Functions catching carp

The carp does not like ponds with a strong present. That is why the best areas for his angling are quiet fish ponds, small lakes and also tiny rivers.

Carp is well caught: Near large focus of algae; In places where hedges or trees have actually dropped; In clean water with undersea plants;

In openings or various other locations with sharp decrease in deepness.

Medium-sized and also small fish usually remain a little closer to the shore, but the bigger the individual, the deeper it goes.

The vital function of the crucian carp is that it is a really reluctant fish, and also with any type of sound it can promptly leave its parking lot.

The most effective locations in Russia for angling on a crucian

There are many storage tanks in Russia in which this species of fish lives. The best recognized are: Elk Island, Klinskoe Reservoir, Dniproand Ladoga lake. It is in these areas there is a huge population of crucian and also other species of fish.

Where in the Moscow area to catch a crucian for cash

Near Moscow there are more than 50 paid reservoirs in which mostly all kinds of fish are discovered. One of the most popular and also most pricey places are FishCamping, WOOMARC, the Aquatorium as well as Royal Fish.

Along with them, there are locations less costly, like the reservoirs at Tablovo, Zobovo and also Cheredovo, where there is a fully equipped region, shops, entertainment areas as well as also tiny hotels, lakes Trostenskoe, Glubokoe, Timiryazevo, and so on”

Golden Crucians” in Ogudnevo

50 km from Moscow is the town Ogudnevo, where there is a fishing estate « Golden Crucians»». This is a costly location for those who do not intend to enjoy the fixed float for hours, nevertheless, they will certainly likewise need to spend for such enjoyment. The cost of angling each is 2000 rubles. This amount consists of angling without constraints, not counting sturgeon. Appropriately, for capturing carp, this area can be optimal. On top of that, the estate has a designed area, gazebos, barbeque facilities and also other features that are usually not available in cost-free water.

Uniqueness of catching carp in different periods

This sort of fish appears of hibernation rather early, only 15-17 days after the ice has left the reservoirs. At this time, it is much better to take earthworms as lure, because the fish starts to proactively feed.

Yet the most favorable duration for catching a crucian is summertime, since it goes to this time around that the fish manifests itself most actively. By August, however, the optimal of capturing a crucian leaves, and also in the autumn it is incredibly rare to be caught in lots.

What the attacking depends on

How the crucian carp bite will certainly occur relies on various elements. Along with the period and also ideal weather, it is also necessary to take into consideration that the crucian likes a certain deepness (concerning 2-4 meters in position with a sharp change in depth), as well as also lives near a big amount of marine vegetation.

You additionally require to choose the right gear as well as lure, since this kind of fish can be really particular about specific sorts of food.

What to capture a crucian Fishing for the bait Angling is possible in among 4 means:

  1. Flywheel
  2. Plug.
  3. Match
  4. Bolognese.

The very first technique is utilized in the case when the common float pole has a blind snap. This method is best when fishing in calm water or in the visibility of light wind.

The second approach, the plug, is the use of a plug rod, which consists of a multitude of knees. This approach makes it feasible to tempt a crucian carp factor and catch it at a range of as much as twenty meters. On top of that, such a fishing pole can be utilized in any kind of conditions.

The third technique is using a rod up to 4.5 meters, which is furnished with lugging rings. It can also be applied in any kind of problems.

The Bologna approach is virtually the like the suit one, but only for fishing is used the telescopic rod, which is better for fishing in conditions of possible flow.

Feeding take on

Capturing on such a deal with makes it feasible to obtain a crucian that lives much from the shore, luring it as close as feasible to a prikormochnoy area. In the beginning, the crucian carp feeds in, and after 20-30 minutes you can start to fish. If the bite does not go, you need to change the area of feeding.

Donkey fishing

Such angling permits you to stay clear of the adverse result of a strong wind or a small existing, in addition to in instances when the fish is kept at a country mile from the shore.

Any sort of lower gear is suitable for carp fishing, which is why fishermen typically select this certain method of fishing.

Capturing on “crucian killer”

This deal with is one of the most effective in order to capture a carp, as confirmed by its name. This results from the truth that when utilizing this devices crucian simply can not break out. This leads to the truth that this take on is prohibited in any sports competitors in angling, due to the fact that with it the fisherman does not need to have any abilities. The fisherman has just to pull the prey to the shore, having actually heard the bell, and once more toss the pole.


This deal with is a cube of the crown, in which four hooks are put. Carp are typically targeted at it, however if the carp is small as well as there is a great deal of medium as well as tiny crucian carp, it will additionally function penalty. By cutting off small target, the crown marrow gives you the opportunity to take out larger fish.

Tackle « traffic jam»

» The essence of this take on is that the hooks as well as lure are in the exact same area, and also the fish can not get to the attraction by swallowing the bait. In the common cork is included appeal, after which it is firmly closed as well as there are already hooks outside. This tackle is wonderful for carp angling.


This is an unique kind of lower equipment, the significance of which is that in between the fishing line and also the weight is a shock absorber made of gum. After that, when drawing equipment, you do not have to remove the sinker from the bottom of the storage tank.

On the spring

This is the usual equipment for many fishermen. Next to the hooks is a springtime, which is laid appeal. The fish can not consume it and ingests baited hooks.

On the “float”

For carp fishing it is needed to choose the ideal float, which will certainly also be hassle-free under particular weather conditions. One of the most hassle-free for carp angling are considered to be cylindrical drifts or with a slim body. They are called “plume” or “needle”. They have a light weight that the carp does not feel.

Lure The good luck of angling in many cases relies on just how the crucian carp was enticed.

ESSENTIAL! An optimal bait for crucian carp does not exist, due to the fact that in various reservoirs the fish responds to food in totally various methods.

The complying with active ingredients are taken into consideration one of the most sensible basis for the preparation of complementary foods:

  • feed;
  • peas;
  • bran;
  • millet;
  • oat meal;
  • cake;
  • bran;
  • semolina;
  • corn flour.

In the springtime or summer, the lure must include such varieties as bloodworm, maggots or crushed worms.

Baits as well as bait

One of the most used and also prominent carp lures are:

  • worms;
  • maggots;
  • bloodworm;
  • leeches.

At different times of the year and also in different bodies of water, fish react in a different way per of the baits, so fishermen typically identify for themselves which lure to utilize.

Cooked with their own hands

In summer season, the crucian carp typically reacts much better to plant baits as well as lures. Think about a few of them.


Three main types of bait are made from semolina: talker, dough and also steamed “cool” semolina. The option of species depends on the choices of the fisherman.


Barley is a typical choice for anglers, yet it must be properly prepared and prepared for fishing. Among the nuances that many individuals forget about is that when preparing it you have to salt it, which will bring in even more fish.


The major benefit of such a bait — — the dough quickly lures the fish, developing a fodder cloud, to which the carp reaches. On top of that, it is simple and convenient to prepare as well as deliver to the location of fishing.


This choice is utilized when fishermen understand that fish in a particular body of water reacts weakly to various other kinds of lure.


Millet is thought about among the most efficient methods of feeding and catching crucian carp due to its color and also smell, nevertheless, it should be kept in mind that if it provides also the incorrect odor or does not have a very brilliant shade, it can significantly decrease its efficiency when fishing.

Strategy of fishing

Capturing carp from the coast is challenging, yet at the same time it is the best means. It is just essential to understand that the crucian carp does not live very close to the shore, as well as it needs to be fed prior to it begins fishing. It is likewise necessary to take into account the climate, because with solid wind and also moisten the coastline it will certainly be a lot more difficult to catch a crucian.

From the watercraft

The watercraft is the most hassle-free method to capture a crucian, due to the fact that it supplies a possibility to get to the places where it lives. Usually it is a place with a great deal of seaside algae, from which it is not possible to fish.

Night fishing

The major advantages of evening fishing:

  • the carp is less mindful and also not as well timid;
  • water temperature level lowers, as well as the fish begins to actively seek food;
  • There are specific heights of attacking, for example, from 5 to 7 in the early morning.
Secrets of carp fishing from skilled anglers

Anglers provide the complying with tips on exactly how to capture a crucian:

  • It is far better to take a huge range of lures, due to the fact that if you really did not go fishing for one, after that the 3rd or 2nd crucian will certainly bite, although it is choosy;
  • The carp has its very own “routine of the day”. This is the moment in which he is most active as well as looking for food. It is essential to understand what time it is, due to the fact that in different storage tanks this “regimen” is different.

Hence, we took into consideration the main nuances of catching carp considering weather, takes on and also fish behavior. It is needed to comprehend that in each area there will be specific elements, under which it is necessary to adjust to achieve the highest possible bite.

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