January Pike Fishing Features

At first glimpse, catching a pike in January is very straightforward, particularly in frozen fish ponds: I pierced a hole where I liked it and lure it. However if points actually were like that, then everyone would certainly have had an excellent result after a fishing expedition.

However, commonly things are specifically the opposite, inexperienced anglers usually stay without trophies. There can be numerous reasons for this, yet resolving the issue can only be by using helpful suggestions from even more knowledgeable comrades.

Predator angling in rivers as well as lakes is executed throughout the year, nonetheless, for a effective result, it is worth recognizing and also applying some tricks. In January, pike sometimes extremely voluntarily respond to the proposed baits, yet there are times when nothing can fascinate her. We will figure out all the nuances of catching a toothy killer in the middle of wintertime further.

To always be with a catch, you require to know where to seek a pike in January as well as what bait to provide it.

On top of that, there are such attributes of capture:

  • In warm weather condition, catching a pike in wintertime is not likely to work, she does not like strong lighting.
  • Extreme frosts also do not contribute to fishing, throughout this period the predator comes down to the really lower of deep holes as well as almost completely declines food.
  • Superficial water in any type of climate will not please when angling from ice, during this period the pike lives at adequate midsts.
  • Sharp stress decreases and also adjustable weather condition will not contribute to the capture of a killer, probably the fish will go to the base as well as wait there for an extra desirable circumstance.
  • It is much better to look for a pike near the wintering pits, normally it is at the leave from them.
  • The most effective weather condition for fishing will certainly be a cloudy skies with a thaw, during this duration the pike will certainly have a cravings, it will certainly end up being more active.

It is much better to capture pike from the ice starting from the center of the storage tank, as knowledgeable fishermens advise. It is essential to pierce numerous openings at once, each of which is located 6-8 meters from the previous one. Having actually drilled the wrapping up summary, they begin with the first, while each one requires to stop for at the very least 20 mins.

Seat choice

Where to search for a pike in January, we currently informed a little. However it is beneficial to recognize that in lots of methods the killer’s car park depends upon weather.

When the pressure normalizes, the pike pecks flawlessly, for this it deserves capturing such places:

  • departures from wintering pits;
  • locations of a tank with significant midsts;
  • wintering pits themselves.

In superficial water, it is pointless to search for a pike in the winter months, at this time of the year it will certainly favor areas with an adequate amount of victim.

If the weather condition is not secure, stress signs are constantly transforming, angling in January is much better to postpone up until far better times.

Many contemporary tools are now utilized to search for fish parking, their cost is good, however the effectiveness is very high.

Ice fishing

In January, angling is carried out from the ice in many regions. Reduced temperature level likewise minimizes the task of fish, which is why deals with are made thinner for winter months angling.

Accumulate them starting from different types of angling:

kind of angling fishing line thickness
žerlica from 0.25 mm to 0.4 mm
catching on a balancer 0.18-0.22 mm
lure angling 0.16-0.2 mm
rattlin fishing 0.16-0.22 mm
angling on silicone 0.2-0.22 mm

A vital point is the selection of basis, for this an unique fishing line with the classification « Ice» appropriates. You can likewise make use of the cable, just choice ought to be offered to options with anti-frost therapy or to spray the spray on such a basis on your own.

In January, a pike is captured on a cord for various lures, the thickness of 0.08-0.12 mm need to be maximum when creating any deal with.

To the girders

In January, pike are captured most efficiently by women zharlitsa, it is this take on that will bring the best outcomes. Experienced anglers suggest that this way, in most cases, they exploit prize samplings of a toothy predator.

There are a great deal of ranges of girders currently, most often they catch on such:

  • with a rounded base for the whole hole;
  • на платочки;
  • на трегоге.

Their parts are normally the same, the ventilator includes:

  • coils;
  • angling line;
  • flag as a signaling tool;
  • chain;
  • weights;
  • hook under real-time bait.

An angling line is utilized as the basis for the girly, it is not required to put also thick. The most effective alternative for this will certainly be 0.3-0.35 mm, using a chain is needed. In winter months, it is more effective to put thick fluorocarbon or steel.

Sinkers are used relocating, choose them up relying on the lure and depth in the chosen reservoir. Usually sufficient 6-8 g, and they must be locked with silicone stoppers.

Many people make the base themselves under the girly on their own, yet it’s easier to get a coil and also a bottom affixed to it on the holder and a flag.

Particular interest is paid to the hooks, for mounting online lure, which will be the primary bait, you can make use of solitary, tees or increases.

For various other popular lures, basic wintertime fishing rods are utilized, they are geared up with thinner fishing lines.


This sort of synthetic bait for pike angling is utilized in winter season and springtime. Captured by balancers primarily from ice.

To pick a deal with for this is simple, you will certainly need:

  • wintertime fishing rod with a tough whip;
  • a nod matched to the balancer;
  • fishing line up to 0.2 mm thick about 30 m;
  • steel chain.

Angling is carried out at the wintering pits, the game is affixed to the lure different:

  • easy twitching functions efficiently;
  • can be reduced to the bottom, hold for a minute and gradually raise an 15-20 cm.

It is essential to recognize what type of game brings in pike in this storage tank right now as well as continue to entice similarly.

The color scheme of the bait is really diverse, in the toolbox of the fishermen ought to be acidic, as well as alternatives with shimmers, as well as much more natural shades.


What else to fish for pike? What lures will attract her interest under the ice? Rewriters will help to catch a predator if it is offered in a reservoir. Vertical variations are most prominent, and trihedral versions work particularly well.

There are a lot of ranges of rewriters, the most popular amongst seasoned fishermens are the mastermaster, you can catch them throughout the year. It is desirable to furnish it with a top quality tee via the winding ring.

Furthermore, homemade variations are often used on fish ponds, the manufacture of which is frequently concealed by artisans.


This kind of bait is described as wobblers, the peculiarity is that they do not have a shovel. The tools for them is going to take after the balancer, but they do not always put the leash on.

You need to play rattlin similarly as a balancer, only sharper. This lure will certainly work best on the river, in still water the performance is much reduced.

Open up water angling

Some ponds often tend to not freeze in the winter, fishing on them occurs with some differences. Where to search for pike in such tanks? Just how and when will predator angling bring success?

In January, a rotating rod is used to catch pike in ice-free water bodies.

Considering that angling is accomplished from the shoreline, the qualities of the form must be suitable:

  • size from 2.4 m;
  • examination arises from 10 g;
  • It is recommended to select from carbon alternatives.

The coil is placed with a spool size of 2000, after that a sufficient amount of cord is wound. Casting is executed as standard, but the electrical wiring is uniform. As the lure, usage silicone, rattlin, a little wobbler, oscillating baubles.

Currently everybody knows where the winter season pike lies and also just how to tempt a killer in January. Even a newbie fisherman can quickly stand out both when fishing from the ice as well as in the open water of a toothy citizen of a storage tank.

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