How to catch catfish in Asia for donkey and spinning

About the fish know all the fishermen but hardly anyone catches it. Really, catfish — fish the mysterious. And not only because it lives in deep snag pools and shows its activity at dusk and at night.

Just catfish, especially large ones, is not given to all, not only in the rivers of the middle band, where this heat-loving predator is relatively rare, but in our warm Asian waters where catfish are still quite a lot.

Som Ukrainian

Of course, my co-author som not surprised — he was born in Tashkent. 13 his family hunting and fishing are traditionally all representatives of the older generation and my grandfather. and the father, and of the soma in the production occupied the last place. I did this fish up to the student years theoretically — known Soviet fishing publication «Fisher-athlete», where once I read translated articles by Polish author about catching catfish in the Ukrainian Dnipro.

The first catfish I saw from the river, and near one of Kyiv’s grocery stores, where in late autumn in the street to sell fresh fish. There among the neatly arranged on the table and frozen in the cold perch and bream have been several three to five-kilogram somat.

Then the chip seemed just huge, closer to spring I managed to see and live comence at length he was more than a meter and weighed 10 kg. is clearly Happy and the fisherman carried him to a boat jetty on the Korchuvate, and to see this wonderful fish ran all onlookers, peacefully fished his perch and roaches there in this well-known Dnieper Bay.

It’s clear that what he saw did not leave me indifferent, I wanted» and to catch such giants. Made some homemade ten kalabalak of brass, a couple sustachek, which could easily consolidate gold the roach, and even one shestnadtsatiletnyaya the spinner under «Baikal», which was repeatedly tested in the mouth Gums and at the same Korchevatoe.

But som does not «walked», and, according to my present notions, could not «go» because I caught it wrong and at the wrong time and wrong place. Now I nostalgically recall those first «Somogyi» experiences, a place with two huge tees and impressive turntable, miraculously preserved since ancient times in my fishing box.

And yet to deal with our Ukrainian catfish once managed, when my friend, an avid fisherman, was on the student’s practice in Chernigov. All the free time we spent on the Gum or on its antiquity, and lakes, going fishing for two or three days. 11утеводнтелем for Desnyanskiy water bodies have served us a wonderful book by one of the best Ukrainian «old» authors who write about fishing, A. I. Nikiforov, which was called «Desnianskyi of the lake.»

The author not only acquainted with the peculiarities of fishing in all floodplain lakes, oxbows and tributaries of the Desna from the Russian border to its confluence with the Dnieper, but also led the plan of each of these bodies of water and told how to reach them PA river boat or by land. For the Soviet era — the publication of a unique and perhaps the only of its kind. One of these trips we made in the mouth of a small right tributary of the Desna, Chernihiv are from upstream. Something about an hour away by bus, another hour on foot along a footpath through a huge water meadow — and we’re here.

The selection at the mouth of a little river is not incidental — in predostavili the pit, according to the author, was found in large catfish. What we saw was even more impressive than described in the guidebook. A small river, almost a Creek, to the mouth had the gauge for about two hundred meters. The main stream of the Gum, which made here a left turn, struck almost in the mouth of the river, forming a huge funnel and suvedi.

Below the mouth of beach Gums broke off the ten-meter rock, under which was a deep zakoryazhennyh waters — catfish place is almost perfect. Caught small roaches there and put them on the market under the shore with an eye on pike. Indeed, it was soon caught two decent pike. My friend, latched on to a spinning gold sinker, decided to throw the bigger roach directly one of the water funnels. Bite long wait was not necessary — a powerful blow happened when the companion was only spinningovye the rod attached to the flyer.

That is not a trivial pike, it was clear from the first seconds — strong fish felt no resistance clutch on Leningrad bezynertsionnoj LEMZ, covered almost tightly, and sailed where they wanted. Czech fiberglass rod as it bent into the wheel at the first blow, could not unbend, only the apex slightly shuddered from the aftershocks of the struggling fish.

And although the line was quite strong (0.4 mm Czech monofil called «Silon» -anglers of the older generation remember this cyan line, tough like steel wire), worry was from what: soma has helped over, on which he floated down to his native Slough. Hundred-meter entire stock of fishing line was wound from the spool in less than a minute, after which the outcome of the struggle was predetermined — com without much effort, broke the line. And although we have two days entangled by the mouth zakidushek with live bait, catfish no longer fell only caught pike.

More familiarity with catfish occurred only in the waters of Central Asia.

Asian catfish

Long Asian angler big fish surprise was difficult. Large sturgeon (pin) and a 20-pound Aral barbel, carp trehpudovymi, huge carps and grass carps — all the fish was not unusual at the local ponds any more 30-40 years ago. The largest fish in the coastal zone is now lifeless and almost disappeared Aral sea. Especially remarkable size reached the Aral soma. As a friend told me ichthyologist, documented the capture in the lower reaches of the Amu Darya Aral catfish weighing over 500 kg and a length of almost 5 meters!

Now these giants left, but quite a large catfish catch is still possible. In the system of salty lakes, Aidarkul, Tuzkan and Arnasay, stretching for several hundred kilometers in the desert steppes in the North of Uzbekistan, the Industrialists in the network across predators with a length of over two meters p weighing 70-80 kg. More recently, soma same weight class met in Cardarella and Kairakkum reservoirs on the Syr Darya in modaressi reservoirs, lakes large isolated steppe and Bukhara Kaskaderskoy areas.

In large rivers, large irrigation canals and in brackish trunk sewers drainage system, carnivores live a more modest size, but the probability of catching 20-30 pound catfish still exist.

Medium-sized (5 kg) of somat and Frank somovu detail can be found almost everywhere — from the smallest pond, muddy irrigation ditch or completely overgrown waste manifold salt water to quick and transparent shallow river with gravel bottom, but the water was more or less warm.

My first Asian sominka I caught in a small river Angren at ordinary float rod and very ordinary worm. It happened during the spring floods, when the river, reminiscent of summer, the Creek overflowed and reached the borders of my suburban area. My joy was immense — it was the first catfish caught in my fishing life, although somenok this hardly weighed at least a kilo! Prior to this momentous event I had no idea* that somata, even small, can live in such small water bodies. Later, when more thoroughly acquainted with the fishing opportunities of the Angren, I realized that somata weighing from a half to three pounds — basic solid mining in the rivulet, and once even witnessed a capture of a successful summer resident and five-kilogram specimen.

Fishing in small ponds

Perhaps the easiest way of Camenca in our area you can catch in small reservoirs. I usually caught comet in the same or Angren in the middle reaches of the Chirchik, other anglers specifically for sometime go to irrigation channels or reservoirs.

The first signs of the activity of comet start with the spring water profit, closer to the middle of April. In the flood there is no need to seek out Parking soms, as is done in the summer, fish disperses flooded nisanka, drain ditches or irrigation ditches, i.e. can bite anywhere. Places are selected with some feature in the terrain, for example, near the autumn of the flooded ditch. Usually, in such places the current is slowed down, there are small suwadi or funnel. The fact that the spring water from red clay, to embarrass the angler should not — even in this «suspension» catfish will find the bait.

In place of go fishing in the evening, the beginning of twilight the bait should be in the water. Catch two or three bottom rods mounted on a spinning rod. The sinker should hold the bait on the chosen fishing spot, therefore can be quite heavy, from 50 grams and above. Usually used dull fixed sinker and the bypass leash as somenok takes the bait confidently and particular sensitivity is required. In addition, the rig with a sliding sinker often gets confused, which creates additional problems when fishing in the dark. The bite is determined by the tip of the rod: sometimes he just nods a few times gently, and sometimes in an instant bent in an arc. In the moonlight, the tips of the rods are clearly visible, and the grayish water, and the sky background, but if you want you can also use the simplest alarm — buzzer or a bell.

Didn’t notice much impact of the weather on a spring nibble of somat they are caught and a warm clear evening, and the gloomy cool weather with wind and a drizzle. I remember a few occasions when a decent somata tempted the worms right before a thunderstorm.

For spring fishing I have tried many lures and live bait, frogs, and fish cutting, but effective was only one — a decent bunch of worms. And I think that earthworms catfish bite better than the Reds. The size of the beam little effect on the size of potential prey is not to fall even pound sominka allows it to swallow prey the size almost in half fist, and sometimes a very good somata caught on a single worm.

In the summer of comet caught in a small amudah with slow streams, the depth of which generally does not exceed 1-2 m. the Best are omucki near the cool podmyta shores, takaragaike, hanging in the water by the roots or twigs of coastal shrubs. Bait — live bait, frog, closer to the fall — shrimp. Warm autumn somenok active until mid-October.

Has the features of fishing somat in the steppe rivers nearest to us river — Keles. It is small, shallow and fast river flowing in the desert steppe of southern Kazakhstan and a tributary of the Syr Darya right Bank but above Chardara reservoir. River clay, covered with reeds and tamarisk, the water is turbid at all seasons of the year.

The main fish in the river — small somata. Catch them on a short zakidushki length up to 5 m, which are arranged in the holes under the Bank. As bait use crickets, locusts, worms, or mole cricket, and the last the most effective.

Because the banks of the Keles river overgrown with reeds, and in places precipitous, to approach the shore anywhere else. So in the summer it is most convenient to place zakidushki and test them with water depth does not exceed «in the zone». In the evening, wearing a jacket with long sleeves, not to eat mosquitoes, wander through the water and put gear. Zakidushki not throw, and just put the load in a hole on the place that seems most attractive, and tie the opposite end of the snap to the bundle of reeds. In the morning go to collect the «harvest» — fall somata from 1 to 5 pounds.

During the spring flood the water level in the Keles becomes high at this time of the Syr Darya rises the larger instances, there is a probability of catching catfish up to 30 pounds. Despite the fact that the river is not far from Tashkent, now the trip there difficult — it is already abroad.

Fishing on the big reservoirs

Catfish trophy caliber can only occur in large bodies of water. These include our major rivers — the Amu Darya and Syr Darya rivers, reservoirs and lakes, main irrigation canals, main headers and discharges. One of the best places to hunt for trophy catfish — Arisika lake.

In its current form Arnasai lake system formed as a result of human activities. Flooding of the steppes demanded the creation of a vast network of collectors — channels, which decrease the level of salty groundwater. The latter accumulate in Achisayskoe depression — depression that is located along the southern border of the Kyzyl Kum desert. In addition, in Arnasai depression has repeatedly discharged flood waters from Cardamomo reservoir, resulting in and formed a system of lakes connected by channels with an area of 3 thousand square km and with depths up to 30 m Arnasay very rich variety of fish, but trophy catfish is the main thing that attracts anglers in this water oasis in the desert.

You can catch it during the whole warm period of the year, but the major trophies are caught in the spring, in late March, when a little warm water. To catch catfish are best in the ducts between the lakes, plus how to choose a hunting catfish on the vast expanse of the lake difficult. On Arnasai need a powerful tackle with big hooks — podpuskov PLI cormaci that set the boat on the way out of the pit. Cormack — Donka that has no communication with the shore. As cargo use any piece of iron weighing 2-4 kg, sometimes — brick, main fishing line, usually nylon cord with a diameter of 3-4 mm, the leash cord is slightly thinner or fishing line with a diameter of 0.8-1 mm. By the end of Cormac tied a piece of foam or a large plastic bottle to control the bite and the installation location.

As bait use live bait or cut fish. Sometimes catching live bait can be difficult if fish breeze leaves the main channel in the reeds shallow lakes or bays. And if you find that all zhivtsovy fines accumulated there, then there is a good chance to be with a trophy — depth «food» no. The Rudd or jereski from 100 grams to a pound skewer in under the top fin and the gear is lowered to the bottom. Som comes most often at dusk or in the morning.

The playing big catfish delivers an unforgettable experience. To get him into the boat best together, when some angler lifts it to the surface and leads to the boat, and the second pulls out of the water. To take soma more convenient to just sticking one hand under his gills, and second hand in lower lip. In order not to injure hands, you should use canvas gloves. Currently, speaking of large soms on Arnasai, mean instances of a weight of 1050 kg. the Weight of the largest catfish that was caught Arnasai and which is heard in 80-e years, was 150180 kg.

In mid-summer som Arnasai caught rare, decent copies come across PA bottom gear closer to the fall. Best fall bait — a bunch of worms, sometimes catfish is offended as a frog or shrimp. The same bait used when fishing in reservoirs, rivers and main canals, but the tackle there, bottom fishing rod, mounted on the spinning, because the necessary long-distance casting. Special skill is required in the selection of the place of fishing in the channels and reservoirs, these ponds are usually rapid for smooth and exactly the same the shore for tens of kilometers and the same depth without a pronounced bottom topography. The best places for fishing in such reservoirs near the dams or sluices, branches, near the pumping stations for coastal landslides, the output of the inverted siphons, and similar deviations from the boring canadaabana the bed of the channel.

Fishing with spinning

Do not sin against the truth and will not hurt local fishermen, if you say that the tradition of catching catfish on spinning in our region is not. Zander and ASP catch a lot and for a long time, and snakehead or catfish caught on a spinner or Wobbler, is a now consider production random. In fact, the catfish in our area on artificial lures fished very well is prove that sometimes getting to our region advanced anglers, armed with the proper tackle and lures, boats, echo sounders, perseverance and knowledge «appropriate technologies».

In the small rivers and canals to catch a catfish on an artificial lure difficult — it is difficult to carry out in promising areas because of its small size, rapid currents, muddy water or the numerous hooks. But the lower reaches or preductive sections of these reservoirs — the best place to special hunting for catfish with a spinning rod. However, you need to keep in mind that the season of catfish on spinning relatively short — about a month in the spring (March-may) and a month and a half in the summer-autumn period (late July — mid September, warm autumn to mid-October). And on the rivers he fished better in the autumn, and PA lakes or ducts between them is in the spring. In the heat of som PA spinning worth.

His first sominka I caught in the lower reaches Circini. code hunted for ASP.

The location is excellent — the main stream flowed in a deep and long pool, followed by a protracted pebble rolling. Caught a couple will genesat — grip over, but did not want to leave, as the place seemed very promising. Let your mappsc size zero is closer to the bottom -maybe there is someone else «didn’t have Breakfast». After a couple Postings, the hand felt the living weight and the elastic jerks. On teresiny blow does not seem to push Zander too. The fish is resisting hard, but smoothly and gently, just trying to hold on to the bottom. Finally able to bring her to the shore — my tiny bleepy caught on the edge of the mouth-meter-long catfish.

Fish a couple of times back in his autok, but loses strength, easily making it in swampy zavadenko and trying to get to the shore. There would have to catch baharicom or a landing net, but I don’t. Somik makes a few sudden movements — and breaks off one of the trebles hooks. In your maelstrom, he goes slowly, with dignity — as if his not scared of the recent struggle for his own life. Exactly a week later I went to the pool with a big pike on a homemade spinner and caught this catfish (or his twin brother), and the fish lasted less than 3-4 minutes and went off without any problems.

In General, the confluence of all tributaries to waters or bays to fish for comet spinning very promising. At the same Chirchik downstream from the above places was a large Bay where the river merged in shallow water, and because of the shallow depth powerful jet does not lose its power for 150-200 m. At the rapids the water is cold, and in the bays is well heated. This, apparently, was very fond of thermophilic Somatom, as they are constantly kept on the quiet water near the border of the jet. Somata was caught there with surprising regularity on a conventional large fan, it was worth it just to spend tihovolya on the jet, simulating fleeing persecution the fish. Personal record this place five hefty comet of less than two dozen casts.

Once a decent somenok grabbed a medium-sized vibrohvost, abandoned my son on a small place under the opposite Bank near the water dam. Somenok after the strike, did not resist, and quickly went straight to happy angler. But the happiness was short — lived- that is under our beach, right under the fallen from the dam with concrete blocks, and was amovie shelter. Somenok climbed into a concrete crevice, where removing it has already failed, although this procedure has been spent at least half an hour, broken and drowned coil rod to save which cost a lot of efforts.

By the fall catfish bite well on any spinning of the lure below the concrete dam on the Syr Darya. I know an elderly angler who catches every year there are a few decent instances from 5 to 25 kg large homemade crankbaits and spoons. Sonata 1.5-2 kg at the end of August easily been caught there for any medium-sized turntables, and enough of them sometimes at a very rapid current. The drawbacks of this place is crowded and plenty of hooks for stones, washed by the flood from the dam. In General, any combination of shallow water and deep pools, rapids and quiet waters is highly respected by sometime, and places such on the Syr Darya enough.

Great places for catching catfish in spinning is a large steppe lake. One of them, located in the North Karpinski steppes, I was able to visit this spring. The lake is huge, a detour around the perimeter it took more than three hours. There I enjoyed fishing for large asps and Sudakov (some of them weighed under six pounds), a week later, fortune smiled on my fellow fishing — PA same place where I caught perch, they lures caught three great som — 51, 35 and 22 kg. One got so heavy that exhausted the entire stock braided line with a diameter of 0.3 mm, broke the reel stopper and safely away in her native pit. If they had a boat, then maybe the giant would be able to bore and pull ashore.

Now this steppe lake haunts me — I with the passion of a maniac started to collect these Somavia bait, acquired a «specific» rod and a «meat grinder». Going through weighty wobblers, spoons enormous and staggering proportions, «silicone», I think of only one thing — how to wait for warm spring days and to be back on this beautiful pond. And suddenly I’m lucky and manage to catch the biggest Asian catfish?

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