Pike trolling

Among all approaches of predator angling in water bodies of various types, just trolling causes such a fierce response, with both adverse as well as favorable. Some are extremely keen on driving on an electric motor, while likewise capturing a pike, or perhaps more than one.

There are challengers of this sort of fishing. Like it or otherwise, the engine works on fuel, and also this contaminates the water location and terrifies its citizens. A newbie does not understand these debates, let’s learn in more information what trolling is as well as what is needed for this type of fish capture.

Trolling is called killer fishing on synthetic baits on a rotating pole from a watercraft on a motor. Continuously throwing is not essential and also the uploading here does not matter, the lure is simply dragged along the watercraft.

This method captures various killers:

  • Pike
  • zander;
  • the quantity

Perch additionally stumble upon often, as well as all the fish captured are usually big.

The nuances of trolling

Without a craft, trolling will definitely not function, this is the highlight of such angling. There are numerous nuances that each fishermen uncovers for himself in the angling process. Nevertheless, in order to get the trophy for the first time in the selected water location, you require to know something regarding such fishing.

Those that have at least when been interested in trolling know that one of the most successful time of the year for this lesson is fall, however in various other seasons this can be done no much less efficiently.

According to fishermens with experience, it is best to trolling:

  • in very early spring prior to the spawning restriction;
  • from the 2nd fifty percent of August to November;
  • in winter, in open water, till it is covered with ice.

Make use of extra durable equipment that can endure considerable loads. In addition to trophy fish this way, grabs frequently “fall” onto the hook, normal hooks for trees fallen under the water. That is why in order not to shed equipment it is necessary to make use of top notch parts.

It is far better to utilize bigger baits; a little predator might merely not discover it.

Frequently made use of as bait:

  • voblera;
  • large silicone.

Rewriter for trolling on a pike is rarely made use of, however occasionally it’s a huge oscillator that can stand out in the proper means as well as entice a killer from an ambush.

Collecting equipment

For successful fishing by trolling, along with preparing a boat with an electric motor, you need to take care of well-assembled equipment ahead of time. To do this, you must consult with even more knowledgeable partners or research the subject yourself.

For trolling you will require:

  • spinning space;
  • top quality coil;
  • solid foundation.

Exactly how to select the best parts? Next, we will examine each of the above points in more information.


Trolling experts with experience understand that for this approach of capture, stiff, little plug-in poles are made use of. It is required to choose based upon the parameters of the tank and also the fish that live there. The larger the individuals and also the greater the deepness, the much more powerful the pole is needed.

indicators specs
length from 1.4 m to 2.4 m
material carbon or composite
examination from 15 g to 150 g

For deep water tanks, some even use Crocodiles with test worths approximately 200 g.

Advice! Telescopic types are used only on ponds, and then rarely. Such a type is much more lightweight, it will not be able to withstand heavy lots as well as just breaks at the first hook.


The coil is picked, beginning with the form, choice must be offered to power versions. A wonderful option for trolling is the animator, yet do not forget that you need to acquire an unique fishing pole for it.

Ordinary inertialess ones are a terrific choice for trolling, however experienced anglers advise placing models with a byte-runner. It is convenient to make use of such a coil, it has exceptional power signs, the capability of the spindle is all high, the cable can be wound up to 350 m.

The number of bearings matters, in the reel for fishing tacos there must be at least 4 and also plus one in the angling line.

Before buying, you should twist the selected design, it must go conveniently and without extraneous audios.


When collecting take on, you need to not ignore the base, below it is better to provide choice to a knotted cord, and also its density ought to be good.

As currently pointed out, trolling often generates a killer of excellent dimension, so the basis must not just hold up against the prize itself. The jerks of large fish are really solid, in order to keep them you need not only a high-grade reel, yet additionally a solid base. The cord for trolling is set from 0.22 m in random sample, a suitable option is an eight-core camp with discontinuous signs from 18 kg.

Thinner choices will certainly not function, when hooking or notching a large fish, the cable will certainly not be able to endure jerks as well as simply burst.

Additional accessories

Along with these standard elements for effective angling by this technique, it is needed to have some additional parts.

To name a few points, you need to stock up:

  • chains, it is recommended to take steel from a guitar string;
  • holds like an American, if damaged, they will be necessary to protect a brand-new bait;
  • swivels, they need to constantly remain in the toolbox and also on any kind of fishing.

It’s not worth speaking about the series of attractions, every angler understands that everybody should have trolling wobblers.

An important component will certainly be a watercraft, typically a boat with an electric motor. Usage both rubber and also metal boats of numerous dimensions with motors of various powers.

Trolling Lures: Top 10

Having gathered the take on and also checked the boat, you ought to not fish, due to the fact that there is no more important thing, baits. Wobblers for pike are chosen according to various criteria, much of which straight depend on the storage tank and the desired prize responsible.

The attractions are divided into global as well as narrowly targeted, every one of them are utilized with equal success at different times of the year.

Next, take into consideration the most effective wobblers for trolling on a pike, namely the top 10:

  • Salmo Hornet belong to global lures for trolling, this fish will certainly not go undetected by pike, neither perch, neither catfish, nor perch. The killer responds well to the high-frequency consistent game of the wobbler, it is convenient for them to capture the sides, breaks, expanded ditches at the bottom of the reservoir. The series is created in 9 designs; lures from 4 centimeters long are utilized for trolling. Some fishermens make a garland of this kind of lure. The wobbler will go deep at 2-4 m.
  • Halco Sorcerer is recognized amongst trolling enthusiasts as a purely pike bait, working at a deepness of 8 m. It will prove to be best on river beds, unloads, pits, at the side. Most often, models from 6.8 cm are used, nevertheless, the model range has a wobbler as well as 15 centimeters long. They are made use of to capture large pike in huge storage tanks and also big rivers. The wobbler is made from resilient plastic, coated with top notch varnish, which is not scared of pike teeth. In addition, the wobbler is furnished with a sound chamber, which when electrical wiring produces a noise that is so bothersome to the killer.
  • Rapala Deep Tail Dancer is recognized to every trolling fishermen, some experts in this company have a number of versions. They are made use of for pike angling, they will certainly react completely to prize perch, pikeperch, catfish, asp. Ideal for catching the depths at which large fish stand. Wobblers are produced in 3 sizes: 7 centimeters, 9 centimeters, 11 cm, the biggest will certainly catch also 11-meter pits without troubles. A wobbler is made from balsa, after that it is treated a number of times with an unique finishing. Usage in late autumn will be the most successful.
  • Yo-Zuri Cristal Minnow Deep Diver is the deepest wobbler in the top, the design is usually captured by the largest specimens of pike. In addition, catfish, zander and also humpback are usually thrown at the lure. The crystals have three sizes: 9 cm, 11 cm, 13 cm, it is simple to differentiate them from the remainder, they have actually a long extended, a little curved body. An inner loading system ensures steady procedure under all conditions. The wobbler has a lot of shades, this enables you to select the most successful for a single reservoir with its own features.
  • Bombing Plane Deep Long A has actually long remained in demand among fishers, the primary advantages are excellent efficiency as well as sensible expense. The wobbler operates at good midsts, with it, network areas, pits, gets to, gets to, whirlpools, ditches are caught in the fall. With its game, the lure will certainly fall under the eye not just of the starved pike, humpback, catfish and pikeperch respond flawlessly to it, the asp is less most likely to respond. A wobbler is made from high-strength plastic with a top quality finish in the length of 8.9 centimeters as well as 11.4 cm. The bigger one is able to dive to midsts of as much as 7 m, the smaller fish will catch areas up to 5 m.
  • Salmo Perch come from the timeless trolling appeals, not without reason they are called the most appealing wobblers for pike. The design variety is presented in different dimensions, while each has its very own qualities and features. There are sinking, floating and also neutral buoyancy versions. They are additionally distinguished by deepness, the optimum lure can dive approximately 7 m deep. Along with pike, the wobbler is also eye-catching for zander, as well as catfish. A distinctive feature of the Perch is its stability despite having strong currents and also waves.
  • Strike Pro Crankee Runner deep-sea wobbler, with the ability of diving on 6-8 m, is ideal for angling in medium and big water arteries. On tanks and also medium lakes, perch, pike perch, as well as, much less typically, catfish will certainly be interested. A function of the bait is its work just on the active predator, it will certainly not intrigue easy fish. That is why it is best to use it from mid-autumn up until the cold. A harmonizing system is hidden under the plastic situation, the wobbler’s coating is immune to the predator’s sharp teeth. Amongst the favorable features you require to highlight a budget-friendly rate.
  • Bombing plane Fat A is an actual awesome of pike on medium and small rivers, in addition to small lakes and also tanks. With a size of 5 centimeters, the wobbler plunges 2.5 m right into the water column and also there proactively draws in killers with its body. Experienced fishermen keep in mind that this specific roll will certainly operate at any rate as well as no matter fishing problems. Use it from springtime to late autumn.
  • Rapala Husky Jerk is an universal version for both trolling as well as casting. They mostly capture a pike with a wobbler, the functioning deepness is 1-2.5 m. The video game is medium-sized with tool amplitude, it is supplied by a practically round as well as tiny shovel. The wobbler belongs to the suspenders, flawlessly holds the collection depth, in addition draws in fish with the help of a sound chamber.
  • Salmo Pike original bait from this supplier. Its manufacturing was based upon the truth that in the fall the pike became a cannibal, it eats its minimal brothers without a twinge of principles. Wobblers copying tiny pikes show themselves flawlessly in the fall, trolling with them is always efficient. The model range varies, the size is from 9 to 16 cm, and also the depth will differ. Minimum pike will certainly go per meter, up to an optimum of 8 m. The game is mid-frequency with a small amplitude, which allows the bait to work completely for any type of current. They make lure from balsa and cover it with top notch paints as well as varnishes that are resistant to sharp teeth of any kind of predator.

This is the 10 best wobblers for trolling with a quick summary of each. It is rewarding to recognize that having one of the options is inadequate, there must go to least 6-8 of them, furthermore, in different dimensions, with various midsts as well as various colors.

Suggestions! Experienced anglers suggest that they have at least 2 loads different appeals of this type in their arsenal for state-of-the-art fishing.

The subtleties of picking trolling attractions

It is not essential to capture a killer on the lure, which were explained in the past, wobblers on the pike, particularly for trolling, you can get various other suppliers.

The present fishing tackle market is really rich in a range of lures, consisting of wobblers.

It will certainly be difficult for a beginner to pick up catchy alternatives for trolling, recognizing some specifications to identify in abundance will be less complicated:

  • for trolling, a wobbler is suitable with both a large shovel as well as a typical one;
  • the color can be really various, regularly they are selected from acidic ones, but natural shades should also remain in package;
  • the body of the lure can be either round or extended;
  • I select more weight, too light will simply leap out when fishing;
  • sinking versions are better not to take, drifting as well as suspenders will certainly be the very best alternatives.

Each fisherman comprehends the remaining subtleties when creating experience.

It is simple to choose lure for pike for trolling, the important point is to understand the criteria of the storage tank where the angling will certainly happen, as well as the preferences of the fish from this area.

The capture of a toothy predator is performed in various ways, each of which is fascinating and also distinct in its own way. Trolling pike recently acquiring appeal among enthusiasts of spinning. Using this technique, you can obtain a prize sampling, while you do not need to make special initiatives. However, not all anglers know what trolling is and what the essence of such fishing is. To recognize the essentials, as well as to discover a few of the nuances of this technique, we offer below.

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