Functions of catching bream in February

Bream is a peaceful fish. He bentofag, his body is adapted to eating food, which is located at the base of the tank. This fish has no obvious stomach, therefore, when it is active, it is compelled to eat virtually frequently.

Bream is hard enough to sate for this reason. It has a body that is squashed from the sides as well as occupies an upright position while eating food. When searching for food, it is guided mainly by the feeling of smell, sight as well as organs of the side line.

The mass of bream, which becomes prey for an angler, is about one kilogram, the maximum weight of this fish is about 5 kgs. In wintertime, big bream base on wintering pits in a state of low task, while tiny ones that have not yet reached sexual maturation continue to actively feed. There is a limit on the size of bream caught in 25 cm.

Attention! Bream instead conveniently puzzled with gustera, bluefinse as well as various other comparable fish. And if there are minimal local norms for capturing those, then for capturing as well tiny bream, which typically bites in wintertime, you can obtain a significant fine. It is essential to discover to distinguish it from various other species and to release small people.

In February, this fish commonly awakens from its winter dormancy. This is because of the fact that caviar and also milt start to ripen in the body, and hormone background makes you wake up from a wintertime of faint state. Essentially it is bream weighing approximately a kilogram. Huge, consisting of captured individuals do not so usually awaken prior to March and the disintegration of ice.

His habits can be extremely unusual, strange. I continuously captured kilogram bream in February. Apparently, something occurs in their brain that makes them surrender habits. Absolutely an active bream in February is extra hostile than in other months, going in flocks of a number of items.

In lots of means, his actions is likewise associated with a rise in daylight, a rise in the quantity of oxygen in the water due to photosynthesis. In the sunshine it is easier for him to discover food. More frequently than in the center of winter months, it can be located in shallow locations. Most active bream make everyday movements, leaving for the evening to their deep wintering pits, and also during the day they feed in shallow waters.

Selecting a place to catch bream in February

When capturing bream, the choice of place is very important. Usually he pecks on locations where there is plant life as well as you can easily locate food. This is usually silted base with algae, locations with weak circulation or without it. The depth at which in February you ought to look for this fish during the day is up to three meters.

In a variety of reservoirs, he likes to stay at wonderful midsts. The wintering pits of bream are locations with a deepness of 6 to 15 meters. There this fish can be discovered in huge amounts. He does not show severe activity in the winter months, practically does not consume and does not bite. Still, active people of bream are more frequently located at superficial midsts.

If day-to-day movements of bream are understood, in what positions it goes to the evening stand in the evening and exactly how it goes to the area of zhora in the afternoon, you can choose this website at the correct time. Generally on such « courses » bream goes in a dense stream. It can be delayed for some time prikormkoy as well as wait for a bite on the nozzle.

Bait as well as bait for February bream fishing

Bream can peck on both animal and vegetable packings. February is no exception. Here it is feasible to bite it on the worm, on the bloodworm, and on the macaroni, bread, peas and also various other nozzles.

From the point of view of practical it is easier, obviously, in the wintertime time to take care of veggie nozzles. They should be utilized just on a familiar tank. Vegetable add-ons are identified by « capriciousness.»» For example, a fish that is not so slightly cooked pasta will not be taken, and in one more location it will not be the same. Animal baits are almost equally effective anywhere.

When fishing for bream, most anglers try to remove the bites of little, small fish. They attempt to reduce off the roast as well as ruff attacks. When angling for cockroach in February, bream, incidentally, usually likewise discovers. Therefore, the nozzle must be big sufficient so that the little thing could not swallow it or pull it off the hook.

appeal kind efficient options
veggie corn, peas, pasta, mastyrka, bread, semolina, rolled oats
animal earthworm, large maggot, bloodworm, sandwich
appeal need to include animal components

Earthworms fulfill this need best of all. They rest well on a hook, and also the small cockroach virtually does not take a whole worm. In order not to be able to pull it off the hook, make use of a sandwich — — corn, macaroni is placed after the worm so that it secures it firmly. Nevertheless, it does not constantly conserve from a ruff, and also often this big-haired tomboy holds on a hook, swallowing both a worm and corn.

Bloodworm as well as maggots additionally apply. Nevertheless, truth dog breeder catches only no one and the bream else, as well as with such a nozzle this is not always possible. If a large group of bream is ideal, then it is virtually always an assurance that there is no even more fish around. You can attempt to go to the moth or maggots. Bream still takes them a bit more proactively than the worm.

From vegetable lures you can focus on pasta, mastyrku, bread, corn, flakes rolled oats. Often they use semolina gruel, but just if the bream has actually already come close to and is standing in a large group, or else it will obtain all the various other fish. All veggie nozzles can be used both in the present and in stagnant water.

Bream goes well enough to bait. In February, the problem is that smells do not spread out well in cold water. As a result, you ought to tempt only those locations where the fish have actually already been discovered to keep it longer. The living part in the lure must be, because in the golden, when the scent in the water spreads out poorly, the crank relocating near the bottom will give a discernible prikormochny place, however dry daphnids, although additionally a healthy protein supplement — —

no. Lure additionally confirmed effective when fishing on wintering pits. With a large abundance of food, also half asleep bream a cravings wakes up. They start to approach, eat proactively and, maybe, this is what the fisherman will certainly bring the prize catch.

Tackle selection

For fishing, you ought to select the take on that the angler is best at. Usually, to boost the possibility of biting, they catch from two or 3 holes for a few fishing rods. At the very same time they make use of numerous nozzles, different tackles, numerous video game methods. Bream rarely takes in half-waters, so numerous holiday gears are hardly ever utilized — — they mostly capture just from the bottom.

Float rod

One of the most standard deal with for fishing bream. Utilized fishing pole in the form of a filly, which can be put on the ice. When capturing bream typically make use of a tent. The search for fish currently is not constantly effective, however in the tent it is still warmer and more comfy. Generally established two to four fishing rods through the holes in the ice, close to each other.

Used as a signaling poklyovki. It is feasible to capture both on a current, as well as in stationary water. Bream still likes to stay clear of locations with a strong current at this time. For circulation, utilize a snap with a sinker and a side chain resting on all-time low, for standing water — — a timeless hanging snap with a sinker above the hook. In some cases use a snap with the primary weight or zapaskom existing at the bottom.

Poklevka bream notification in the summertime by increasing the float as well as move to the side. In winter season, the float can increase during a bite if sub-plowing is made use of, after that it also mosts likely to the side. This is very recognizable, even if the equipment is not as well clearly rebuilt. Still, it is suggested to use the quality setup of the float, since in this situation also a mindful bite will certainly be obvious.

Morsmish deal with

Capturing bream on mormyshku — — an interesting experience. Due to the truth that it is typically needed to catch in wintering pits, a large-sized mormyshka is used for bream — — from 5-6 grams in weight. It likewise needs a big hook overhang to grow a big nozzle, hard to reach for small things to be swallowed. Bream is far more going to take a large mormyshku than various other varieties of fish.

Ice feeder

The ice feeder is a pure perversion. It can be efficiently changed by a standard feeder, which provides food to the bottom, and also with a float fishing pole or a mormyshka, which is caught straight from the prikormochnoy spot. Due to the sheer nature of angling, the deal with will be supplied really accurately. Nevertheless, such a thing might seem fascinating to fans, or in some cases, when the high regularity of poklevok as well as very high thickness of fish, they can, without a loss of catching pace, provide the bait, and also get the fish back. In wintertime, this scenario happens hardly ever in bream.

Fishing for bream in February for float fishing

It will certainly call for persistence, endurance, luck.

Required equipment

Pole for float winter season angling need to be easy to put on the ice. The greater the depth, the greater have to be its length in order to make sure an excellent hooking. Along with the rod you will require a drill with a diameter of a minimum of 130 mm and also bagore. A bream, regardless of its broad form, almost always crawls right into such an opening. The fact is that if you choose it up with a dimple and also drag it through the ice, then his belly tightens up as well as he can pass. Nevertheless, when trophy active bream is seen someplace, a 150 mm drill must be used.

From the needed things ought to also stock up on an outdoor tents. It ought to be spacious so that numerous fishing rods can be put under it. Additionally in the camping tent placed the stove. This will save from freezing openings, keep the fisherman from a chilly on the ice, conserve the bloodworm, worm as well as moldy worm from cold.

Bream angling strategy for winter season float fishing pole

Below a great deal relies on the good luck of the angler. Choosing an area, you can not just make sure that the bream will peck below if he was pecking below the other day. Obviously, if this is not his wintering pit, however there he behaves capriciously, as well as it will be difficult to call him biting. Great importance is privada.

Regardless of the ineffectiveness of prikormki, which badly draws in bream in winter, the taste of it functions well. The bream will certainly come from daily to the place where a plentiful table was laid for him. At the very same time, to educate him to the location, it might take several days of feeding the fish and sitting. Frequently, this feed will be eaten by various other fish, yet you need to not misery — — if the area is suitable, the bream will certainly do. Anglers usually capture « watch» in the camping tent, replacing each other, so that nobody takes a great area and also to continuously feed the bream.

Fishing for bream in February

Angling on mormyshku slightly a lot more energetic than on the float. Nevertheless, it likewise depends greatly on good luck.

Tackles for catching bream on the jig

For fishing use large-sized mormyshka and also fishing line 0.12-0.15 mm. Such a fishing line is quite efficient in holding up against also a big bream, in the winter months it does not resist as well tough. Usually they catch with one udilikom, which has a comfy handle, coil as well as stand, about 60 cm long.

Method of catching bream on the jig

When catching make loaves and stops for decreasing, after that waiting on a bite. Poklevka immediately visible on the raised nod, need to be cut in 2-3 seconds. When angling below is frequently made use of active search for fish. Provided the thickness of the active bream, which is not as well huge, it is not very efficient and also, as previously, success greatly depends on good luck.

Normally catching bream on the jig is not utilized independently, but when angling on a float rod. Drilled in a row of 2 to 4 holes. In the nearby, they capture it on the mormyshka, and also in the others — — on the float. Mormyshka often shows just sensational results in wintering bream pits. It enables you to provoke standing bream and also cause poklyovki one after another. At the exact same time, also energetic, fractional video game will only scare away the fish.

Angling for bream in February at the rocker

Angling on a rocker is not a lot different from angling on a float or angling pole.

Tackle for capturing bream on a yoke

The yoke is a tooling, which is a wire arc with a mount for an angling line in the middle, at the ends of which there are 2 chains with hooks and also a nozzle. This take on enables you to capture on two hooks with one pole, while they are less confused than if they were just tied to the fishing line.

Method of catching bream on a yoke

For angling is utilized udilnik with a float or a nod of the usual kind. It is better with the float, since the rocker itself, also when the bream touches the nozzle, does not offer an immediate alert to approval, like a jig, and also the float will show it well. For the nozzle is made use of just the same when it comes to the normal fishing for bream.

By itself, the rocker considerable benefits compared to fishing on the float does not.

Some argue that in the water it turns back and forth, drawing in the fish, if you play a bit like a jig. Nonetheless, it is not. Currently at the three-meter deepness, the rocker will just hang vertically on the fishing line, whatever kind of video game it gives to the pole.

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