How to capture tench

Certainly, a few of you and also your friends caught tench in big quantities. So, a few fish in the bycatch. And it is linked not with the truth that lots of do not know exactly how to catch tench, but with his actions.

The Lin particular actions, he frequently stands in one location and also appears to feed just at particular times and also moves along a clear route. And also while you do not compute this route, to catch tench is unlikely to do well.

In the winter to catch the Lin will not work, as it goes into hibernation and comes out of it in might (in some regions in April). It was while appearing of hibernation fish aktiviziruyutsya and also begins actively feeding and also wanders off in the pack.

Fishing for tench is starting to gain its energy as soon as the spring sunlight suffices to warm up the water. In summer, the peak of task lowers, and also in the autumn once more starts to acquire energy. If you delve a little further and also discuss the moment of day, one of the most appropriate is the very early windless morning.

The success of angling depends greatly on the silence in the fish pond, and also if you recognize exactly how to catch tench, however still the roar as well as clatter on the shore will not help the angling. Fishing from boats as well as from the coast. Really useful during fishing line from the watercraft to place it on Lily pads, so you will certainly have the ability to decrease the sound.

The very best tackle is the fishing pole. Various other equipment is also made use of, yet seldom due to the reality that Lin chooses to take the lure a little bit above the bottom. As well as apply the lure near all-time low only with a float snap-in. Made use of as one, as well as 2 rods long which normally does not surpass four meters.

Do not utilize a thick angling line, it will certainly suffice of 0.2 mm. to offer preference to much better pear-shaped drifts with a long antenna. Hooks to catch tench made a different class, as well as it is best to pick them in the shade of the bait, enough rooms 10-12. With bait works best classic, is manure worms. The important things that they were rather active, it is seen that stale lure Lin generally does not respond.

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