Capturing large Rotana

Rotan has the ability to make it through in any kind of conditions and this makes it an absolutely one-of-a-kind fish. It is observed the situations when the fish was simply iced up into the ice, and also after it thawed « alive » and also comfortably sailed on.

If you consider the truth that the rotan is rather largely populated the bulk of storage tanks, purposeful angling for them has actually long been a pastime for many fishermens. Great is the fact that also in the small rivers in the city you can find the fish. Specifically fascinating is the fishing for big Rotana.

An interesting truth is that capturing big Rotana does not need expensive high quality rods and reels. Very same with lures, they can be as traditional silicone lure so conveniently available and manure worms. If you select the best place to pick up tackle, it is fairly possible to catch the container (and often a lot more) major Rotanov, evaluating well over 500 grams.

It is easy to think that due to their little size rotan very easy target for a killer, it makes him hide in the driftwood and also turf, that’s where it must be trying to find. It is best to catch Rotana on a jig, and also is really light.

Rotana relates to predative fish, so relaxed in some cases, somehow I took it to a peaceful fish, but not the essence, in other words, it gives preference to relocating baits. Capturing big Rotana brings excellent outcomes when making use of heavy jigs, fishing line 0,15 mm and also rod long five meters. Do not neglect the reminder, placed it in the classical way — — under the angle of 90 levels to the rod idea.

You can use rather a thick line, as rotan voracious and not extremely unpredictable to the rigging, and the thicker the safer. Favor huge hooks with long lower arm. The big hook can ingest even little fish, as her mouth is impressive. You can use and little hooks, but this brings about the reality that the fish swallows them deep as well as take out comes to be bothersome.

The method of capturing the particular demands as well, and it’s quite easy, just go down the jig to the base and after that gradually raise her a little trembling the rod. As quickly as you see an abrupt movement the watch (think me, it is difficult not to see) right to strike. When fishing on the float pole likewise suggested gently bait. Usually as bait used a shitworm.

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