Capturing pike on mugs

One of the most reasonable and at the exact same time the most straightforward fishing tools carries out the cup. It ought to be noted that the pike angling on cups rather successful not only in the reservoirs of the closed type (lake or storage tank), however likewise in those waters where there is present.

Mugs– this is possibly one of minority gear that can using variables such as wind, current, and likewise as a result of the task of bait fish, by themselves without treatment from the fishermen, to execute the activity on the fish pond.

Catching pike on cups or a circle

The most ideal place where possible one of the most effective pike fishing on mugs in the summer or fall, is such a location in the pond as ples. It ought to be kept in mind that the ples should be wide as well as straight, as well as the descent on ples club will certainly have the ability to maneuver and to relocate and also the range has to do with 300 meters. Or else, when the ples is not vast sufficient, the circle, for instance in windy weather condition, it can obtain captured in the thickets.

In order to increase the catch of pike and enhance the variety of bites, the cups have to be positioned on those areas of the storage tank, where the pits or grooves on all-time low. A terrific location to establish the cup will be those locations in the water where there are snags and grab. However, when angling with circles grab on parts of the storage tank it is required to exercise treatment and skill, since it gets on these components of the storage tank, however, as well as a great chance to obtain a good catch, however the threat of getting the cup is likewise huge sufficient.

The finest times of the year, throughout which

  1. mugs materialize themselves most effectively, are a couple of periods: The start of the summertime season (may, June).
  2. With the start of the so-called Indian summertime and prior to the advent of heavy frosts (autumn — — September, October, November).
Capturing pike on mugs in the summer season

As formerly specified summer season is to place mugs to capture pike, ideally about snag the parts of the water. This is because this predator over the summer season reveals high task and also remains in continuous movement. As a place for an ambush, she selects the pit areas in the reservoir that is perfectly overgrown with shrubs or reeds.

Catching pike on cups drop in September, October, November

With the onset of fall, pike activity boosts significantly. It prior to the coming frost attempts to capture even more food. For that reason, in this period of the year to discover her first demand at great deepness or near the shelters of all-natural origin, which exist in the pond.

It must be noted that not all anglers understand how to catch pike on mugs appropriately. The distance in between the breeze points ought to not be much less than 5 meters. Before you set up the circle, with him to cut the cord, the length of which would permit the bait to drop at a range equivalent to 1.5 meters from all-time low. In the long run you require to connect a tiny float, and also the cable to go into through an incision placed on the beyond the breeze.

The snap-in circles for pike

Timeless mug gadget for catching of a pike in its type resembles a disc made from wood or foam. Its thickness can differ in the range of 25-30 mm, and its size is typically 130-150 millimeters. On the circumference of the snap-in is a special groove. Utilize it to store the supply of the line. On top of the disc is constructed from 2 of the cut. They are required in order to maintain the angling line after the lure has been lanced responsible and launched into the water. The facility of the disc has a hole, which is needed for positioning of the float.

About the shade of the shade, it should be kept in mind that for the aesthetic observation of the snap, the reduced part is tinted white.

The upper part of the circle, specifically repainted in red

Exactly how to equip the club for pike It deserves noting that according to its framework, a circle is really similar to an acquainted, most likely, for each fishermen imitation fish. Just like the imitation fish, fishing pike on cups, offers placing responsible for real-time lure as well as its subsequent smooth activity throughout the pond. The circle is different from the imitation fish is the reality that it is necessary to pull out after the initial bite reducing palmaseca on his target.

Furthermore, the circle for pike contains such components as:

  • disk;
  • line as well as sinker;
  • pin;
  • hook and leash, made from metal.

As freight, it is suggested to make use of a gliding weight of the type which has a weight equal to from 5 to 15 grams. The size of the utilized angling line in the circle need to not be much less than 0.3 millimeters. For equipment, this snap-in is best to utilize the monofil. This is due to the fact that when utilizing knotted angling lines fish are more challenging to extract, as this line hurts the hands.

Make cups for pike with your hands

Some fishermens choose to make cups for pike. For that would certainly make the circle in the home, you will certainly need to make use of the foam is fine-grained type, the thickness of which is 15, an optimum of 20 millimeters. Of all, the foam sheet before production of the mug, you require to make a design. Markings used with a regular set of compasses and a pencil. The resulting billet of this snap-in cut with a scalpel or a jigsaw. In a pinch, you can utilize a sharp blade.

Diameter in home-made cup, it is recommended to do 5 times higher than its thickness. That is, if the density of the mug for pike is equal to 30 millimeters, it is best to make a disk of this circle with a diameter of 150 millimeters.

It is worth keeping in mind that at the time of manufacture of circles in the house that can be made use of not only foam.

Well because of this material as:

  1. Wood (far better to make use of lime, as this sort of timber is the most convenient treatable);
  2. Penopropilen.

Completion surface area of the mug, in order that it had actually been smooth, it is required to pre-process, making use of sandpaper. Then it is essential to thoroughly reduce or grind a level groove, the depth of which is equal to 10 millimeters. Straight in the facility of the circle you need to make an opening whose diameter is 6 or 8 millimeters. Also on the disk, you need to make two wide ports that need to be exactly placed against each other.

In order to make a mast for a mug, can be utilized as a starting material wood rail. One side of the rods is sharpened to a cone form, and also on the various other you require to make a slit whose depth is equal to 10 millimeters and a width of 3 millimeters. The final stage of the pole and the disk is repainted and when the paint dries out rigging is provided for cup.

It must be noted that directly prior to painting the circle drive ought to be numerous times to fertilize making use of varnish. This is essential to ensure that would be during the lengthy stay in water, prevent saturation of her drive. When painting the circle, you require to utilize a water resistant paint. Otherwise, after a couple of usages on the disc can cause fractures, and also it can be deformed during the process of angling for pike.

Techniques for capturing pike on mugs

It must be noted that cups are fantastic for capturing not only pike of large size, however additionally truancy, the mass of which does not exceed the level of 2 kgs. For capturing of a large pike on a circle, it is first essential to select the ideal location to install this snap-in. In this case, the dreamland would certainly be Tonya. Tonya is really long and also rather broad river reach, where there is no solid present. Additionally, this location of the reservoir there are no sharp adjustments of deepness.

Mugs ought to be positioned on those areas of the storage tank, which are a wonderful location for an ambush pike. It could be rocks, holes, shrubs, or swamped trees. It is additionally worth noting that Tonya for pike on cups, you need to select beforehand, analyzing her bottom with finder or the most regular of the lot-the depth gauge.

During the installment of the teams require to adhere to certain guidelines:

  1. To withstand the range in between them.
  2. During setup, the circle must take into account the wind strength as well as features of the storage tank (retention of grabs, currents, algae and various other points).
  3. Applying throughout a pike angling circles, using live bait, the length of which does not go beyond the level of 10 cm.

As an indication, which signifies an effective fishermen about attacking of a pike is the turning circle. That is, a circle that has previously drifted the red side to the surface area of the storage tank, instantly transforms white. This signal suggests that a pike struck the lure.

In the event of an effective strike, when the circle indicates the presence of prey, swim up to it to gently without making much noise. Additionally, to the mug to capture pike, you require to swim after him and also in any case to attempt to swim to the Cup against his relocation. Then you need to take the cable as well as sharp movement to result cutting. It deserves keeping in mind that during the journey the club must remain in the water.

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