Carp angling on the fish pond

Carp is a welcome prize for any kind of angler. It rapidly expands and gets to remarkable sizes, and also when it is taken out it has a strong resistance, for which fishermens like it.

They capture it generally on paid ponds, of which there have recently become much. Also regardless of the truth that the tanks are paid, it is much from a truth that it will certainly be feasible to leave with a complete container of fish. Catching carp on the pond also has its subtleties and subtleties. Carp angling on the pond has its own subtleties, which will be talked about in this article.

Munch carp at various times of the year

The most plain season in carp angling — — this winter months. Right now, it mostly stands in deep areas of the reservoir as well as only occasionally eats.

In spring, it goes to superficial locations, where the water heats up the fastest and also begins feeding before generating.

Well, the most effective season for carp angling on the pond begins from the end of May as well as finishes in September. With the beginning of summertime, carp relocations throughout the tank, often it can be located in deep components of the reservoir. His favorite environments are koryazhnik, pits, eyebrows, covering rock, trees and also shrubs hanging above the water, and also reed sides.

In the loss, with the air conditioning of the water and the death of vegetation, the carp goes to the undersurfaces of the reservoir, where it collects in big flocks and gains weight prior to freezing.

What carp bite

Carp is called « underwater pig» for its voracity, yet still it is rather fussy in its option of food. Not also particular, yet mindful, as it has a really strong sense of scent. Consequently, you can not capture it on any type of bait. One of the primary guidelines when capturing carp is to take with you as long as possible different bait.

This fish is omnivorous and also is captured on all sorts of lures for which only white fish can be caught: Animal lure: worm, mop, bloodworm. The carp bites on these lures in any kind of period, yet it is especially excellent in springtime as well as autumn. Veggie lures are the most preferred for carp angling in the summertime on the fish pond. These include: corn, barley, peas, different cereals, mastyrka, bread. This classification can be connected, and Boyle. Likewise in the southern regions, carp angling on the bottom fishing rod is prominent, where cake is used as bait.

Boilie One of the most prominent baits for carp angling. There are different preferences, smells and sizes. Some fishermen prefer to make boilies with their very own hands, rather than getting them in the shop.

One of the most important element is the option as well as preparation of lure. It appears that carp fishing on a paid pond appears straightforward, because the reservoir is stocked up as well as, in theory, the bite ought to be good. However this is not constantly the situation. On paid fish ponds there is a strong fishing pressure, anglers toss a massive amount of lure right into the water as well as there is plenty to pick from.

Carp suches as to consume a great deal as well as is really responsive to smells. As a result, the composition of the lure must be a lot of aromatics. So much that this amount is not required when capturing another white fish. As a result, it is instead challenging to exaggerate it with aromatics when angling for carp. Fruit smells are especially eye-catching for huge samplings.

In addition to the solid aromatics in the composition of bait must be large components — — corn, pellets, cut worm, maggots, different grains, cut or whole boilies.

Exactly how to select an encouraging location

The selection of viewpoint point of capturing is not less important component in carp angling than lure. Carp does not stand throughout the fish pond, yet tries to maintain to certain courses and also leaves tried and tested routes. Of course, if the fish is active, then you can capture it without understanding the lower topography. In that case, if the storage tank has little greenery, the carp depends on deep and flat locations.

It is essential to feed the bait in the same area, as well as not to scatter it at various factors. Select a spots on the opposite financial institution as well as toss lure, focusing on it.

Do not be lazy and also well study the location of angling prior to angling. Viewpoint locations can not be seen from the surface of the tank. The network, the shift from one kind of base to one more (for example, from sandy to sloppy or the other way around), the covering rock is all concealed under water. One of the most available means to discover the alleviation at the point of catching is to punch the bottom with a marker weight. More pricey — — making use of a resemble sounder.

Catching carp feeder

Feeder carp angling calls for perseverance and willpower. Do not wait for attacks every 5 mins, as is the situation when angling for roach or other white fish.

Tackle for carp angling on feeder:

  • Rod size 2.7 — — 4.2 meters and also examination from 40 to 100 grams. Long rods are needed in instances where it is required to make a very long actors (80-100 meters). For fishing at close as well as moderate ranges short rods are quite suitable. When it comes to the pole examination, all of it relies on the dimension of the casting as well as the feeder range.
  • The coil is 3000-4000 size. It needs to have a great rubbing brake. Karp strongly withstands and also well-adjusted brake will certainly aid prevent annoying gatherings when clearing out.
  • Monofilnaya fishing line. The main one — — with a diameter of 0.20 — 0.25 mm. The lead — — 0.14-0.20 mm. Slim angling line is much better to utilize just with unpredictable cool. The size of the chain is from 20 to 80 centimeters. Knotted angling line can also be used as the primary one, yet as a result of the fact that it does not have a “memory”, more frequent celebrations of fish are feasible.
  • Thick cord hooks. Size — — 12-6 in global numbering. The dimension of the hook depends on the fish bite. With the energetic cleve, you can put big hooks, with the unpredictable — — smaller sized ones. Hooks has to always be just from thick cord. Straighten the thin hooks, even a small carp is uncomplicated. When angling for corn, bronze-colored hooks are well captured, as they match the shade of the attraction.

Zaklipsovav fishing line, make sure to take into consideration the speed of the coil. This will certainly assist to locate the fed factor in case of a damaged equipment. Although lots of anglers do not suggest klipsovat fishing line, as when biting to eliminate it will be problematic. As opposed to a clip it is far better to mark the line with an intense marker or to place a rubber band.

One of the most preferred feeder — — paternoster. When unpredictable kleve must lower the size of the chain as well as the dimension of the hook.

Fishing carp tackle

Carpfishing is not simply angling, however an entire viewpoint. Its essence can be formulated in one sentence — — regard for nature. Consequently, the principle of « catch-release» is leading in such angling. Carp fishers do not focus on the quantity of fish, yet on its quality. those. trophy weight is very important to them.

Particular attention ought to be paid to the option of angling place, as often angling takes several days and the wrong area can wreck all fishing.

A a great deal of gear — — another feature karpfisher. Their set absolutely includes the following gear:

  • Fishing-rods from 3.2 to 4.2 meters long, medium-length and also with dough from 100 to 200 grams. As in the case of feeder poles, the length depends upon the distance of angling. The average order is most optimal when catching carp, as it snuffs out fish jerks better than the poles of a rapid activity and has far better array than the rods of a sluggish activity. To gauge the lower karpyatniki utilized pen pole. It has a high level of sensitivity, thanks to which all the abnormalities of all-time low are well tracked.
  • Trough type technique. Unlike feeder fishing, where mesh feeders are used regularly, open feeders are made use of right here.
  • Monofilament line with a size of 0.30 — — 0.50 mm. Thick wire hooks.
  • Rod-under or stand for fishing pole. On this stand can be placed 2-4 poles. It is outfitted with mechanical and digital signaling tools bites.
  • Electronic signaling gadgets attacks. A very useful thing when fishing for carp. The beep can be tailored in different secrets. This is very hassle-free, due to the fact that by the sound you can figure out on which rods the bite took place.
  • Powerful carp reels. Such coils have a huge woodland spindle (for instance, 300 meters of fishing line with a size of 0.30 mm can be wound onto it) and also equipped with a baytranner function (many thanks to it the carp will not be able to drag the rod into the water).
  • Huge land. Considering that the major task is to capture a trophy carp, the dimension of the internet need to be a match for the fish.

Especially sophisticated karpyatniki nurture the location, using the watercraft on the radio control. With it you can, without spending a lot of initiative, to feed any kind of point on the pond. You can likewise provide not only lure, but likewise a breeze.

One of the most popular nozzle for such fishing is boilies. They take a seat with hair accessories. Hair installing specifically created, so as not to harm the lips of carp. Given that the hook goes to a range from the lure, the carp will not be able to deeply swallow the lure. Furthermore, he obstructs the reduced lip, where he has few nerve closings.

Fishing for carp float fishing rod

Capturing carp on a float fishing pole on a pond is also an extremely fascinating task. Usually the carp is much from the coast, where it feels safe. Consequently it is far better to utilize suit poles. They enable you to cast tools over considerable distances, in contrast to the Bologna take on.

In float angling carp has its very own complexities:

  • For angling, it is better to make use of a monofilament line, because it has extensibility and also better subdues carp jerks when eliminating. This permits you to pull out fish of nearly any kind of dimension.
  • In order to fish at fars away, you need sliding gear.
  • Beginning feed must be large. It is required to throw 15-20 spheres of bait to the point of capturing. This is done in order to draw in the primary group as well as ultimately not to frighten her with constant throwing of bait. Feed the fish demand to factor, making use of a slingshot.
  • When driving a large carp do not hold the rod vertically, lower it to the water. Do not hold the rod in line with the line, or else the fish may break.
  • If the tank has an also lower, without any shelters and pits, after that the carp normally moves to the shore and also feeds at the reeds. However the closer to the shore, the carp becomes extra frightened, he is afraid of any sound and takes the bait very meticulously.

Tackle for float fishing carp:

  • Match fishing pole with a dough up to 30 grams and also a size of 3.60-4.20 meters. The primary line 0.2 — — 0.25 mm. The lead is 0.15-0.20 mm.
  • Inertia-free reel with match spool. Such a spool has a small side that enables you to make lengthy casts with a slim line.
  • Moving Float Especially excellent are floats of the wagler type, which have an added load.
  • Thick cord hooks. Dimension 12 — — 8 by global numbering.

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