Fishing for perch on the last ice

When a predator stands high above the bottom, the balancers work well, but for the most part in March, upright spinners are in usage. Intending even at a large humpback, they make use of medium-sized rewriters, regarding 5 centimeters long.

In the video game, they are well-planned sideways, with a clear play of their very own, breaking down enough oscillation toughness. The spring spinning method is a cross in between the ice and deaf winter months, the rewriter is 15-30 cm higher, the time out is 4-7 secs and then the lift once again. Nonetheless, for each upright line you will need your very own characteristic technique, which is picked during angling.

What unites the game for all perch spinners, and also this is a vital factor — — an effort to offer the video game the optimum feasible repeatability of all cycles — — this dullness will certainly appeal not only to a crucial humpback, but also to pike perch, which will be a good complement to by-catch. Largely for this reason, rewriters are usually utilized not with a hanging tee, yet a “solder” — — a single strictly taken care of hook. With it, the rewriter functions extra steady, because a freely put on hold tee throughout intending tears down the spinner game, hanging one way or the other.

When angling at shallows and also depths, significantly different gears are made use of. In areas approximately 1-2 m, one of the most lightweight fishing rod without a reel is preferable — — the fishing line is wound on a reel, as well as a nod is not put on such a fishing pole, it turns out a sensitive deal with that plainly regulates the game of the lure, and even one of the most accurate bite is hard to miss out on.

Glitter on the perch


Glitter with reel Fishing pole with reel Various fishing pole with reel Spinner with coil

Spinner without coil At a deepness of 3 m, it is desirable to equip the fishing pole with a nod and inertialess reel. A nod allows you to expand the game and also clearly guards sluggish attacks. A reel with a friction brake when fishing with slim fishing lines makes it possible to pull out a pretty respectable trophy, with an appropriately tuned brake.

And also the inertia acts flawlessly on ice angling, including during frosts, just try not to toss it in the snow as well as make certain that it does not get wet. For hunting perch, affordable coils according to the Shimanov category of 500-1000 appropriate. With the advent of springtime, in the brief period before the ice melts, when the huge perch is activated, it is inexcusable to miss out on the chance to quest for it with the bait and also balancer, because perches of 1 kg in weight are captured in this duration

, and also 300-500 g is a typical incident. Fish pond option In encouraging ones, there are numerous tanks where perch is discovered, but in the spring, Okushniki choose little reservoirs, lakes as well as big fish ponds developed on essentially big rivers, and also the man-made storage tank ought to be moving. For if the pond is small, superficial, fed by some stream, and even not flowing whatsoever, then you can not wait for perch activity to open ice, or perhaps cold will cover, which usually occurs. Naturally, it happens that even on a tiny fish pond that was silent on a perch all winter, the zhor instantly starts on the very last ice, when oxygen with melt water goes into the tank, for this it is necessary to consistently take a trip, check various fish ponds, and also without assurances of success.

The circumstance is rather different with huge bodies of water, where there are no gaps, as well as a lot of miscellaneous perch, yet it requires an extremely wide search, preferably cumulative, and it’s extremely crowded on the last ice. And also some wish to search for the March humpback in seclusion — with a partner or alone. It is suggested to know that in the area of 100-150m there is a large striped burglar.

There are lakes where angling trip is not shut at the start of spring, since in these locations, generally, it does not bite specifically all winter months, as well as just at the end of the ice season whatever starts. There are still many such storage tanks. Each Okushnik has his own valued areas, and also couple of individuals intend to discuss them. It’s apparent that the competitors amongst our bro is expanding, and also much less and also much less okushnikis brag not only of discovered places where the perch angling is secure, but also just details regarding good catches, beginning to “calm down,” and it’s becoming harder to draw a comprehensive photo of the real bite on a certain pond at a specific time of the year — — info regarding many catches is covered in darkness …

… But any moving storage tank where a big perch encounters on the last ice in March is fascinating for lure angling. At the end of winter months, there is a specific transitional duration, when big perch still follows deep, more than 4 meters positions with a tidy, yet silted bottom, stands on the dumps of the same flooded channel, where there is a minimal existing flow that preserves an acceptable oxygen regime in the water.

To summarize, the following ponds are intriguing:

  • huge and also tiny rivers;
  • large tanks;
  • tool and also huge man-made ponds;
  • tiny ponds built on small rivers;
  • lakes and senior citizens, right into which rivers and also streams flow.

Soon the task of these “awakening” humpbacks will certainly raise, mosting likely to the stage of competing for fry, which will certainly start to move from the depths to superficial locations, to the increase of melt water, to the mouths of rivers and also streams, the candy striped ones will certainly comply with, and after that it is difficult to locate them. Will certainly have to go into a wide search for knowledge. And also by that time the ice will already tarnish as well as it will certainly not be safe to walk on it.

Capture techniques

For catching perch, the sides of the swamped network are really promising. In lots of old reservoirs, the channel comes to be washed out, silted and smoothed, yet where the bottom is at first hard, for example, clay or rough and the river was quite deep as well as winding, there are locations with a noticable network, with steep dumps and also turns, flooded grabs and shrubs — — appealing areas for a large humpback (Fig. 1). In many tanks where fishermen choose in the springtime, depths of 6 m prevail, and also

in some places of the swamped channel, specific 8-10 m, which make it very difficult to look for migratory fish. These dumps are caught first off with an eye on the time of day — a really vital factor! After all, if the places are strange, then the first half of the — day chooses reconnaissance. As well as the top of the attacking of a huge perch, according to monitorings, is the very morning, and until there are guaranteeing factors, the train has already left — they missed out on with a bite. Obviously, there are opportunities of catching the groats in the afternoon, and also increase after 16 hours as well as before sunset, but it happened that they took care of to take all the large fish only in the morning. Experienced okushaniks notice the very best locations for perch fishing ahead of time, also in the summertime with rotating watercraft fishing,

having actually determined all the subtleties of the bottom topography with an echo sounder. If you go to strange areas, then, of course, two-day angling is a lot more promising, when the experience of the initial day can be utilized the next day from dawn. The distance between the holes is made conventional, regarding 8-10 m — somewhere extra, someplace much less, relying on the topography

of the bottom. And they’re directed by the bite, taking into account a vital factor: if the perch is not very active today, it’s rowdy, then it’s extremely reluctant to relocate in the direction of the rewriter, yet it’s worth shifting actually by a meter or more, making a brand-new hole, and a certain grip immediately adheres to. And also often, such minimal activity is much more helpful than explores various rewriters and also methods of having fun.

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