Fishing for catfish on Kwok boat

Som is a really intriguing and also peculiar fish, its power and dimension go over, as well as he is just one of the biggest freshwater fish in Europe. Amongst all the countries of its environment, other than Israel, has its followers Somavia fishing.

There are so many methods of capturing catfish, one of them today, we’ll speak, or rather, angling for catfish on Kwok’s watercrafts.

This method is the most usual nearly all over the globe except America, where followers of catching tiny channel catfish on a float in times more than Kocherov. Fishing for catfish on Kwok’s boat was used for a very long time, according to different sources, this technique of angling showed up in Ancient Russia and Ancient Greece regarding the same time. Caught in Kwok’s boats. The most intriguing — — that take on with the times has not altered.

The key word in the title — — angling for catfish on Kwok’s watercraft, is KWOK. Kwok-hitromudrye gadget that when in contact with water discharges an audio similar to marriage zazyvanie women catfish throughout spawning, which attracts the predator. It ought to state on the diet of catfish, mostly shellfish — — perlovitsy or bezzubki, worms Nightcrawlers, bait fish-roach, carp, and cancer. Kwok with his hands.

A few words about snap — — resilient pole with a coil not less than 4000 size, tackle with the weight 100 grams or float, durable cable size not less than 0.6 mm. Specifically throughout Shing Kwok’ll require Sam Kwok. In the very same watercraft, ideally with a deepness sounder.

To function be so Kwok — — 3-5 beats, pause 30 secs. For lure it is best to take shellfish or lure. One of the most ideal time of year for capturing catfish in Kwok’s watercraft — — summer season. Bite from April to September. Day it is best to look for him in the pits, and also at night in shallow areas.

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