Fishing on Baikal

Probably not the fishermen that would certainly not fantasize to discover on your own experience, what is the angling on the lake.

Nearly all become aware of the incredible sanitation of this freshwater sea and unusual agents of the animal world.

See with your very own eyes and touch with their hands it’s a wonder nobody will reject, and especially to toss it to the rod intending to catch a magnificent fish.

Lake Baikal: where is the depth, size, width

The features of the lake:

  • Lake Baikal is located between Buryatia as well as Irkutsk area.
  • The maximum length of 620 km and also a width of 79 kilometres.
  • The altitude of the lake surface above water level of 455 metres.
  • The optimum deepness of 1142 meters, which is the greatest among the freshwater lakes on the planet.
  • The ordinary depth of the lake is 740 meters.
  • Area surpasses the area of the Netherlands and Belgium with each other.

It’s enjoyable! Baikal is situated in a valley in between hills as well as range of mountains, as well as stocks the waters of Baikal total up to one fifth of the fresh water on the planet and approximately 70 percent of Russian reserves. The lake contains 27 steady rough Islands, in addition to them, many alluvial. The lake shore is highly indented, satisfy rough.

According to different estimates fall under

the lake from 330 to 550 permanent rivers as well as streams, but most of the water brings the Selenga river. Flows from the lake only one river, the Angara.

The fresh sea area is the primary resort area of Siberia, as well as boasts a great deal of Sunny days than the Black sea. The best duration of hinge on the lake is mid July– mid August.

In this duration, the sun heats up the water of the lake, off the coast to 20 degrees. The lake has various camp sites and also vacation towns. Several camp sites are organized fishing expedition under the advice of seasoned trainers on the lake and rivers flowing right into it.

Fishing on Baikal

Baikal is rich in its fish supplies– there are more than 56 varieties of fish.

The most useful of them:

  • the Baikal sturgeon (fishing banned);
  • grayling;
  • Cisco;
  • Goldilocks (angling restricted);
  • SIG;
  • the golomyanka;
  • trout (fishing is prohibited).

Pike, cockroach (cockroach), perch, as well as often grayling locals is thought about as weed fish. The very best period for perch, pike, Dace, sorage, lenok, whitefish, omul and also grayling is extensively recognized as the duration from mid-December to mid-April. Currently, the fish climbs from the midsts.

The most convenient and also prominent for leisure fishing are the Eastern and also southern coastline of lake Baikal.

The most prominent amongst anglers are superficial, well warmed up by the sun bays. Bays of the Small Sea, the Chivyrkuy bays, Mukhor, Failure, as well as much more. other.

In recent decades the scourge of the rich angling places were the poachers, the dominance of which guidance is clearly unable to cope.

One of the most challenging for the fishermens on the lake Baikal Northern shore, on which there are no roads. To reach these almost restricted places is feasible only by the water of the lake.

Fishing from a boat on lake Baikal is not specifically popular due to the unforeseeable gusts of wind that can transform a swimming hotel.

Interest! On Baikal restricted uses for recreational fishing more than 10 hooks on one angling take on, spearfishing with diving as well as all type of networks.

Lots of relict fishes of lake Baikal are consisted of in the Red book. Additionally, the capturing of important fish species has a stringent time limit.

Spring fishing on lake Baikal: March, April, might

In March– April on lake Baikal strong frosts, boosting the duration of the daylight.

Regarding angling in the springtime on lake Baikal we can say the following:

  • March-April is the very best period of springtime angling with ice and the whole fiscal year;
  • the typical day-to-day temperature level increases,
  • being actively biting grayling, Cisco, whitefish and other fish;
  • the fish collects in substantial groups before generating, which assists in anglers to her search;
  • in some cases the duration of angling considering that the ice ends in may;

Attention! From late April to late June in the lake entered the spawning ban on fishing for Amateur gear. Fishing for omul such a restriction will be introduced from mid-August to mid-September.

Summer season angling on lake Baikal: June, July, August

Summer angling on the lake has the greatest selection of equipment utilized and types agent of the fish. This does not mean that the fish is « hung » on the hook anywhere there is water– places where fish requirement to look for. Summer is rather a difficult time for anglers on the lake, specifically when compared to springtime as well as fall.

Features summer fishing on lake Baikal: in the fish pond a lot of natural food that are extremely poor for attacking;

  • in heat there are durations of full absence of bite; are made use of for fishing– float rod, spinning, Donk, fly fishing;
  • nozzles, live fish, worms, maggots, amphipod, bread, dough, artificial bait;
  • the most effective periods of angling– morning as well as evening, with warm-water fish leaves the coastal shallow waters;
  • start of June– brief the recovery period of fish starts with the flight of butterflies as well as caddis– ceases when the fish is saturated with light food;
  • among one of the most preferred lures to fish is the earthworm, which you wish to bring your own– on the shores of lake Baikal it is not mine.

Interesting approach of capturing fish on the limelight focused on the water. The light is going amphipod, which is tightened up Cisco. Caught on a fishing line with several leashes, constantly altering the depth of the descent. Hooks can be bare or fitted with flies.

Attention! Fishing with a searchlight restricted in several areas of the fishing regulations.

Autumn angling on lake Baikal: September, October, November

Fishing in September the beginning of fall has a few differences from the summer season. The durations of activation of the attacking sprinkled with minutes of its absence.

From mid-October to November there is a resurgence of the perch attack, sorage, pike and also other fish types.

2-3 weeks prior to freeze-up starts feeding period, which finishes just before freeze-up. This duration is considered to be one of one of the most effective for capturing fish on the float as well as upright rod from the watercraft.

Bait works great gammarus blended with sand in the proportion 1:10. This bait is not just able to keep the fish instead of fishing, yet likewise to raise it from the midsts.

Interest! November is a period of winds as well as storms on lake Baikal. Strong gusts of wind can turn an angling boat.

Winter angling on lake Baikal: December, January, February

The most prominent areas for winter angling are the shallow waters of the East coast and also the Strait in between the shore and also the island of Olkhon. The period of ice cover of Baikal starts from mid December as well as lasts until completion of April.

About winter months fishing on Baikal is essential to claim the
  • following: the very best period of catching– December; frequently in very early wintertime catches of perch, roach, pike, grayling;
  • the best spots to catch the start of the wintertime, the superficial water as well as the reeds;
  • after developing a strong ice cover fish leaves from the coastline and also regularly transforming environments;
  • the tactics of angling is the continuous search of fish;
  • from January to February from the depths rise as well as begin to peck Cisco and also whitefish;
  • used for fishing tackle consisting of 2 causes the flies suspended above the attractions or weights, and below shipping is put on hold from the jig.
Where to fish on lake Baikal in winter months

As in summer season, many getting places relatively shallow coastal bays and coves of the tidewater, Straits and river deltas.

What to fish the lake

The very best and also most popular bait on the lake at all times of the year, specifically in winter season is a shellfish amphipod, which is likewise an outstanding lure.

The most effective areas for fishermen on lake Baikal

Places for rest and fishing on the lake abound. The variety of solutions and prices able to please every person.

Enough on the lake and also locations to fish as well as relax, ««»vicious », primarily beaches on the coast. A number of these locations are along the route of the M55 and on the South shore. Below are a few of them:

  • for Utulik– beaches that are made use of by « savages » for long quits;
  • the coastlines near the resort ««» — Chaika » — offer the « savages » some convenience of the remain at the camp site coffee shop, nightclub, shower, etc.
  • Olkhon island– the primary « wild » place of rest, which is characterized by budget-friendly prices, neighborhood facilities as well as independent selection of locations to camp. In addition, the Strait between the island and also the coast of the lake has good fishing.

Found on the entertainment and also fishing ««»vicious », you need to remember that not all the neighborhood populace refers to site visitors sufficiently.

In addition to the amazing « wild » hinge on the coasts of lake Baikal are lots of leisure at various levels of service as well as cost.

Fishing base « Buran » Located in the Delta of the Selenga river. Offers services for the company of angling for both skilled fishermens and newbies alike all year round. Comfy areas with satellite TV and showers. Three meals a day, protected Parking and also a dock. The rate 750-950 RUB \ day. Supplied various other solutions for an additional fee.

The leisure center « Baikal Dunes » Located within the national forest in the Bay Academic 160 kilometers from Irkutsk in the South Western part of the lake. Comfortable lodging and leisure centers. A number of coastlines and also coves. Lease fishing equipment.

Guest yard « On the Snow»

» Located in the town of Vydrino on the river snowy, which streams into the lake southern. In addition to angling on the river as well as lake Baikal, organized angling on the Warm lakes. Accommodation in four-bed residence — — 2400 RUB./ home. Extra solutions– sauna, Bicycle leasing and also ski equipment.

At lake Baikal numerous type of fish as well as its angling. On the coast, especially the southern range of complimentary and paid locations. To get to lake angler will certainly constantly discover an area to fish. You ought to never fail to remember about the dimension of this freshwater sea and also the requirement of careful prep work.

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