Functions of the behavior of pike in generating

In the spawning duration, it is impossible to locate a pike in a fish pond in position usual for auto parking; for spawning, a toothy citizen of a pond mosts likely to more private places. There, away from the hustle and bustle, in the thicket of reeds or reeds, it will certainly launch delicacy in the location you like many.

The behavior of pike throughout this duration is extremely changing, it acts silently and smoothly, does not react to virtually any kind of lure offered to it. The predator will certainly not chase either a gradually swimming fish, a lot less a nimble fry.

Pike prior to generating on all fish ponds mosts likely to the shallows, you can often view from a minimal range as it massages its stomach against a sandy or rocky bottom. Therefore, it aids the eggs to rapidly exit the womb. Predative people go to generate in groups of 4-5 people, while the female is only one in spawning, it is bordered by males.

After generating, it will likewise not instantly become interesting for pike after generating, it needs to be ill for 5-10 days right away after generating. But right afterwards, the zhor begins, the fish will throw at virtually every little thing. It should be comprehended that spawning in people of various dimensions takes place in different ways:

size of person when to generate
tiny pike the age of puberty in lakes generate initially, and in rivers last
tool sized fish ordinary eggs in the middle period
big people amongst the first on rivers, on lakes are confining

It ought to be comprehended that capturing a pike of any dimension during generating in any kind of fish pond is restricted.

Spawning restrictions

Capturing pike during spawning as well as various other fish is forbidden. The regulations supplies fines for angling throughout this period.

Each region establishes its own terms for the spawning restriction, as fish acts in a different way all over. In the center area, limitations start to apply initially of April and finish at the end of May, occasionally the terms are expanded until the very first decade of June.

Relevant pike tempts

It is impossible to catch pike in spawning, as well as it is rather challenging to attract her attention. The field of post-spawning disease pike will respond completely to any suggested lure.

Throughout this duration it is allowed to fish with one pole per hook, spinningists use this.

On flood lakes and also on the shallows of rivers, the killer is offered:

  • tiny dimension turntables;
  • tool and also little oscillations;
  • tiny silicone;
  • medium-sized wobblers with a little deepness.

In the post-spawning period, the pike will throw at every little thing, its tummy will be freed from delicacy and milk, currently the killer will certainly eat up the shed fat.

Pike fishing according to spawning

In open water, for numerous, the capture of a killer is the most effective vacation, yet angling is not constantly feasible. Throughout the spawning period, most of reservoirs, pike angling is restricted in the spring to maintain the populace. Responsible fishermen also in case of unintended capture of fish with relish launch it back into the tank, hence permitting spawning.

According to the legislation, capture is allowed up until early April and from late May to early June, depending upon the area and also tank.

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