Perch angling

The perch is a beautiful and solid fish our waters. There is most likely not one person that saw him at least when, you will certainly not have the ability to see the fish. Perch has an extremely particular look.

The back is painted dark green, the sides cast a light yellowish-green shade, upright stripes on the body (5 to 9 pieces) provide it a distinct and also remarkable look, the belly is a light color with slight yellow.

Gray dorsal fin has a large place on the back, the 2nd fin is greenish-yellow; fins (pectoral) with a yellow-colored tint, and the rest of the fins are repainted red. In the complicated the entire « fight» coloring of the perch makes it very lovely.

Nevertheless, the environment in which he lives, leaves its mark on his look. For example, the perch that stay in the peat ponds, have a dark color as well as the side stripes on the body they have is hardly noticeable.

Perch. Dimensions.

Perches according to their quantity is divided right into 2 kinds: first, little — — evaluating regarding 100-150 g. telephone call travancor, as well as all the big perch (and also they are evaluating approximately 2 kg and also 50-60 cm long) — — Gorbachev. This name is given as a result of the visibility of the old perch Brokeback back.

Perch fairly demanding to oxygen in water, so they choose lakes and rivers with adequate clean water. All period perch-Tavanic holds close to the shore, hiding in the vegetation. The humpback likes deep waters, however in some periods proactively checked out shallow seaside waters. Big can be called a sampling considering 350 grams or above. (2-2,5-extra pound giants are still a rarity). Not every angler has the good fortune to capture among those bass-giant.

Perch. Spawning

As quickly as the water in the tank reaches 7-8 levels, female bass begin to generate (typically April in the southern regions, and also may-early June in Northern regions). Perch for spawning, generally, enters shallow water. Love twists, bays with warm water and from greenery. The eggs is placed thick strips with a size of concerning 1-1. 5 meters, in the cells where the eggs are inserted with a size of regarding 3 mm. Stonework affixed to the driftwood, trunks of reeds and also various other aquatic plants.

Sexual maturity of women perch travarica occurs in the 4th year. Ladies perch-Humpbacks are ready to spawning for the 5th year. Perch generate at midsts from half a meter to 4 meters. To do this, they flock together. Characteristic is the reality that the bigger the bass, the much deeper it mosts likely to spawn. Perch are very mindful as well as sensitive fish. Any attempt to approach him, he promptly enters depth.

Perch. Where to capture.

Instantly after generating, the perch bite is weak. Response save spawn, apparently, overcomes the sensation of appetite. Gradually it gathers in groups and also starts to feed. During this period, the perch takes place the larvae of bark beetle, maggot, different worms, bloodworms, larva burdock moth, etc, In that a feeding of the areas you prepare to catch perch. He takes so well to the start of June. Then the pack begin to drop in the deeper locations and also large perch efficiently can only be fished from a watercraft. Perch-trajanic still holds to the coast, dams, sluices, dams as well as bridge piers, where much is all fish stuff.

Feed actively every one of the initial fifty percent of June (in the Northern waters up until completion of the month). After that, when the day becomes warm, and the water swiftly warms up, swarms of perch go into deep room and just feed in the morning and also night dawn when it’s still fairly amazing.

Perch. How to catch. What to catch.

To catch bass a range of methods. It and also the plunge of the normal side rods of the watercraft, at depths as much as 4 meters. Throughout Zhora well developed big, heavy spoons and jigs. They require to have a considerable set. The jig should be chosen according to the shade deepness of the water is dramatically boosts the bite. From the shore you can throw lower fishing pole (if you firmly believe that you have actually located a hole or ditch, which is home to schools of snappers).

Nozzle select from a substantial variety of fry: plotnicki, gudgeon, bleak, and so on throughout casting of bait fish flew off the hooks, it is essential after the nozzle of the bait put on the hook a small item of rubber (preferably flat).

To avoid sudden jerks when throwing a sinker on the end of the donkey is connected is not hard, and using a solid elastic band. The last time was spinning on various tornados. When the bottom garagiste and has a complex rock alleviation, this specifically helps. Unlike common rewriters, Twister is much less subjected zatsepu. At depths of 4-5 meters is effective and justified to catch perch making use of snastochki different layouts. By the loss perch gathers in big groups and begin to feed. This is the most fertile time of catching big perch.

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