Fishing for large perch on mormyshka. Winter season fishing

Pergolide. A lot of winter season fishermens from that word hurts the soul, and also in the right-hand man takes place in a sustainable « nervous tick » … Relentless inspecting with the home window in the indications for thermometer …

With the hope that by morning it will be the desired adverse. Searches online that weather condition site, which despite everything promises a cold — — all this recognizes… and familiar … But it also occurs that no spells and pleas penguin bro did not offer outcome. Well, no ice, and that’s it! On the calendar winter season, as well as the street plus… … And plus, as we know from institution physics course, water is not moved into the solid state, though you break!

Right here as well as this year is « pleased » us with this climate. Utilizing the compelled inactivity, I chose to show at leisure regarding exactly how to capture parvaldu, probably, the most common and also renowned fish — — largemouth bass.

But not just bass and also large Perch uniquely, such that it is utilized!

Classic fishing works bass is called « ubiquitous, many and really starved, «and that’s totally reasonable. And to recognize what a « perch on the initial ice », you require to develop a the timeless square. Below just the first two postulates is most likely to be ««»seafarer », as well as this « humpback » is just voracity: apparently they do not review Sabaneev…

… How to locate and catch not ubiquitous and also, sadly, not that numerous (well, a minimum of money grubbing) big perch, I wanted to inform. I have to say that the following is based on individual experience as well as does not claim to absoluteness as well as infallibility.

What and what I am angling for large perch.

Pole. I make use of the supposed « balalaika » and consider it unparalleled in Okuneva angling. When picking a fishing pole make sure to focus on the gap in between the coil and the housing of the pole — — it needs to be minimum and consistent, otherwise you tortured regular overlap of the line over the axis of the coil. The main dream — — rod should be light, as well as all the rest — — an issue of taste and also habits.

Nod. This component rods so private that not even mosting likely to recommend anything — — every person picks what fits him finest: a spiral Mylar stripe, bristle… … I make use of nod, constructed from clock spring tool firmness with lengths of around 7-10 centimeters

Fishing line. The propose « the thinner fishing line, the more attacks» difficulty would not risk, however the line is thinner ∅ 0.12 mm do not make use of, due to the fact that my objective allows bass, an adjust the « humpback » under kilogram at line ∅ 0.08 mm maybe sports, but too lengthy: 0.12% time five pieces to get rid of!

Jig. Catching up on « ant — » — solder or routine cast. I recommend a jig with a sharp brand of hooks — — it’s worth it.

In the last few years crocheted to tackle 2 ant: lower — — larger, and 10-15 centimeters above is « mini ant» the dimension of a grain of millet. On a regular basis it is the « child » is assaulting a large perch, and also cockroach seldom miss the’ forge ««»kasavu ».

Lure. NO!!! If you intend to capture large perch — — throw bloodworms along with mobility or offer each lestnica. This basic problem is that the bait must be.

Game posting. How many times I have heard from buddies of anglers that, state, « nude » I have to capture it is impossible, because so promptly tremble approval — — I

can’t! You do not require! It is rather not in the oscillation frequency, and its stability as well as uniformity throughout the deal. Occasionally perch are much more happy to bite on smooth variations than the « jitters ».

Additionally boosts the variety of attacks alternating transactions with different oscillation regularity.

3 transactions with frequent oscillations, and the fourth is smooth. Initial discover your own rhythm — — such a regularity that you can constantly preserve throughout the entire training jigs, and also experience to master various other frequencies as well as alternatives transactions.

The major propose: one transaction — — one frequency.

Devices. One dream optimum ease of ammunition and also movement, since angling stays a active as well as very agile. Easy and sharp Icepick is likewise necessary since in one fishing have to punch thousands of openings.

Now actually regarding just how the pond among the crowds of « sailors » to discover majors. It takes place so often: state male, where he captured a great perch, as well as he claims, well, I existed — — one little thing … What can I say… … But still simply a big fish you need to find. For that reason, the thesis concentrates your interest on the problem.

On the fish pond searching for any kind of anomalies: adjustments to midsts, snags, remnants of water greenery, and so on. Really frequently I needed to discover the Parking lot of big perch on so-called « navel » — — of the neighborhood altitudes of all-time low, as well as the difference comprehensive was in some cases no more than 20 cm, however it is in such locations strongly standing in the large samplings, and there are 2 or strong « seafarers ».

Sharp decrease offs on the edge is also a preferred Parking lot for perch as well as huge bass will stand only at a particular depth, and the remaining horizons is a trifle. Well, with the grabs green light: discover a grab — — found perch. Do not overlook places with really little deepness- at the first ice huge perch can stand even at the coastline at a depth of 20-30 cm!

If the hole attack small perch — — securely go further: where is the « humpback » no trivia. This feature typically aids you make brand-new openings, as well as each peck ««»sailor », as well as in one more opening of attacks, not… … Search this « fishless » area should be a lot more very carefully — — most likely someplace close-by is a group of huge perch.

There is no factor in doing more than 5 deals in an opening. If poklevok is not present, and also perch right here. I generally only do 3 transactions, and also if they are vacant, move on. The exact same relates to the hole where you caught the perch and also the bite stopped — — strongly most likely to the next opening and that will offer « breathing space.»

» When angling on « the nude ant» occasionally there are supposed « impacts to the teeth»», and after that bite into the opening normally stops. A couple of the control wiring and also you can carry on to a fresh hole, and for this ahead back in 10-15 minutes: throughout this moment, perch will ««» fail to remember » about inedible your jig.

If you have found a perch, the range between openings can be minimized to 1 m and after that to walk around the openings, which were biting. After me to fish puts the ice resembles a colander, yet only 20-30 openings 5-10 are « awesome », in other attacks or little, or none at all. For that reason, all subsequent move ought to just be made by scoring openings.

If « amazing » holes bite stopped — — feel free to proceed the search for a new pack: to remain as well as wait for perch right here will certainly once more start to attack, is a wild-goose chase.

« Cool » hole needs to loosen up. Here’s a perch function that after capturing a number of fish the hole at a long time need to « rest »: allow striped relax as well as kick back from your jig. Just don’t comprehend exactly how you can make one perch in a huge crowd, in my viewpoint, is rubbish. My recommendations — — discovering a Parking great perch, try not to collect around the « toadstools » from across the fish pond: they don’t catch anything and also you catch will certainly not.

Frequently a flock of perch rises higher as well as higher from the bottom of their gathered equivalents, frequently ordering the jig is nearly in the hole. At superficial depths it is affordable to do numerous transactions to the ice side.

That’s essentially the entire theory in search of big perch.

And method is a continuous motion from hole to hole overlooking any non-fish size. The size of this, as you know, every person has their own…

… Hope the ice this winter months, we will definitely wait for, as well as my straightforward suggestions will certainly allow you to shock your families chosen striped charms.

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