Pike fishing

In the autumn, angling for pike is very varied, reducing the day-to-day temperature level of the air and also water motivates the killer to much more active feeding. She scouring the pond searching for food and also swallows basically any lure offered.

But not everybody likes this kind of active rest ; catching pike in the live lure is also preferred. It commonly occurs that such an equipment will bring a decent trophy.

Angling of this type need to be performed with the appropriate gear, they need to have the ability to effectively put together. Prior to that, it is suggested to locate out which samplings of fish need to be relied on throughout this duration.

Float pole

Drift equipment is the most straightforward and also reliable, with its help you can go on a serene fish, and also on a predator. The formation of the gear is executed, beginning with what type of trophy they wish to obtain, for different occupants of the reservoir it will be different. Effective pike fishing on real-time bait in the fall includes the use of such elements for rigging:

element gear required qualities
pole You can utilize any kind of type as much as 5 m long, it is much better to choose from more powerful choices
only inertia-free choices with well-adjusted rubbing and sufficient power indications
the structure choice is offered to the cord, the density is chosen from 0.14-0.20 mm, the line is thicker from 0.25 mm to 0.45 mm
leash steel or Kevlar with excellent bursting efficiency, but at the exact same time soft, so as not to jam the online lure
hook depending on the dimension of online lure and also attributes of the reservoir, single hooks, twins and tees of good quality are utilized

Crucial! It is necessary to make use of a chain; without it, the pike can easily cut the basis of the angling line. The size of the chain is selected tool, not much less than 20 cm as well as with a slightly smaller sized breaking lots than the base.

invest capturing the water area both from the shore as well as from the boat, this tackle is considered global hereof.


In the autumn, pike are effectively caught on real-time lure as well as with the aid of a cup or a pike, this deal with can be placed on a fish pond only if there is a boat. It has couple of parts, includes:

  • level foam reel;
  • 10-20 m fishing line with a diameter of up to 0.6 mm;
  • steel lead 20-25 centimeters long;
  • weights, whose weight depends on source of income;
  • lock grains;
  • hooks for bait.

Cord for snap circles do not use, it does not make good sense. It is far better to take a line from inexpensive choices.

This approach allows you to capture a huge water area, the circles can be positioned in close proximity to reeds, bushes, branches, koryag, where the pike is normally waiting on victim.

Suggestion! Prior to using homemade foam circles it is required to repaint one of the parties in a bright color, usually red or carrot. Next, the deal with is set to make sure that when attacking, the colored part is above, and also it will be clear where the pike suched as the lure.

Various other deals with for live bait are less ideal, as practice shows, it is with these you can capture prize samplings of pike.

Selecting an area

Fishing for pike on online lure in the fall is planned a lot earlier, since the start of summer an actual angler starts to look closely at fish ponds and lakes, river swimming pools and backwaters. The ichthyofauna of the picked place is thoroughly researched, the “density” of the populace is determined with each check out to the tank.

The best areas in which angling will definitely succeed have such attributes:

  • ponds and also fish ponds, the deepness of which will disappear than 2 m;
  • bayous as well as pools with marginal circulation, with thick reeds near the shore and also vegetation in the water.

Instantly it deserves writing off possible fishing places, where there is a great deal of perch as well as running water, in the fall duration this particular local of the storage tank will not allow the pike to access the lure.

Specific attention should be paid to the “gill holders” of a small size as well as a depth of up to 1.5 m. If in springtime and also summertime there will be a variety of fish spilling, then by the loss, there will be no person left besides the hungry pike.

Catch fish

Each accumulated gear will certainly not work if utilized without real-time lure. A tiny fish will certainly be a superb lure for toothy predators in the fall, the main thing is that it continues to be active longer.

The suitable alternative would certainly be to catch a fish in the same pond, in which it is prepared to catch pike for real-time bait. For the killer, it will certainly be the common food, which she banquets each day. Depending on the tank as lure can be:

  • perch;
  • roach;
  • Karasiki;
  • high water;
  • rudd;
  • minnows.

It is much better not to use ruffles for such purposes, sharp fins can severely injure both the fisherman himself as well as scare off the predator.

Essential! You should not make use of bumpy fish or dead online lure, you simply will not be able to intrigue the pike with such a “special”, but frighten it off conveniently.

Live bait fish

One of one of the most vital aspects in capturing pike with this technique is effectively planted live bait.

You can equip an active fish with numerous hooks:

  • one of the most typical is a hook over the dorsal fin;
  • a double or a tee is passed through the gills; for this objective, a hook without a chain is immediately positioned in the fish, as well as just after that is attached;
  • Equipping with both nostrils as well as lips will be just as reliable.

Anglers with experience recommend using a snap with a solitary hook for angling in still water, however to make use of tees as well as twins on the program.

It doesn’t matter which method of fishing for pike on live bait was chosen in the fall, the technique stays the exact same: casting, attacking, stop, cutting, vyvazhivanie. Such a series should constantly be, otherwise the pike will simply spit out the bait or cut off the hook and also chain on the base.

Yet there are some subtleties that can puzzle also an experienced fishermen, they must be researched in more information:

  • Usually, when fishing on a float deal with, the pike promptly gets hold of the bait and also takes it some range away. Awaiting 8-10 secs, carry out reducing and also begin to capture the catch.
  • It occurs that the capture of real-time lure occurs differently, the float will certainly begin, then disappear for a few secs under water, after that re-emerge. You ought to not execute the cutting at this moment, it is essential to maintain a time out as much as a min.
  • The float can persuade from side to side for 30-60 secs. At such moments, the fishermen, as well, have to wait, the pike is played with real-time bait, transforms him about with his face to swallow better. As quickly as the float starts to gradually relocate any kind of instructions, it is immediately worth making a serif.

A crucial factor when fishing on float gear is the equilibrium as well as the full absence of rush. Just having actually managed to withstand all the essential stops, everybody will have a trophy.

It is simpler to catch cups, in this method, the important point is to place the live bait correctly, for this objective it is set at a height of 15-20 centimeters from the bottom, fix the fishing line in the port on the foam plastic and wait for a coup.

Features of angling on online bait in the fall

It is possible to utilize online lure to catch pike in spring as well as autumn, in summertime this type of deal with will not function quite possibly.

From capturing promptly after the loss of ice, the fall will have numerous differences and also features:

  • The dimension of real-time bait: in springtime they use a very little fish, autumn angling will certainly require even more samplings.
  • The quality of the components utilized for tools: in the fall, you require to take more trustworthy cords, fishing lines, leashes.
  • Accordingly, the lure and also hooks are utilized larger.
  • In the autumn, extra online lure can be outfitted with a three-way hook in the tail area.

Tip! It is not essential to use a large live lure, it can frighten also a large specimen of a predator.

Currently it ended up being clear just how to catch a pike on online bait correctly, the process is rather fascinating and productive. The main thing is that the deal with does not let you down, and also the angler’s self-constraint has not fallen short.

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