Fishing for carp (carp) as well as what to fish

In larger rivers carp and other fish of the carp family, is discovered at the border of difference of lower topography on the slopes and also the sidelines, in the pits with still water or a weak return flow in the rushy tranquility channels and bays.

He can stand under trees as well as bushes looming the steep financial institutions. If seaside greenery is sparse or missing totally– carp attempts to remain near the fairway. The place of the lake the carp have a close relationship with both the fishing seasonand time of day, as well as with the behaviors of the animal, along with weather conditions.

After the melting of ice narodivsya for winter carp pleases cravings the first shoots of plants, so most of the day invests in the seaside area is abundant in residues of in 2015’s plants– reeds, pondweed, reeds, which also work as sanctuary for invertebrates and pests making up the bulk of his spring-autumn diet plan.

Springtime is the best period for carp angling, especially before his spawn– in the period when it is tough fat. This time of year, the master of rivers and also lakes, which it is considered anywhere in Russia and Belarus, biting it in vegetable and also pet bait. During the spawning season to catch carp, however, like any various other fish, is restricted.

Activity as well as location of carp is greatly dependent on water temperature level. Being cold-blooded pet, it needs heat, which affects not only the metabolism of the body, yet the whole process of life.

This feature is mirrored in the practices and habits of heat-loving fish, shedding activity at temperature levels below 10 -12 ° C and also feeling excellent in the water heated to 18-23 ° C.

Hot summer season days, our hero likes to be at a depth of getting away from overheating and also people who stand for a hazard to him. Only in the morning and also near sunset he heads out in superficial water to please appetite, bask and frolic in the sun.

In man-made ponds where the fish frequently gets food, she’s not as nervous, and also a number of times a day pertaining to the feeders. Acquired practice of our hero are anglers-carpatica, privativa the good-looking hero to a specific place, which then are angling.

With the initial signs of approaching winter carp takes place in autumn zhor, however regardless of this, fall is not considered to be one of the most positive times for capturing him, as a result of frequent adjustments in temperature level, typical of this season, pet is continuously changing his area.

Offering a correct quantity of food needed to gather fat for the upcoming winter season, as well as at the very same time, adjusting to weather conditions associated with fast changes in air pressure and temperature level of the water, he is forced to constantly change the deepness of immersion, than an extremely challenging fishing.

In poor weather condition opts for the quickly cooled down superficial water depth, but is the water warm up, he returns to the seaside zone or increases in the upper layers more detailed to the surface as well as, despite the moment of day, proactively feeding, providing choice to animal food, rich in protein.

Consequently, for the loss angling select the days, preceded by an excellent warm weather. To catch river as well as lake carp in cold water does not make sense.

Ways of fishing for carp — — carp In the very first months of life the fry of typical carp preys on phytoplankton and also invertebrate microorganisms, then it mosts likely to a bigger and extra diverse feed being omnivorous, eats practically whatever edible: plants, seeds, berries, roots, worms, bugs, mollusks, fish eggs, adolescent fish, crayfish, leeches and frogs.

Supplying boosted voracity, does not contempt also the food and wastes of their production.

The method of fishing as well as equipment for angling for carp is largely based on the time of year and also area of the Fisher. For instance, boats where there is no requirement to toss the equipment away, it can capture the side line or brief spinning pole extragear class, making use of all-time low and break the float with a sliding float.

Devices with dealt with attachment of the float to catch carp without any boats or from the coast does not, as the minimal depth and also distance of fishing will certainly prevent this.

Sort of reel for the deal with on the carp does not truly issue, the important things that it consisted of the necessary yardage of the line of the required quality.

From bespoleznyj gear angling for carp in open water (watercraft) made use of feeder or a normal bottom breeze on the exact same extragear rotating rod or side rods.

Stationary angling is executed more serious match and carp poles, capable of giving significant range casting tools required for capturing of this fish from the shore.

It occurs that the carp is extremely far away, and even a special fishing pole is not permitted to throw tools to the ideal area. This typically occurs in storage tanks with a delicately sloping bottom topography considerably alienates deep-sea locations from the coastline or where the carp based on severe fishing stress, maintained a considerable distance from the coast.

In such situations, carpatica considered using radio controlled boats provide a breeze to the right area.

Regardless of the kind of snap-in all its components and have to be sturdy — designed for the fish weight not less than 12-15 kg: the primary angling line — nylon monofilament is thinner than 0.5 mm, leads– 0.35 mm, hooks carp 2-3 number in worldwide numbering.

No unique rods need to not prevent the need to capture this remarkable fish. Not having the ability to invest cash on expensive angling devices, fishing for carp at a typical range of 50-60 m, doing the usual rotating or telescope of the very same power and economical retractable.

For this you simply need to find the right place with steep bottom topography or ahead of time to lure the fish. Numerous fishermens of the old generation effectively capture carp as well as various other fish without a fishing-rod, casting-fashioned zakidushki with his hands.

Naturally, there are items of angling equipment, without which the angling is difficult to do. As an example, to pull out of the water a huge carp, having no touchdown web, no it does not work. Delivered to the coast as well as seems to be no more resisting the trophy will certainly blow up difficult as well as will damage the line as soon as you really feel the touch to her or to himself.

Devices and lure for the carp

One of the most preferred nozzle for bottom gear on a big carp constantly been cake, also known as cake– an item gotten by pressing of seeds of oilseed crops: sunflower, hemp, and so on. For use with a fishing snap-ins made use of special tools (see Fig. listed below), called “maculation”.

This files frequently is a self-made lead plates, to which utilizing rubber bands for hair or rings of rubber attached chamber the briquette cake and connection 2-4 hooks on brief chains — — 10-12 see The tip of the hooks are injected in the nozzle, distributing them equally throughout its surface area. The dough, blended with animal feed or ground cake, since ancient times is instilled as a superb device for catching carp lake(carp).

The concept of fishing for carp on

the dough is straightforward to shock blended with animal feed or ground cake flour mass, long razmakhau in the water as a result of the had eggs, nalalia on the spring — feeder trough, spiral kind, a heavy — sinker. The part attached to the spiral hooks (2 to 4 items) hidden in the test, as well as the other — put up worm, corn, or any type of various other add-on. Great outcomes this dough brings in angling for carp in man-made fish ponds in which fish are fed with feed or its components.

Optionally, in the flour mix, you can add the elements consisted of in the everyday diet plan of carp. You can add steamed corn or barley grits or simply sweetened with brownish bread. Affordable fixture of plastic stoppers, famously called nipples(see Fig. 4)serve as an excellent choice to the spiral feeders. Okrujenie lead pellet and also furnished with 2-4 hooks, they are the most awful springtimes keep the lure/bait and also fish.

Fly angling for carp British Donk based on container feeders for loose lure, provided with simply one hook, is considered an extra stylish and typical way.

Camouflage the hook in the bait, as well as is installed to the snap-in so that it remains in the functioning setting, located next to the feeder.

To do this, use a lengthy chain and an unique plan that would certainly prevent its turning. Nasazhivajut on a hook or attach the hair placing the nozzle, remain in need by our character, Boyle, corn, worm, the flesh of clams, potatoes, and so on …

… Spring and also autumn are properly “work” the bait of pet origin, summer season– veggie.

Prikazivanje and also corresponding feeding fish

To catch carp without bait, generally, the work leads, if a person can capture, just the little innocent sasanika. Catching a big carp– careful and alert, besides feeding alone, calls for a lot more extensive strategy to carp angling, in which the corresponding feeding fish like previously, in the process, has an important function.

Occasionally just feeding is not nearly enough, specifically to catch huge species in a huge as well as wild fish pond, after that a good-looking giant need to bait for the upcoming fishing.

To this end, the anglers a few days leave on the dot for a future angling or live near it, feeding the fish in the early morning and night dawn in the exact same location. When it comes to be obvious that the item of the quest fearlessly suited to the preferred area of the biotope, and also it generally occurs 3-4 days, that’s when you start angling, hoping for a specimen.

In contrast to feeding, which is performed acquisition bait or mixes of their very own making, for prepaymania carp are suitable less expensive means of fit to be tied grain, wheat, corn, peas, porridge from cereals, feed, cake.

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