Fishing carp

Crucian carp, or Carassius (lat.) — — fish from the carp family members. There are 2 independent varieties of this fish — — Carassius Carassius, or gold carp, and also Carassius Gibelio, or silver

carp. They differ in the color of ranges, the variety of ranges in the side line(the fish has at — least 33 of them, the silver — less), the environment and also reproduction. These two types can live together, independently or create joint populaces, their habits in the tank is almost the same. The physique of a crucian is vast, slightly oblate from the sides.

The mass of gold carp is somewhat larger — — it reaches a weight of 2.5 kilograms and over. Silver carp is slightly smaller sized, however grows much faster. Its maximum weight is two kilograms. The usual weight of fish of both ranges, which the hook gets for the angler, is from fifty grams to a kilogram, the catch of bigger individuals is a rarity.

The crucian feeds at an early age by zooplankton and also crustaceans. Maturing, it goes on food by aquatic pests, consumes larvae, worms, and also other tiny animal microorganisms. Big people are almost omnivorous and also may also reveal routines of predators — — this is shown by the experience of some anglers who took care of to catch a crucian on a drop-shot in Yakutia. Nevertheless, its angling is normally limited to plant and also pet lures.

In what reservoirs the crucian is discovered

The usual habitats of this fish are peaceful backwaters and also tiny fish ponds. The shape of this fish is not really conducive to getting rid of the power of the current, so the carp is much more typical on the ground without it or if it is extremely weak. A crucian is quite thermophilic, so it commonly keeps there where the water temperature level is more than in the whole storage tank — — near the convergence of warm drains, near locations where rotting plants give off heat, where the water heats up well.

This fish endures poor oxygen regime, particularly the gold crucian carp. Usually it happens where any various other fish can not make it through.

In the fish ponds as well as lakes of Siberia freezing nearly to the bottom, silted with tiny stakes in Ukraine, which dry up virtually completely in the summer warmth, he handles not just to endure, but also to increase when the conditions for this agree with. Purely crucian ponds, where it is the only fish, are not so unusual. However, in such pressed conditions the crucian usually comes to be shallow.

The depth at which the crucian is found is usually little, up to 3 meters. Even in deep ponds and also lakes, he likes seaside superficial water. If the overall depth of the storage tank is tiny, it can be discovered both in the coastal area and in the really middle with the same possibility. He has a solid body that enables him to learn the thickets of aquatic plants as well as try to find food there. Commonly this fish favors to remain in the thick of underwater thickets, where it finds food and also shelter.

Habitations of crucian throughout the year

As you recognize, nature in our strip lives by its very own laws, and the year is separated right into winter season, spring, autumn and summer. As well as fish, too, is no exception. The behavior of the crucian carp and the catch greatly depend upon the period.


Currently, the majority of the fish is non-active. The temperature of the water decreases, it comes to be covered with ice. The procedures of photosynthesis are slowed down; as a result, the quantity of oxygen in the water reduces. Plants, which began to in the loss, be up to the bottom by winter months and also start to decompose, forming a thick layer of silt. Generally, if the storage tank does not have underwater keys, the confluence of streams, currents, crucian in such areas will certainly be inactive or non-active. He hides himself for wintering in silt, where he invests the cold months under the ice.

If there is a little present in the wintering location of the crucian carp, which lugs away liquified carbon dioxide from the decaying of plants, the carp can remain energetic in such locations. It restores in those days, when during the winter season thaws thaw water drops under the ice. Nowadays come in mid-late March, after that the most effective carp angling from ice occurs.


Features the launch of the tank from the ice. At this time, the pre-spawning crucian carp begins, which is preparing to generate. Fish congregate in groups, which can be either offsuit or shaped to fit. Carp populations can have various sexual make-up, sometimes hermaphroditic individuals are found, sometimes carp is represented just by females, occasionally there are heterosexual populaces. Anyhow, prior to generating, the fish in the reservoir tries to stick.

Catching happens on adequately heated locations. The warmer the water, the much more energetic the bite will certainly be. Just before spawning, in May, the largest crucians discover. Fish favors a fairly large energetic lure. You can catch a summer season mormyshku, float fishing rod, lower gear. One of the most successful in areas with superficial depth, however a little further from the coast, where the fish are not afraid of the angler.


A characteristic function of the summer season period is the overgrowing of water bodies, and also in the late stage water blooming. The carp begins to generate at the start of summer season, with heating up of water to 12-15 levels. Its spawning takes place in shallow locations, in bushes and also thickets of reeds, where there is something to massage against in order to release the eggs bags. Typically, man-made spawning grounds are deserted tires in city ponds, fragments of heaps and also concrete products, supports for walkways in parks.

The spawning of a crucian happens for a long time, the very same specific generates several times. The largest crucians spawn first, after that smaller sized ones.

Right now, its attacking is rather picky, a crucian can be captured on different nozzles during the day, hardly ever offering preference to any kind of one.

Generating ends only with water blooming in August. By this time, the fish starts to move far from tossing eggs, actively eating marine insects and larvae, which increase in wealth by this time. August is the most effective time for fishing.


With the development of cold weather, light day is decreased, the water temperature level reduces. Crucian starts to relocate far from the shore, where the water for the night has time to cool off much. It is not as well much, as it is usually not so very easy to see and also obtain food at deepness. The fish goes to areas where they are mosting likely to wintertime. As opposed to numerous types of fish, crucian continues to be captured on the common float fishing pole until one of the most frost.

The writer in his youth caught a crucian instead of college up until concerning October. The instance usually finished with the option of fishing pole after issues to parents. Now no one takes the lure, and also you can capture it till December itself with fly-fishing gear.

Still, it is necessary to acknowledge that in the autumn time, carp angling on bottom gear has the best interest. They allow you to effortlessly deliver the nozzle much sufficient and also not too complex. The main obstacle to making use of the donkey in Karasin areas is this marine vegetation. By the autumn it lessens, as well as capturing Donkey more easily accessible.

With the advent of ice edges, the crucian virtually discontinues to peck. Its bite can only be activated with the complete development of ice, when the surface area of the water stops being cooled by the wind as well as the water comes to be warmer.

Ways to catch

In the summer season, the crucian carp is generally captured on bottom and float equipment. At the same time, in some reservoirs he pecks at the donku better, as well as somewhere — — at the float. The means of capturing itself matters only for a fishermen, for a crucian carp, bait as well as the location of catching are the main factor of biting.

In heavily disordered reservoirs, in the home windows of water vegetation, where the base is densely covered with thickets of rovolomnika, it is not feasible to capture a donk. However, where all-time low is reasonably tidy, even, without koryag, and the crucian does not want to resemble the shore, catching on lower gear will certainly be more convenient and bring far better results.

Commonly made use of by samolovy. This is because of the fact that on an unfamiliar reservoir it is challenging to dependably identify the time of the fish to a specific place. For that reason, attempting to get to a rather big line of the shore, setting the self-contained gear. Crucian has rather continuous routines. When the time as well as area of the leave is identified, it is much more efficient to take place this area with catching by weeds to energetic equipment.

Fly fishing rod

Tackle number 1 on the crucian. Since this fish regularly prefers seaside areas, there is usually no demand to make a long-distance actors, use a coil. You can do with a light and fairly inexpensive fly fishing rod, which contains a rod with an angling line rigidly attached to its idea, outfitted with a float and a hook.

Fly fishing pole can be used in different sizes, but for fishing, it is far better to use a pole of 4-6 meters. Longer ones will certainly call for consistent use of rollercoasters, as it will certainly be difficult to hold them constantly in your hands. When fishing for crucian carp, the usage of stand for the rod is not an issue, as it is captured on a stand-up rig. On stagnant water 2-3 rods are frequently used, they are cast at different distances from the coast, various nozzles are used. This substantially boosts the opportunities of biting fish. It is the capacity to capture from the stands that the fly fishing rod is the very best choice, despite a huge, heavy fishing rod, the fishermen will not be tired and you can make use of numerous deals with.

The main plus of the fly fishing rod is that it allows you to very properly cast tools, execute a top quality hook-up, utilize a thinner angling line and, as a result, a lighter float with a smaller lots under the exact same angling conditions. Capturing in the windows, capturing on the lightest deal with, fishing with a very accurate launch of the fishing line, which permits you to plainly place the nozzle on the near-vegetative rug, permit you to accomplish great results with the fly fishing pole when catching carp than with various other equipment.

Fishing pole

Not as well popular take on, and also definitely in vain! At cost, such fishing is very little extra pricey than catching on feeder. For crucian areas match angling is more suitable. It allows you to toss the take on properly enough, to capture at an extremely greatly disordered or thick bottom, to fish in littered metropolitan as well as rural ponds, where when angling on lower equipment there will be a great deal of cliffs and also hooks.

At the very same time, the suit pole enables you to fish long-distance industries from the shore. Utilizing contemporary match pop-up drifts and accessories, you can clearly see the bite at a country mile from the coast, to maintain the float from being moved by the wind with the help of a system of sub-plots pushing all-time low.

You can successfully throw in huge home windows at a distance from the shore, while at the time of pulling out the fish to gather much less yard than it would certainly have been with bottom take on.

Bologna fishing rod

Rarely made use of for angling. Fully such a take on is disclosed just in the training course, where it is hardly ever captured. However often, when angling for goldfish in the air ducts, it is the small dog that comes to be the very best option. Generally, the Bologna fishing pole for crucian carp is made use of in stationary water, where they intend to make a long-distance actors from the shore. At the very same time, it dramatically loses in the ease of capturing, and in the range, as well as exactly throwing the match pole. And also when angling from the coast without a throw with a reel, the take on will certainly be much harder as well as rougher than a fishing pole with the same capabilities. If there is no other angling pole, the Bologna tackle will do.


Bottom fishing pole shows itself ideal in the later period, with the onset of cold weather. Currently, aquatic greenery passes away, donke will bring less lawn. Normally in the summer, in addition to the fish, half a pot of aquatic stalks is pulled out. The equipment should be strong enough to hold up against all this. An economical fiberglass spinning pole is utilized as a rod in the “Soviet” example donk, a cost-effective inertial reel is put into the coil, a relatively thick primary line is utilized, typically captured without a feeder. Tackle is very easy, but it has lots of disadvantages that other base tackle — — feeder —

is lacking. Far more commonly, instead of donkey with a rod, a sort of a zakkushka is made use of — — fishing for crucian carp. Eraser is a donka in which there is a rubber band with a length of 3-10 meters between the main line with hooks and a weight. This makes it easier to re-tackle with constant attacks, constantly returning the hooks to the exact same place. Of course, the capturing range will certainly be much shorter. When catching a crucian, lengthy casting is hardly ever needed.

Feeder and Picker

They are a more development of bottom fishing rods, more practical as well as contemporary. The main features of these gears are making use of a special flexible tip as a bite alarm system. They make it feasible to perform an extra distant as well as exact spreading with a lower weight of the lots, which is substantial when angling in the lawn. In the end, a tackle with a light weight much less gather it. Both angling line and cord are made use of, while angling line for crucian carp would be more effective.

Fishing generally occurs at a superficial deepness, a little distance from the shore. Catching a crucian on a piker, a kind of feeder, permits you to obtain even more satisfaction from drawing fish to a thinner and also lighter take on. In addition, in such problems, a picker itself will certainly be much more practical, given that frequently the coastline is overgrown with trees and shrubs.

Really typically, when angling for crucian carp, a level feeder is used. Carp feeder type ««» technique » is much less submersed in silt as well as better offers the food on its surface area than the timeless feeder « cell ». At the exact same time it is a lot more demanding on the quality of bait and rubdown. The banjo feeder enables you to capture also from the rug of aquatic plants when the load does not penetrate its thickness. On a regular basis, when capturing a crucian, the hooks stay in the bait in order to offer much less hooks. The very same concept is applied in the nipple’s self-feeding gear.

Cork, Nipple, Fantomas

All of these names refer to self-guiding gear, when hooks with levers on leashes are filled into a feeder filled with bait and also completely open from one side or another. Leads are usually connected to the weight. And also it is connected to the line and also tossed at a range from the shore. Hence, the hooks are practically entirely safeguarded from hooks for the algae.

Crucians, eating and coming close to the trough food, can at the same time retract and hooks, succumbing to them. They will certainly not capture on also when the bait is consumed — — since they will certainly rest on the fish.

The major disadvantage of this gear is that you require to use the tiniest hooks, virtually swallows. This leads to the reality that the main target will be tiny fish, as it will spew as well as feel out a large hook, because the tackle is self-contained, and also there is no prompt hooking here.

It likewise comes to be impossible to capture on the principle of catch-release, capturing a crucian on real-time bait. The fish deeply ingests a little hook, so you have to take it all and afterwards fry. It is best to remove the leashes to get rid of the fish from the hook in the house. It is far better after that, in an unwinded environment, to see the fishing line sticking out of the fish’s mouth, and pull it out in addition to the hook when gutting. Than while fishing to pull the hook, sufficed off, neglect it in fish and also consume it after yourself. Such a tackle in modern-day fishing can not be seriously taken into consideration, since by catch, the attraction of fishing as well as the top quality of the fish will certainly be substandard to all various other deals with.

Summer season mormyshka

For fishing carp made use of very successfully. In the spring, when the water is cool sufficient, it enables the game to bring in fish to the nozzle. In this case, it is best to utilize two mormyshki — — one more heavy, which commonly plays the duty of simply ogruzki, and also the 2nd, lighter, is installed greater. This enables you to « decrease» the game, placing the reduced mormyshka on the bottom, as the crucian carp takes a standing nozzle much better. Instead of the upper jib, you can link a simple hook with a nozzle.

One more “specialization” of the summer season mormysk is angling in heavily disordered areas and windows. Right here the angling line practically does not deviate from the vertical. It is possible to capture also in the smallest home windows, between the reed stems, preventing hooks. In various other ways, this is not likely to work out, except for a fly fishing rod, however there is still the danger of catching or entangling the equipment above.

Wintertime gear

Winter months angling for crucian is no various from fishing for cockroach, other than that the deal with is taken even more resilient. Apply mormyshku and also float fishing rod. It is best to make use of rods that enable you to stop the game with lure as well as at this moment there is an attacking of fish. Often captured on a number of fishing rods, playing bait alternately and even doing without the video game.

The 2nd group of winter months equipment — — numerous caesars. Popular angling for crucians on crosses, zherlitsy, specifically on an unfamiliar body of water, where they still do not recognize the area of its most energetic biting. Worms are utilized as nozzles for samolovs, in some cases vegetable nozzles, pellets and even pet dog food sachets.

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