Features carp feeder in the fall on lake

Carp is a very tasty and strong fish, which is a coveted trophy of any fisherman. She delivers a lot of pleasure to the one who is struggling with it, especially if the fishing goes on feeder tackle, throw away from the shore.

In this method of fishing you need to be sure not only used the snap elements, but also in their own knowledge about the behavior of the fish. This is especially true in autumn, when the habits of the carp drastic change compared to the spring and summer.

Autumn begins a drastic change of weather from warm and long summer days are winter — short and cool. Also dramatically changing the habits of the carp, which ceases to take the bait in cloudy windy weather in the summer, and becoming more active on warm Sunny days. Especially effective are those when such weather lasts for several days without change.

Where to look for carp in the autumn on the lake

If the weather is suitable, the result from feeder fishing for carp in the fall mainly comes down to finding the place of its Parking, as the fish starts to prepare for the coming winter. If you managed to find a place that guaranteed a very good catch, as the instance does not admit to the bait of a smaller species (as as, but autumn intensive feeding of carp has not been canceled).

But where the most promising point of fishing at this time? You need to understand that this species overwinters in the pits that never leaves the arrival of spring. Accordingly, it is best to know the terrain of the lake bottom where you are fishing. If fishing at this pond for the first time, then the required assistant to explore the bottom will be the token that must have its place in the box of each fan feeder. With his help, within a matter of minutes, you can find all the most promising places where the fish lives. But it does not matter if the marker is missing. You can instead use a self feeder and pole with an empty manger.

The result of such penetration of the bottom will be less accurate than when using a token, but quite satisfactory. In any case, it’s much better than not having any ideas about the place of fishing. To save time, you should know how far your rod is able to throw the bait. This will allow you to check the bottom in places which are inaccessible.

An important factor of successful fishing on the feeder at any time of the year is the used bait. Part of it in the fall also different from that used in the spring and summer season.

Especially use autumn bait for carp

If the main argument in the choice of summer bait is its smell, in autumn everything is done exactly the opposite. The best option for bait at this time will be that which has the least distinct smell. This is because with the onset of autumn carp prefer more nutrients in the bait, but if they lie at a distance from the wintering holes, he won’t marry them, even if the scent of the bait will be very strong and sharp. If you score the feeder with the same scent just in a hole, it will only scare the fish. It is for these reasons and it makes no sense to use the summer, bait in autumn.

Best bets feeder carp bait at this time will be cereal and nuts. These ingredients are strongly attracted to a captured specimens of carp. To increase the nutritional value bait is to use fish oil in small portions. Such a mixture will be most effective until mid-November, until the water become very cold. If the cold is coming faster then the bait is useless to refuse, as sense from it will not. This is because the fish become inactive and the biting stops.

Sometimes it happens that the weather is just perfect for carp fishing, using bait is designed specially for the autumn period, before fishing you evaluate a prospective place of fishing, but no bites.

What to do if the carp are not very active

Fall is common because fish become cowardly and even the smallest error leads to the fact that she fears to take the nozzle. The reason there may be very many, but chief among them is incorrectly assembled feeder tackle. The first thing you need to change the leash to a more subtle hook of a smaller size. If does not help — to change the weight and size of the feeders or even thickness of the line more subtle. It is fraught with frequent breakages in the fight with a decent carp, but often leads to a positive result. Ideally would be to use flurocarbon instead of the ordinary line. This material has a coefficient crease of the light close to the ratio of water making it virtually invisible to fish.

If the manipulation of the tackle not give the expected result, it should be added to bait a laxative. This will toss the possibility of saturation of the fish mixture from the trough and increase the likelihood of bites.

Many fishermen believe that with the onset of autumn feeder fishing begins and ends with the only catching predatory fish by spinning. Partially they are right, especially when the street is damp cloudy weather. But if the fall gives some nice Sunny days — this is the time to catch trophy carp to become not just possible, but expected. Knowing the location of the fish and using the right tackle and bait, Warren the fisherman is not empty.

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