Fishing the ruff

Well, naturally, with whom to begin a tale about a fisherman’s catch, otherwise ruff! There is, probably, in the land of fisherman, who would be drawn from the pond in the light of day those thorns, thoroughly pretending that he’s in fact an extremely important fish!

The suggestions right here anglers searching for a particular how to « shield themselves » from ruff? A person encouraged to make use of lure for the « white » fish «, when « dogherty » extensively tired. And even better, recommend various other, to capture on the nozzle, which ruff dislikes, e.g. maggots or dough. All of this, I assure you, nothing more than a fabricated lie, maltreat ruff. That, ruff doesn’t such as bait for « whites »

? As well as you try brand name put the bait right into the hole, as an example, when the «polyarchic » sufficient is enough! From throughout the river come!HS ruffs below, if not for the complete satisfaction of cravings, after that at the very least to just to see what’s going on! Well, and at the same time and also swallow appealing swinging on the jig bloodworms. Maggots make use of? Wrote, possibly the one who never ruffs in eyes did not see. Directly, I have developed

the impact that the smaller the fish, the a lot more he likes maggots. Huge these little white fatty, maybe ridicule, but « polyarchic, » never ever. As for dough, bread, other vegetable accessories — do not state anything, it’s ruff contemptuously bypass. Although he could be the — person to organize one more dirty trick, possibly the dough to consume! Among my good buddy in those cases where « poder-Shiki » they do as well, uses one more

« approach ». … One penalty August «morning, when there was simply the East began to be painted representations of…the emerging day, we headed out on the watercraft in the center of one of the smaller sized lakes in the Smolensk region. Lake, reported to have been rich in bream, angling which we had actually planned to do. We came below for the very first time, absolutely nothing concerning others, except bream, the occupants of the lake as well as is not believed. While I was preparing the bait, Sasha has actually handled to

toss his deal with. And also hardly high float only simply begun to take a vertical position, as carefully an abrupt it started to tremble. With a full sense that someone is there at the bottom having a good time dabbling hook, which is placed on a tasty brush of dung. This proceeded for a number of seconds until the float still did not calm down. Sasha took out a take on. Hook was, certainly, flawlessly clean. The same thing began soon as well as I have.

Regardless of just how much I tried Sasha to find the very same harmful occupants of the lake, nothing functioned. Who is that?! For the sporting activity of curiosity, I drew

out a small backpack winter spinning with lasocki-cobweb and also small jig — constantly carry this with you, suddenly can be found in convenient —! Put it on a jig an item of the worm as well as sent right into the water. As quickly as the jig hit all-time low

, as kevock of spinning greatly bent. I was promptly addicted … Nothing. Weird. I again tried to play a jig, but the video game somehow did not go, there is a total feeling that the jig’s somebody therein. I’m addicted once again simply in situation — nothing! Began to draw the rope —, and also lo! The attraction hung in the ruff! Nevertheless, to call this a misunderstanding ruff was fairly bold in size it was comparable with the jig! Picture a tiny barbed head, which actually tail standing out. Entirely it has to do with an inch and also a half or 2! We in this place, certainly, right away swam away, not saving the load as well as put out brand name of lure. Nerves are more pricey! Ranked second, 3rd, 4th! Almost everywhere faithfully consuming exactly the like the very first time, « podjarski ». Well, possibly a little larger, «we had the ability to « also » responsible drift fishing rods to «find. Sasha began to honestly nervous. And also someplace after the fourth-pagago captured spiny miracle he grumbled, got the ruff I. » bitten by the teeth in his head. Put the brainless body on a hook as well as sent all of it to the bottom of the lake. « And let, infection, appreciate, what with all their bros. «» Oddly enough, the biting « polyarchical »

quickly quit. It can «be actually terrified? Anyhow, but Sasha in a few secs dragged into a boat with a good net of bream … And that can be actually suggest Sasha’s way all anglers who

simply « obtain » on the fish pond a tiny ruffs? In General, if to talk seriously, ERM in fact is a very respectable

fish. At the very least from the factor of view of its cooking benefits! Anyway, nothing much better for this primitive soup

I do not understand. And ruff is a preferred basis for the prep work of « sprats ». Occasionally that ruffs end up being

an excellent booty. In Belarus, on the boundary with the Pskov area, one little fish pond,

bordered by swamps, such that fish in this lake is feasible in winter season only. The topography of the lake base unsophisticated flat as a table. And also right here on this table are located … not also ruffs, ershisi! To fifteen centimeters in length, considering greater than a hundred grams — well, just desire for the angler! Think about some effective means to do away with their bite, does not exist in nature. Much easier to — make use of « angling wit »: as soon as you

reach the pack « polyarchical », take immediately the legs with each other, as well as … Maybe in one more component of the pond these animals obviously made a decision to draw a prank Maker will certainly be much less.

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