Fishing with microgy

Fishing is so functional as well as large that to master all its instructions a single person is impractical. And also it’s not even the reality that some sorts of angling are fascinating and also others are not.

Sometimes, for the application of particular theoretical understanding is merely not enough time and money. Not to be splashed, it is required to select those kinds of angling, from which they get the most satisfaction. For me it’s feeder fishing and also microgy.

This post concentrates on such an interesting instructions in angling as microgy.

What is microdis?

As you can see, this word can be separated into 2 parts: « micro » and « jig ». The very first component of words says regarding coming from the subspecies MICRODIA jig fishing. The second component of words is the base or Foundation, as it means the entire instructions in rotating fishing. If you ask, where did words « jig », it more than likely will be a version of the origin of the English word « jig ».

This word implies a type of Irish individual dance. Instead, it is associative, the habits of lures under dashboard wiring jig looks like the activity of dancers executing this Irish dance.

Microgy is a subspecies rotating fishing that makes use: specialized deal with: the rotating of a tiny examination coil with certain characteristics preferred diameter fishing line, artificial

  • lure of tiny dimension; a specific the strategy of artificial lures that simulate the actions of natural online food

fish. Allow’s briefly think about how the above parts of MICRODIA.

Spinning for perch on microgy

As poles for MICRODIA made use of rotating rods with a size of from 1.5 to 2.7 meters with test series of up to 5 — — 6 g. Generally, these lightweight carbon-fiber rods have a medium-fast and quick activity. From the point of view of producing innovation and design of the pole can be made of the very same product and also integrated to the glass fiber suggestion. The latter are highly specialized poles, « sharpened » under MJ.

Another distinguishing characteristic of spinning to MICRODIA is the existence of spaced takes care of, which favorably impacts the weight of the

rod as well as its ergonomics. When choosing a rotating reel for MICRODIA is its sensitivity, the major characteristic. For the fishermen that makes use of the rotating, must be offered with the adhering to parts: control over the fabricated bait, the indication of attacks, the lightweight of the rod the essential toughness and also dependability.


Features fishing with details sorts of lures will certainly be covered in different posts. You can share your choices below. Most often I catch on whirlwinds and vibrohvost firms such as Mann’s as well as Relax. My preferred catchability color draws to MICRODIA: white, mom of brown-lilac, red-white and pearl.


It is hard to specify what a specialized coil for MICRODIA. More than likely, this private term does not exist. For these objectives, you can make use of any type of spinning frame with the complying with parameters:

  • instant brake-reverse;
  • screw (countless screw) to guarantee proper installation of a scaffold;
  • the coating on the roller line bale and also the edge of the spool to apply pigtails;
  • the equipment proportion is not more than 5.1:1;
  • size of the spindle (Shimano) to 2000;
  • little weight to stabilize gear;
  • simplicity of activity for vymatyvanii;
  • the absence of reaction in the devices and also others.

If to mention my devices, I use coil versions and also Excia Zauber manufactured by Ryobi. In my point of view, the reel center cost category have an ideal proportion of price and also top quality.

Fishing line for angling on microjy

In microgage use either braided line (network, cable) with a diameter not going beyond 0.08 mm or of a standard monofilament fishing line brilliant shades with a size of 0,14 mm.

In my opinion, it is better to utilize the braided line due to its very little stretch. This essential residential or commercial property allows a much better control of the bait throughout attacking and uploading fish. At the same time, to achieve such possibilities when using monofilament line will not function due to its stretchability approximately 20% of the initial length.

The last couple of years as a scaffold for MICRODIA cord I utilize Super PE (6lb diameter as well as breaking load of 3 kg.) manufacturing company Sunline. If we talk about the shade, the optimal braid white shade because of its exposure.

Installment of tools for MICRODIA

For the setup of bait in Microdrive it is possible to use jig heads of various forms or a hinge Assembly, comprising weights « ushastik » which is linked to a hook. It is feasible to use not only solitary hook, but the tees or doubles. For angling in waters with grabs is desirable to make use of a hinge Assembly with offset hooks.

On their fishing trips I make use of various versions of montages, based on the conditions of angling. However, in my viewpoint, the lure on the hinge installing is

playing better. For link of the leash with a hook made use of nodes « mill » and also « Palomar ».

Using leashes in Microdrive

For capturing wary fish in clear water I make use of fluorocarbon leashes with a size of 0.22 mm and also a size of 20 — — 30 centimeters.

Along with the properties of low-visibility, fluorocarbon has a greater resistance to mechanical damage than monofilament fishing line or cable. Because of this, the probability of a piece of a leash pike or damage to the shell is lowered.

It needs to be noted that it is desirable to use fluorocarbon line, and not an imitation of nylon fishing line with fluorocarbon layer. For connection of the chain with the major line, I utilize either the node ««» carrot » or a counter-node.

Microjava posting

There are a selection of posting sorts of fabricated attractions to simulate the actions of real-time food fish in their all-natural environment. Microdrive the major purchases are: rate, jerk the technique of illustration and uniform. All various other options, in my opinion, this is an adjustment of these kinds of transactions. On their fishing expedition generally utilize jerk as well as speed of the purchase.

As can be seen from an article in an angling microjy there is a great deal of its attributes and secrets that can not be covered in one post. So we will certainly go back to this topic in the web pages of the blog. As they say: « the Road will certainly overcome the strolling»».

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