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The crucian carp is a fresh-water peaceful fish from the carp household. It is the closest loved one of the carp and is commonly located in the very same areas as the carp. According to the diet, the crucian carp is a benthic phage.

The basis of its nourishment are little lower crustaceans, bloodworm. He, like a bream, draws the bottom silt together with the insects occupying it and after that eats them, spewing out inedible food through the gills. Such fish usually creates the basis of a fisherist angler’s catch.

Feeder angling has found a great deal of followers. This angling is not pricey as well as is available for any type of age, at the very same time it is very extractive as well as gives a lot of favorable feelings. Carp angling on the feeder is readily available in suburban storage tanks, on patelists as well as wild woodland lakes.

This fish has a rather short wide as well as thick body. A crucian has a strong, dull head, thick lips. A variety of subspecies of carp goes over. Generally in our waters there are silver and gold crucian carp. Often additionally identified subspecies with red fins, with a smooth bronze color, whitish with clear fins, greenish, grayish and many others.

Every one of them are created as a result of shut populaces — — the crucian lives for years in closed fish ponds, and throughout this time a neighborhood population takes care of to create. Naturally, only silver and gold crucian can be distinguished; the latter was given us from China.

The carp is caught in stagnant water as well as rarely keeps flowing. It is well tolerated by oxygen hunger as well as is usually the only fish that inhabits a body of water. It keeps in a seaside strip, near thickets of marine vegetation.Rarely goes to huge open locations — — generally the largest individuals live there. They are one of the most preferable prizes when angling for feeders.

Recently, he needs to sustain the neighborhood with an additional fish — — rotan. Bites of the last are unfavorable, as well as you need to experiment a great deal with accessories, to which rotan stays indifferent. Commonly in the tanks, where there made use of to be a great deal of crucian, rotan worked out, which becomes the primary trophy of the angler. As a result of this, it appears that the crucian is no longer there.

This is not real. Crucian just does not have time to reach the nozzle, and its bites are unusual. Rotan can refrain anything with large enough crucians, as he himself is a tiny fish that can not hurt them. However below he proactively wipes out fry, and also this can really impact the size of the population and its development.

Commonly, crucian carp captured on float and base tackle. The latter, including the feeder, are used in fairly clean water. Catching in thickets, home windows of marine plants is easier for summertime mormyshka and also float fishing pole. Where there is a possibility to fish the bottom, the feeder is out of competitors for production. Additionally, it gets on the feeder you can catch a prize circumstances.

Concerning trophies: the normal weight of caught fish varieties from one hundred grams to kilograms. In places where a crucian is very much, it comes to be shallow as well as grows really slowly. There, his fishing ends up being a pace, the catch of an angler is tiny fish, which is a fantastic online fish. Where the carp does not have problems with development as well as growth, where its numbers are regulated, for instance, by the very same rotan, the fish expands to large sizes.Captures of crucians evaluating greater than a kg can be thought about uncommon.

Gold and also silver carp lead a similar way of life. They vary in size — typically gold grows to plus sizes. Silver carp is also more often discovered on a weak present — gold avoids such areas. Generating happens at a water temperature level above 10-15 levels in position where there is a great deal of aquatic plants, reeds, about which the fish can massage. Spawning is expanded in time and also lasts all summer. The largest individuals generate, then smaller sized ones.

Silverfish have populaces of females alone. To get rid of caviar, it is needed that it be fed by fish of various other types. Consequently, silver carp is typically seldom found alone in a pond — — often it adjoins a carp. Due to this neighborhood, there was an incorrect point of view that this species is a crossbreed of crucian as well as carp. It is a separate types, which, nonetheless, is able to interbreed with carp, developing a crossbreed.

In winter, this fish is non-active. It hibernates, continuing to be still and almost not eating from November to March. However, in some water bodies, regularly nibbling of an crucian from ice is observed — — specifically in fairly deep areas. This generally happens in strong thaws, when a great deal of dissolved water falls under the ice, and the crucian carp can wake up as well as feed.

There are 2 periods of energetic biting — — in spring, in May and the end of April, before generating, the crucian actively eats and also feeds after winter season. And in August-September, when the crucian eats prior to winter season. At the feeder, it is easier to capture it in spring, as in summertime as well as early fall the marine greenery makes itself really felt, and also it comes to be troublesome to capture it under deal with.

Setting up

Since the crucian carp is a dweller of ponds, there is no need to make use of crude take on with lengthy casting and also heavy feeders for the existing. As a matter of fact, it is required to use the most convenient feeder — — Picker. Usually its size is no more than three meters, and the examination is up to 60 g. Such deal with does not imply a long-range actors. Yes, and also the carp does not such as to keep at a great distance from the coast, since near the coast the water warms up more proactively, which implies there are much more crustaceans as well as bottom pests that can be eaten. Just a great deal of swimmers or noise can drive fish far from the shore, and even then not always.

Feeders use the most varied ones: the typical feeder feeders, and the floating ones, on a disordered and also sloppy bottom, the banjo feeder, flat-feeders, as well as all sort of springs work. The important things — — they must not be as well hefty. It is best to place such feeders, which have a little sticking out components, to get rid of the hooks. Nozzles use both veggie as well as animal. In some cases they catch on small carp boilies, typically on homemade ones. Such lure permits you to stay clear of biting tiny fish. Therefore, commonly put carp snap for boilies.

The hook is moderate sized. Even in a big crucian the lips are not also thick and also are easily penetrated by hooks of 10-12 numbers. As well as it is usually more effective to utilize the small one on a hook No. 14-16. Hook leashes are placed in various lengths, relying on the angling conditions. It often happens that the lots is buried in a layer of turf near the bottom, and a lengthy leash pushes the grass, as well as it is easier for fish to locate a nozzle. Picnic fishing does not always involve making use of feeders, as well as at a tiny range it is much easier to feed the fish by hand, and placed a typical tons on the line.

When fishing it is rarely made use of braided cord, as it tends to be really overwhelmed and hold on to water plants. The line travels through them a lot more conveniently, also through disordered seaside locations. The density of the fishing line ought to be such that you can pull out the hook and feeder from the copse. Usually, a basic fishing line of 0.2– 0.25 mm is sufficient, as well as a lead is evaluated 0.12– 0.15 mm. Usually they put 2 chains in order to recognize which nozzle is best for carp today, and afterwards, when they discovered, they change to one that is less puzzled.

Fishing pole for fishing on the picker does not take one of the most refined, so that with its aid you can rip out the nozzle from the underwood. The timeless Picker has an average build, which well quenches fish jerks and also enables also the lightest lots to be tossed well. With capricious poklevka, when you need a hard hook-up, or with a hectic catch of small crucian, they use a pole of quick action. Pole length — — from 2.4 to 3 meters. Tops should have maximum sensitivity. The existing and the wind are unlikely to conflict below — — there is no place for the winds to improve over the shut water area of the fish pond, and there are no currents whatsoever. Cheap glass suggestions can be used 0.5-2 oz.

The coil is selected on the basis of the features of the rod. Because the picer rods have a small weight, it is foolish to place a reel considering greater than 400 g on them. Usually, two or 3 thousand meters are born with a plastic instance and also weighing as much as 300 g. The coil ought to have an adequately large grip pressure to make sure that herbs.

An excellent deal with on a crucian must be unified, light. A lot right here depends on the residential or commercial properties of the done — — with a brief form, it substantially influences the range as well as accuracy, permits you to outfit the picker correctly. It is worth try out vershinki, if somehow you do not such as the take on — — perhaps you require to put a softer or thinner carbon fiber. It is not essential to break the coal with a heavy trough here — — such individuals do not make use of carp for fishing.

The most practical setup when capturing a crucian on a feeder is inline. He offers the least hooks for vegetation as well as virtually not confused. Nonetheless, those who are accustomed to using paternoster, can capture with him. When angling on carp accessories with flat-feeder or banjo additionally make use of the installment in line. For installation, it is desirable to use an interchangeable slider with a swivel and also a hold, which will change the lots on the feeder and back;.

Attachments as well as baits

Crucian well-known for being exceptionally particular in the choice of nozzles. Following him to the tank, you should contend the very least three various specials available that can bring in fish. Frequently he favors vegetable add-ons to pets. This is particularly true in those places where there is also rotan, which will certainly not enable the crucian to come close to a worm or bloodworm.

From veggie nozzles for catching on feeder usage barley gruel, pea mastyrku. Somewhat less — — bread and semolina. These 2 nozzles are great for angling, nevertheless, they need great sensitivity and also instant clear hooking, which can provide a higher degree of fishing rod with a float, and not feeder equipment. Barley gruel is prepared by steaming in a thermos with the addition of honey, dill, and other attractants. Water is poured regarding the same as grains. Mastyrka made from pea flour as well as semolina, working them with water and leaving in the microwave.

From pets you can make use of a worm, bloodworms or maggots. Most of all the crucian suches as the worm and also bloodworm; he prefers moldy mold once in a while, however there are periods when he rejects to take anything yet him. It is worth paying attention to every little thing that floats in water or is near it. Exceptional attachments on a huge crucian — — dragonfly larvae, hydra waterworm, or caddisfly butterfly larvae. They are used only in those waters where there is no rotan. In some cases animal parts are used for bait — — for example, they add milk and home cheese to cereals.

Attractants are of specific value when angling. Also the very same barley, dipped in various attractants, provides a completely various impact. A tool crucian might be suitable for a strawberry scent, as well as a bigger scent for fish flour scent, but attacks will certainly be less typical. There are many individual attractants, the supposed « awesome carp»». These are various solvents, kerosene, nail gloss cleaners. Often these chemical smells like this fish, however they can frighten it away. Nevertheless, the odor of gas and also kerosene carp, as a rule, loves.

Baits when angling usage both ground and cleaning dace. At wonderful depths and also in ponds it is best to utilize dark baits that do not scare the fish while existing near the bottom. Fraction should be different. You can utilize all kind of bait, made with your own hands from grains, grains, crumbs as well as waste bakery production, seasoned with additives and attractants. In many ways, the efficiency of the lure is identified by the addition of soil. It has actually been verified that including black peat or chernozem to bait can minimize its cost and also boost effectiveness.

Considering that fishing is carried out at a short range, the take on is light enough and not also ideal for throwing hefty feeders with starter straw, it is feasible to feed from the hand. It is best to feed with a slingshot, as it will certainly allow extra more and exact to throw the rounds in the exact same location. To effectively provide loosened type of lure in the superficial water without a slingshot in any way is impossible.

Nowadays, this technique of bring in fish like the fish is totally neglected. It varies from the bait in that the fishermen attract the fish to stand at a particular factor for a long time, tossing there a completely huge quantity of food at the same time. This method has an advantage — — the fish obtains made use of to getting food as well as comes there in big amounts.

There is also a drawback — — it takes a whole lot of time to play around, and also the location can be chosen by other fishermens and occupied. The most reliable way to act on forgotten forest lakes, far-off reservoirs, deserted marshes, where there are nearly no fishermen. For carp privada more effective lure. The catch at the designated places a lot more sometimes, the opportunity to capture the prize — — too. Technique and also tactics of fishing

Fish early in the morning. The crucian does not take a dark night, yet on white nights in the north its bite practically never stops. Select a good area. If there is a great deal of plant life near the shore, then the place needs to be free from it ahead of time. The carp generally suches as to hug the side of thickets of cattail and also reed, on the border of clear water under water lilies and also lilies, under drifting islands, near bushes. For feeder fishing, most importantly are vents in reeds as well as greenery that have been previously gotten rid of with a rake.

Fishing is executed on both sides of the progala, closer to its sides. The distance is typically little. Quite hardly ever need to capture at a range of more than twenty meters from the shore. They pick in which instructions they will certainly cast the equipment, make an approximate actors to mark the area. No base boxing is done, as it is generally hard to obtain a reputable picture because of the abundance of lawn at the bottom. Identifying the presence or absence of fish will certainly assist sounder.

After the place of spreading is figured out, start to make zakorm. The bait is poured quickly in large quantities, so that a dark place types near the bottom. It should not be also tough. If there is a lot of lawn, after that the lure is actively blended with a huge quantity of soil, to ensure that it covers the yard at the bottom. If the carpet is as well thick, then it will certainly not be possible to close it with a lure, and right here it is more reliable to catch on feeders such as level or banjo.

After you have actually made the food, load the feeder, placed the hook in and make a cast. There are two sorts of bait in order to promptly determine what the carp will bite. If the attacks do not follow in fifteen to twenty mins, the lure is altered until it is found suitable. After that, the catch advances one hook with the lure picked, and as the bite quits, they continue to pick up.

Bite can have a various character. A little crucian carp for a long period of time draws the hook prior to taking the bait, as well as the bite is revealed in quiver-type trembling. With a sweep is not worth the hurry. Generally you require to wait until the fish draws a lot more confidently for the quivertip, and only after that hook. Large carp can peck dramatically, bending the suggestion of the rod. Generally it instantly self-cuts. Yet with a picky bite, it can jerk as petty.

Unloading fish, specifically huge ones, is accompanied by energetic resistance. Crucian rests, makes short jerks sideways. Regardless, you need to drag him to the coast as promptly as possible, or else he will certainly ensnare the line with lawn and grab, and you will certainly not have the ability to pull it out. Little carp is removed from the water, right away change the bait and throw again and again. The rate of fishing may differ depending on the climate as well as time of day — — in the early morning in an hour you can catch ten or fifteen fish, in the afternoon — — much less than 2, or vice versa. When it gets cooler in the fall in August and also September, one of the most active bite is observed in the late afternoon.

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