Catching IDE on peas in the fall

IDE — coveted trophy angler. Strong opponent, he is able to crush the tested gear, and its pinkish meat will delight the discerning foodie. After spawning, it disperses along the river and is caught by accident. 2-3 pound instance is usually considered as a decoration of summer fishing.

Targeted fishing for bullhead in the early fall.

But there is a little-known fishing lakes in the fall. In the middle lane this time usually starts from the second week of September, when the IDE rolls downstream to the places of winter camps. This method of fishing is little in the literature and in the video, and the experts in this fishing usually do not give out their secrets.

At this time, the IDE is going to separate areas of the reservoir in significant amounts, banishing any smaller fish from their feeding. Of course other fish in the bycatch is present.

But this is passable roach, 500 g and above, trophy bream, Podust large. Mostly these are the targeted fishing for bullhead, weighing 0.5 — 2.5 kg, and a dozen beautiful strong fish caught during the short autumn day, there are a decent result of fishing.

Special features yazevoe places

IDE usually feeds near the shore. Find the location of his fall internship is easy, but you have to walk along the shore, making sure to include the special will yazevoe the gathering:

  • Necessarily the presence of shrubs and snags near the place of catching;
  • The shore must be sudden changes in depth. Water in such places swirls and rises from the bottom up;
  • Fast flow is slowed down near the steep Bank;
  • IDE often pretends to be a splash in hunting in such areas for bleak in the upper layers of water.

Catching IDE for peas autumn — shore and, ideally, the angler takes the place of the above Yazev fossa, to the jet bore of the sinker and nozzle

Properly prepare the tackle and stock up on peas for catching IDE

Need for fishing Bolognese rod from sinking abilities which will depend on the fishing success and pleasure angler. The proximity of snags, sometimes forces the angler to tighten the clutch spinning reel and to rely on the strength of the leash and the hook. Thin, sensitive tip, to signal the beginning of the bite to the angler had not caught the first mad dash of the IDE. If you hold a flexible rod at a right angle to the line, IDE will get tired in 2-3 minutes.

The tackle is simple:

  • The main fishing line 0,25-0,22 mm;
  • Slip sinker — olive, weighing 15-20 g;
  • Leash — 0,18-0,20 mm;
  • Pea hook number 10 — 8 in the classification of Owner.

Lure IDE the same peas with his hands, occasionally throwing down some peas, and after the capture of the IDE sending a handful of. So steamed pea leaves for a fishing trip not less than 2 liters.
Considering these tips, catching IDE on peas in the fall You will have always effective.

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