Pike angling in the betting risks

In winter season, the hunters of predators make use of different techniques and also methods. Some run around the reservoir with a lure, intending to catch a perch, others methodically and deliberately looking for a white fish with a jig, oblasova all kind of interesting areas of the tank.

Others choose evening searching for bream. Several fishermens make use of zhivtsovy rates. Each of these techniques has its advantages and disadvantages. Today we will speak about the nuances of wagering angling.

When the thickness of the ice shell from 4 inches, fishing you can go. Just such an ice without any troubles can withstand the fishermen as well as his complete equipment. Way out on the ice with thinner deals with an unforeseen swim.

By pervalidus predator is identified by the active food and also a superb action to live lure. The thicker the ice, the less energetic pike. In gluhozime killer consumes one every number of days. The dish have in the early morning (before dawn and also max to 11:00) and also night (from 16:00 to dark) hrs.

Recommendation: the exhibition 10 betting takes 30-40 minutes.

Often the very first bite make themselves recognized before dawn. In this situation, the bite is not noticeable, they are determined by flick-shot from the worked spring.

The choice of place for prices

An excellent area is the 80% guarantor excellent catch.

Pike describes ambush predators. Consequently, the price ought to be on stories with snags, hedges, reeds and other marine greenery, changes in midsts, the eyebrows.

Otherwise visible to the eye places sticking out above water greenery, have angling to start with deepness measurements. To look for distinctions of depths, holes, submerged grabs it is best to use a fish finder or deepness scale. The main regulation here is: much better to spend an extra time searching for fascinating locations than to put wagers randomly.

Placement prices Welcome the widest feasible placement prices of regarding 35 m between the deals with. Tip: extreme rate evaluated a distance equal to 200 m. This trick enables you to cover the largest possible location.

The area of the bait relative to the bottom

The height of the bait from all-time low– not less important consider establishing fishing success.

The lion’s share of fishermens establish the optimum place of the bait above the bottom in the list below way: put a sinker on the bed of the reservoir, make four or 5 turns of the coil as well as secure package. Usually, this technique failed. There is a reputable concern– why? It’s all in the nature of the place of the eyes of the predator. Pike sees far better around and also over him. As a result, it is proper to elevate the bait above the bottom half to one meter.

Depth of fishing

In gluhozime on little bodies of water, much overgrown in summertime, active rot, fall as well as die to the base of the algae. Because of this, at the bottom focuses the carbon dioxide, drives the fish.

Possible ways in this scenario:

  1. Lifting rigging with online bait higher up to the ice.
  2. Making use of the equipment without sinkers or with minimal freight. Baitfish will transfer to the place with the highest concentration of oxygen.

The second remedy has a large downside: the bait fish will certainly look for sanctuary, which can result in the complexity of the rigging.

The choice of lure for the price

Pike, according to popular belief, describes omnivorous killers. Its diet plan consists of ill, damaged, easy fish. The predator call a medic storage tanks.

Pike is omnivorous, it is typically not in a rush to get hold of the strange prospective target. As the live lure you need to pick the fish, which most in the fish pond.

Given the choices of pike offer area to the global online lure:

I. Roach. Even in the networks of the peat, which is not typical cockroach, pike often like the fish.

II. Carp. This is maybe one of the most steadfast of the bait.

III. Perch-Travnik.

IV. Rudd, silver bream, bream.

Lots of skilled anglers say that the typical fish does not function or shows the minimum outcome. From golola as a bait fish it is much better to reject, as we have this uncommon fish.

The subtleties of fishing on prices

With the energetic pike not a problem and also leave all the check boxes. What if the predator does not want to act? You can do the following:

1. To wish as well as wait forever luck.

2. Will certainly be charged with finding energetic, feeding fish.

It happens that the wager is worth an entire day without a bite, as well as at evening golden breaks out and brings the trophy pike, as well as often. When waiting the beginning of feeding of the pike, is likely to miss out on active pike in the 50-100 m to the side. As you can see, a simple solution, what tactic is better is impossible. Just how to be? You can observe the neighboring anglers. If they are dispersed throughout the fish pond and also they have, as they state, muffled, far better to stay put and wait to win. Option: 7 wagers to maintain fixed, and also with three to go in search of a predator.

If the next-door neighbors are succeeding, you can:

– wiggling live bait, raising buy as well as down;

– part of the bets to alter the depth;

– trying out kinds of bait;

– modification of location.

All the same, right away to leave their location not worth it. This is a severe instance. In wintertime the day is brief. As well as exploring new places needs a great deal of time.

Permutation bets

The accepted knowledge is that the pike is a loner, regulating their area as well as let various other animals in their belongings. And capture one pike, you need to change the opening, as nearby killer, probably not. At the same time, we require to understand that a full-fledged mistress of their ownerships is a large specimen– from 3 extra pounds.

Catching such a fish, in the area of bites you can no much longer wait. Appropriate transfer rate. If captured circumstances to 2 pounds, you can gamble to await the next bite, as fish of such a weight course (as well as listed below) a typical « tajnosti»». There is the probability of obtaining from one opening to four predators.

Betting angling is a very fun and also preferred kind of angling in our nation. This is the means that is easiest to catch a pike. Extremely frustrating tiny bodies of water, stuck packed with pins.

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