Carp. Catching carp

Carp — — strong, quick and clever resident of our rivers and also lakes. Every fishermen desires to catch a large carp. The weight of some species gets to 30 lbs. Today to meet a carp — — a rarity. It should be kept in mind that the river wild carp varies dramatically from the lake (in fact a fish pond, lake, usual carp is a domesticated carp).

River carp has an extra effective elongate body, he has smaller sized ranges (the edges are edged with black fringe), General shade dark brown with dark copper shimmer. The tummy has a yellow-colored shade and also a mild reddish shade. Moustaches Prugnolo carp and also carp are only the same part of the body structure.

Carp and also carp come from the fish without stomach, as they have no digestive glands. Consequently, they are insatiable, are always in the procedure of feeding on food. It is a peaceful fish, loving the cozy environment. Carp can be captured in the summer season (June, July, August).

In calm Sunny weather the carp takes the nozzle in September and also very early October. With the beginning of the winter carp stops to feed as well as freezing. The fish overwinters in deep mud pools as well as pits.

Carp. Environment

Carp feed from all-time low, his lips fleshy (like the ring of a balloon). His mouth is drawn (like bream), so it can suck in food from the bottom. In this fashion it searches the Il larvae, shellfishes, worms, and fragments of plant foods: the flesh of the young walking cane, cattail, came under the water-grain grains and also plant seeds. Preferred habitat of the carp seaside thickets of reeds, herbaceous vegetation, quiet bays as well as deep river Creek.

Carp. Just how to capture carp.

To capture carp really tough. Unprepared fishermen often after a lengthy and also hard struggle, hooked a huge carp goes house vacant handed. The fact that along with the toughness and also speed of carp has a distinct method. He can pull the take on extensive, and afterwards unexpectedly reverse as well as thrill to the coast. If the angler falls short to respond to this maneuver and allow the slack fishing line, carp sharp jagged side of his leading fin cuts the line and also walks away, leaving the hapless fisherman in complete bewilderment. Really often there were cases when I obtained carp’s mouth protruding bits 2-3 lines with hooks.

Carp. What to catch carp. Since carp are voracious, the checklist of accessories that you can get pretty big. Well carp is steamed as well as pickled corn, lots of rain as well as manure worms, fit to be tied peas and soya. Finest bait for carp is millet gruel. You can additionally fish at the young, somewhat it raw potatoes, well it is cake (sunflower meal), pellets of white loaf bread dough, which made a few declines anise oil or sunflower oil. Fit likewise boiled macaroni (rings or stars), good little items of common pancakes.

Carp. Exactly how to catch carp. Tackle for carp.

To catch carp on a routine fishing float (required moving the float to make precise casts in a home window of plant life). However it is best to capture it on a bottom lure, Seine nets or zakidushku (angling line need to not be over the riparian grasses). Carp are shrewd, he sees a hanging line (this additionally relates to float fishing deal with) and also takes the nozzle moving away from the lure. In some regions carp (likewise bream, large roach, and so on) are caught in a really intriguing as well as unusual equipment — «— « pacifier ».

At the end of zakidushki linked a little container (with a diameter of 4-5 cm, an elevation of concerning 2 cm). The node line inside the containers linked ring as well as it set 5-6 leashes with hooks. The lower container is loaded with lead. A jar stuffed with food (cereal, cake, dough, etc), food embeded the hooks uniformly. Carp sucking food passes through the gills the hooks and samozaschita. Currently the angler demand to exercise optimum perseverance as well as willpower to tire the fish and drag it to the coast on a ready landing web.

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