Fishing for catfish on the Volga

I need to state that angling for catfish on the Volga starts instantly after generating in July. At this moment, the Volga takes care of virtually totally to return to the previous financial institutions after the floods, as well as the water heats up to 20 levels.

Mainly fishing for catfish in the summer is with the assistance of Kwok. As you approach the autumn as well as the cooling of water in the river, an appeal for catfish dipped lower and also reduced down surface, and the effectiveness Kwok is progressively wearing down. Begins the season bottom fishing for catfish on the Volga.

In the summer, fishing for catfish starts with the cozy evening twilight and also ends with the early morning dawn. Som may also eat and in hot weather, but I would certainly not recommend attempting to catch him in a cool, gusty and also rainy weather condition. However promptly after the storm as well as rainfall attacking soma is simply excellent.

When it comes to tackle, today, catfish on the Volga captured making use of equipment very similar to the base. It includes: an effective pole with a spinning or baitcasting reel, a heavy lots to 100 g, thick braided cord (0.3-0.5) mm, tee or a powerful hook, as well as power swivel. Draw your interest to the reality that the sinker ought to be put constantly above the tee. The deal with normally does not be up to all-time low, as well as remains in the midst of the depths of the river. During the video game you can slightly jiggle the lure.

Usually, fishing for catfish on the Volga benefits a big frog or a garland of small frogs lanced responsible for legs. Likewise, accessories are fine: cancer cells, cricket-mole cricket, live lure as well as meat perlovitsy.

The strategy of catching catfish

Currently, concerning strategy. You have to end up being over Somavia pit to anchor versus the current if angling for catfish is done from a watercraft. Throughout operation, Kwok, try to avoid unnecessary noise. Made 3-4 strike with a minor pause.

It ought to be noted that the bite can establish what size catfish took your bait. Typically, catfish are medium in dimension significantly gets the nozzle as well as immediately flexes the pole in an arc, and also a big specimen initially, slightly pull the frog foot as well as will certainly be simple potica. If the frog draws leg, then the som from its capture and then await the powerful of the line, yet if something is wrong, then the som promptly throws the lure as well as goes as well as you are entrusted to absolutely nothing. Anyhow– extremely crucial to properly change the gear for catfish.

  • I wish to draw your interest to the reality that fishing for catfish must always occur with a weakened clutch coil, in order to avoid fracture Blanca or even breakage of the cable.
  • As soon as there was a reducing I would certainly suggest to hold the spindle with your hand and plan for a long stressful fish fish.
  • And also once more. It is recommended that your Somavia fishing was accomplished in the presence of an experienced companion. With each other is always simpler to get to the coast of the river giant.

I have to state that angling for catfish on the Volga river with the assistance of Kwok, frequently offers terrific outcomes. It is fairly possible that when you the day will certainly capture some prize catfish. Frequently, the weight of fish captured differs in the series of 50-100 kg. Interesting reality, when he was captured in 2000, the biggest catfish weight more than 180 pounds! Was out on the coastline for numerous hrs, so you always have the prospect to capture something near to that.

In this regard, I would such as recommend you to see the base « night Flight Delta»», located near the town of Karalat of Kamyzyaksky district of Astrakhan area. It is 75 kilometres from Astrakhan, if you move downstream the Volga river.

In the angling premises of the base are: Big Black river as well as Sternesky Bank with a typical deepness of 3-4 meters. The most interesting that simply near the base are two Somogyi pits with a depth of 7 meters. And also if you take a boat journey to split Middle Stamenkova and Stamenkova financial institutions, below you can discover somovu a hole deepness of 12 meters! Likewise, around the base, you can discover a lot of small holes on a tiny Somavia Eric.

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