Rigging for pike on the float with live bait

What gear we require:

Rod. Will certainly fit definitely any « stick » in the Arsenal. The typical float rod, or old, failed to remember spinning. For comfort, suggest to use the telescope, it is much more mobile during transport. Length is not vital, yet when fishing from a watercraft is preferable to a brief pole. If angling is performed from coast, overgrown by trees and also shrubs — — a short rod is the very best selection. Packetlove comfortable when angling from the coast, allowing you to throw a tackle.

Coil. Spindle utilize any type of available. Excess of 3 thousand, the reel with the spindle in 1500 match any kind of. Recall, this is not feeder fishing at a range of 80 meters from the coast. Believe me, in the towns captured on the least expensive of the inertia reel as well as fish not much less.

Monofilnaya timber. Take the middle ground 0.25 mm Diameter fishing line depends on the weight of the fish. Stand pike and will certainly not be his dimension to frighten a wary killer. If your ponds live trophy fish, intending to catch them put 0.35 dia.

Leash. Make sure to furnish the gear chain. Will conserve you from shedding fish. Pike easily just get the line without a leash. Will encourage to provide the easiest, verified option: twisted steel string. Having experience of making use of various other fluorocarbon chain, posadochnogo material or Kevlar — — do not hesitate to place it.

Hook. Do not make use of dinamiki. Made use of hooks equivalents if the lure is tiny in dimension. If the bait is big enough, use a tee. The dimension of the used tee size 10-12 would certainly be optimal.

Float. Among one of the most essential components in a snap. The float needs to be repaired in a sliding way. Put in between 6 as well as 15 grams, relying on: in still water or existing, for a fast, sluggish or moderate for is angling. Much more for — — even more the ability of the float.

Cargo. Float take on is not without weight. Take an olive, selecting her from an area of angling (previous paragraph). The best way to figure out the weight of a sinker is to put it in a 3rd of the weight of the float.

Correct rigging is done as complies with:

Use moving alternative, which has a variety of advantages:

  1. Allows you to make long-distance spreading.
  2. Pike not feeling the resistance takes the lure extra with confidence.

Schema snap-in float fishing rods, everything is basic and also clear. Unnecessary remarks are not required. What are the methods of the nozzles bait Through the gills. It is thought about the most safe method when fishing pike about integrity. Offers really high percentage of hook when striking. It is this: the chain is placed with the gills and pulled out of the mouth of the fish. To a leash linked double and also the string is stretched up until the entire hook is concealed in the mouth of the baitfish. It is very important that two stinger extended from the bottom of the mouth as tiny tusks (see picture).

Back under the fin or lip.

Extremely easy means. One hook is placed with the top lip with the pointer up. Either one stinger under the leading fin, the second just there. Last pretty flexible means, enabling the fish long enough to be in a living as well as moving condition, suggest to make use of in standing water (it provides the bait more practical). Bead as in the image can hang up. Also, in order to raise the possibilities of a lengthy remain fish responsible.

Under the skin.

Difficult enough method needs that the angler’s ability. The leash is connected to the needle, threaded via the base of the tail of the bait fish under the scales and withdrawn at first of the dorsal fin (photo illustrated). Considered a reliable way with high performance. Practice and you will certainly require to do it right.

What sort of fish you make use of as bait:
  • Rotan
  • Fry pike
  • Perch
  • Cockroach
  • Rudd
  • Stark

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