January fishing for carp in winter months

Many think that catching carp in January is impractical, this fish oversleeps the winter buried in the mud. It is not so, well, Yes, carp can and also in the mud to dig, and just stand still, but all this is not to claim that catch carp are not worth it.

Certainly worth it, and the fish is rather good and also can take even in January.

Obviously, it, like any various other fish, scared of severe chilly as well as oxygen deprivation, however there are times when the fish comes out to feed. Without food all winter no fish can live, so one way or another a fish will certainly concern feed.

Where to catch carp in January

Carp can be fished quite efficiently, if it is proper to find a Parking area and to pick the best lure. In January the carp attempts to remain in areas with sandy day, on the muddy base of the fish it becomes difficult to breathe, as in places less oxygen throughout serious frosts.

Carp was forced to leave the location, abundant in aquatic greenery, as it is in wintertime, starts to decompose as well as launches a lot of carbon dioxide, which makes complex the life of the fish. Carp from these areas starts to relocate snags, and particularly a good pit, where there are snags. We have actually not broken down reeds also carp can stand there with oxygen all right, and also sufficient food, so the carp attempts to stay with those areas.

Tackle for carp angling in January

Bobber or jig with a nod?! To capture winter carp on the float pole or celkovou. However when you take into consideration that in January, the fish activity is a lot higher and also even worse she reacts on a stationary bait, with a float snap-in can not be taken seriously. Instantly you ought to go to celkovou take on.


For carp you will certainly need an extremely delicate rod with a small reel with a tiny flexible whip. Rig this lure is excellent delicate with a nod, as well as a nod has to be such that its length is freely flexible.

Fishing line

Place the angling line is very slim, due to the fact that he gets scared when he sees a thick angling line. The very best alternative is monofilament with cross-sections from 0,1 to 0,12-five millimeters. The thicker set is not required, thinner and also not going, breaks a great deal.

Jig, hook as well as bait

As bait, put a tiny jig, such as a decline, osinka or something like that. For capturing carp in January, it will certainly be good if you use as bait or bloodworms tiny red worms.

The method of catching carp in January The best video game is the
  • vital to a great biting of a crucian in January: Dip a sluggish jig with bait on the bottom, wait a couple of secs as well as begin increasing slowly, shaking her carefully
  • with a nod. Lift the jig about 15 inches and again wait on a tiny pause.
  • Again, you require to decrease the bait to the base, wiggle on the bottom of it to a little turbidity increased. After a brief time out, raise the jig a number of inches from the bottom and also wiggle a bit.
  • If it doesn’t attack, duplicate the treatment once more.
Exactly how to identify an attacking of a crucian

The bite from carp are extremely weak, take care not to miss. Carp usually just mixes a nod, or raise it carefully upwards. At this time, it is required to strike greatly pull the hand, if the cutting is not passed, after that advance the game without disturbance. And if you comprehend that after hooking a fish on a hook, then start slowly obtain, do not make unexpected movements.

Carp are generally in the winter season not much stands up to. Solid resistance may have just a huge specimen, yet such in January is very rare to come across.

Beneficial tips for catching carp in January

To fishing succeeded, the hole in which you capture, you require to on a regular basis entice. For this fit the ready mix, which is offered in angling shops. To the mix include a little feed bloodworms to lure a lot more efficient. Several foods do not attack into the opening, so as not to overfeed the fish. The carp in this time, metabolic rate is badly created, a lot poop he does not require, he promptly eats and also leaves. Therefore, overfeeding is not recommended.

To capture January’s carp should remain in gloomy climate, as if a high cloud is generally warming up. A carp captured in January just in time for warming up in the cool it is in deep hibernation. The very best time for fishing is before lunch, yet if the weather is cozy, he can take throughout the daylight hrs.

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