almost not performed. Naturally, such angling is far more incredible as well as extra psychological than bottom fishing. The fish from September begins to relocate to deeper and deeper places. To reach them with the help of a float fishing pole comes to be virtually impossible if they do not use a watercraft.

The watercraft in the autumn season can frighten away careful big carp. The reality is that presence as well as audibility in the water in the loss are great, particularly in stagnant water. A fish much listens to a boat trip if it is metal or wood, as well as the carp might just not fit. To utilize a rubber boat in chilly water is dangerous sufficient, since you can just overcool and also not swim to the coast if the balloon is pierced, also if the second one is afloat.

Do not omit the use of a boat when angling in eriks amongst the thickets of reeds on the Don as well as the Volga.

There on it you can reach the preferred place without running the risk of to scoop up water with boots, link it amongst the plants as well as calmly fish. In eriki it finds enough food, moreover, the deepness there might get to such worths that the water near the bottom will certainly not cool off as well quickly over night, and the fish there might be completely. The fish are much less afraid of the boat, which stands in the reeds, than the one that stands in the middle of the open water.

It is rewarding to claim that the carp is most effectively captured on the float not in the fall, yet right away after generating. After that it is easier to reach him, as well as he bites a lot more proactively. Drift fishing pole for carp angling is specifically great in overgrown areas, in shallow water, in the windows amongst marine plant life, where it is simply impossible to make use of a donk. In the springtime, yes, carp can typically be located in such locations. Closer to the fall it is less complicated to capture the bottom fishing pole.

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