Catch Rotana springtime: March, April, may

Rotan — — tiny citizen of tanks, which often can not make it through various other killers. Fishing occurs on the pole, spinning, replica fish, other equipment.

As a rule, it is really economical — does not call for any type of expensive or experience. To angling achieved success, especially in the winter, it is necessary to take into consideration a number of variables. What makes springtime rotan

In March rotan behaves in different ways, relying on pond and climate condition. If the fish pond complete, and also the degree of oxygen in water is low, a lot of dead plants — — is very easy. In the event where forage base in the storage tank is great, and the ice obtains sufficient oxygen with melt water, rotan aktiviziruyutsya, as well as we can wish for a great bite.

In March, food is zooplankton, bloodworms, little shellfishes, one of the most favorite food of the juveniles of rotan. In fish ponds, like pikes, able to form stable long-term populace containing one types, completely damaging all the others. Feeds in wintertime much less than in summer. When under the ice does not get sunlight, a common day predator is inactive. This can discuss the passive behavior in January, February.

With the approach of spring, the ice density decreases, the water obtains more sunshine, fish aktiviziruyutsya. The adult starts to Mature the eggs as well as milt — — it calls for extra power. Live stems of plant life under the water start to provide more oxygen. It also contributes to Zhora.

Rotan not education fish, like perch or walleye, as well as a loner, like a pike. With a solitary hole for the fish to attack 3 or more copies per minute — — an accident. However, if you return to this location in ten or fifteen minutes — — you can catch a couple a lot more items.

As revealed by underwater digital photography, the nature of searching in ambush Rotana. He stands in the water near the bushes face-up. When the head is lure, makes the throw as well as missing. After that, some time continues to be at the exact same position, ingesting the lure and after that goes back to deepness. It’s type of like food of the pike, just the throws on the removal of horizontally. Yet in March the stems are few, and the killer can alter their practices.

Where to fish in March

The normal environment is shallow fish ponds with oxygen-poor. Along with Rotana in such conditions can just survive carp. This fish is absolutely not normal where there is perch and also pike, which immediately damage its population. Incidentally, this is a good way to eliminate it in the pond or to reduce the size.

The deepness of the fishing place generally does not go beyond 5 meters. The writer is angling near your home on the old clay pit at 4, and there the fish are biting throughout the water column. Usually kept near overgrown locations, where the ice there are plants in the green phase of type hornwort. Where there is a great deal of dead stems, rotan does not like to stand in the winter months.

Promising is to recognize the two-meter areas, taking into consideration the thickness of the ice. Angling from the ice Rotana in March below profitable. The deepness is hard to determine, due to the fact that all-time low is loaded with a thick layer of algae where lives and also rotan. In shallow locations throughout summertime, fishing is impossible — — the water is become a constant overload of the suspension of hornwort as well as canadian pondweed to the surface area. The last is an invasive species as well as is a major source of eutrophication of waters. After a long winter months, the dead stems fall to all-time low, released the free space under the hole.

Where and just how to look

The fish are biting with all areas of the ice. Provided the nature of the reservoir, to fish near all-time low, going down a lure at it, it is not feasible — — need to continuously draw weeds. The game appeal you begin with the leading as well as gradually decreased to the factor where it takes place hook. After that it is without the yard, lift and also proceed the video game near the edge of the plants. If no outcome — — do the wiring up and down via the whole density. Rotan can be at any type of depth, as well as the larger it is the more challenging it is to locate, even more time is invested in each well.

The techniques of angling from the ice

Prior to the ice went rotan is captured 3 means:

  • jig;
  • knickknacks;
  • zherlitsa.

The most convenient method to do it. The attraction is great since it provides you less of hooks, and also lower it to the base also in the thick brushwood if there is a tiny home window. For angling be sure to use the nozzle as rotan is receptive to the smell. You can use inanimate piece of poultry skins, bacon, Rotaru throat.

When utilizing dead lure is really vital to pick the game. For real-time video game is often optional — — if worm, bloodworm or maggots proactively proceeding the hook, they attract fish and so. Usage baitless jigs inefficient — — even on a tiny edible item of rotan bite is better than the most proficient video game.

When fishing a lot of drill openings. The distance in between them can be less than 2 meters — — one will certainly attack, one more will certainly not. At the beginning of March for fishing on the fish pond Rotana razvarivaya appealing area. If there is a bottom victim, the killer will certainly catch after a couple of transactions, to rest a long period of time there is no requirement. After bite is a little a wait, and then strike.

Mining — — rotan different quality. Can come across as instances of a finger, and also a massive fish on the racks. Nonetheless, most bite tiny. For the target of catching a large is to use big jigs and also far better — — catching the attraction. Baubles When fishing Rotana is simply a larger jig, with the ability of promptly drawing in the big fish. Prefer to make use of soldering. They have much less hooks, as autumn hurting up. And also much better area fish. The solitary hook is used, the important things allows enough. The jaws of the predator is extremely solid with little grater sharp teeth, lips virtually there.

As for the jig, it is much better to give a hook accessory. Its size needs to be a lot smaller sized, or breached the game rewriters. It is best to capture all type of gozdawa rewriters. With the lure responsible the game is changed — — it comes to be even more planning on the autumn, as a worm or chicken skin work as a little sail, having the buoyancy as well as resistance in water.

The game includes lengthy stops, almost equilibrium. In winter season, Rotana have even more time to target at target as well as take a crack at, as the fish is acting really passively. Catch not long to wait, if the fish is under the hole. Practically immediately while the spinner listed below should attack. Stop a couple of seconds as well as strike.

Balance weights are hardly ever made use of, considering that really zatsepistye. However, the capacity to accumulate fish from larger and faster to call a strike. The lower rack it is a good idea to put a single chain, securing his lure, and the front as well as back can all take a bite — — rotan they practically never get. Room pick the tiniest. Play near the surface area, gradually lowering to the lawn and back up. The time out must be long.


The easiest and also most lucrative approach of angling, although not extremely athletic. Zherlitsa below is somewhat different from the one that placed on a pike. You can utilize the real-time bait. It is better to do or else. Responsible put a number of online maggots, worm, throat, chicken skin. After rotan got the lure, he stands in location, and when the fish leaves — — normally without surgery not to eliminate.

You require to do the weakest pockets, still below no bait and he will not pull the line. Typically fishing the entire surface of the fish pond razvarivaya as well as established replica fish at a range of about five meters. When activated check box to run promptly and also do the reducing while rotan has actually not gone far and also not ingested the hook, I have to catch. Getaway doing little to lure was plainly visible.

When the ice went away

After that, the spring angling classic continues. The bite is ending up being a lot more active, getting to a top in may-June. Commonly captured on the float, rotating, summer jig. Angling with lower equipment not suitable. In the spring of yard is much smaller, so fly angling is much more comfortable than in the summer season.


Before capturing, we require to put thick angling line and a huge hook. This scaffold is needed for pulling out of grabs. It is essential to take treatment of a great registration bite. The trophy it will go and also then won’t be caught if you make the journey prematurely. As well as if late, will certainly have to play around taking off fish. It is consequently essential each time to take the extractor. Otherwise, a harsh tackle will certainly enable you to merely draw the throat, which after that you can place the lure as well as catch.

Interest! For trolling usage a nod. The bite is revealed in the increase, knocking practically there. Therefore, make sure to place it on the jig.

Calendar angling — — angling Rotana March. Depending on problems, can begin a rebirth of Rotana, however if the winter months dragged out — — bite tired. In late March, fish task rises.

  • Given that April, where he opened the water, caught in the shallows during Sunny weather, avoiding shaded areas. He chooses to remain, commonly involves the surface area.
  • May is the beginning of energetic angling. Fishing all available ways. The start of the generating period.

Happens in may-June. Women are the largest members of the population throughout and after non-active, but in some cases polevault. Men secure the eggs as well as relish are well caught on the horizontal wiring rubber rotating.

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