September pike fishing

Fishing for pike in the autumn is really fascinating as well as effective, frequently they utilize spinning poles with various appeals for capturing a toothy citizen. It is difficult to distinguish any kind of specific ones, since throughout this period the pike hurries at virtually whatever.

The task of pike is clarified by a decrease in the temperature level program of air and water, in addition

, the killer senses the technique of wintertime and also tries to stroll the fat over the winter season. Killer activity will certainly vary by month, as well as this can be stood for in the complying with table:

monthhabits featuresSeptemberpike arises from the pits on early morning and also evening dawn, proactively consumes throughout rainfall as well as in gloomy weatherOctobersubstantially lowering the air enables the pike to be energetic almost all day, angling will bring good luck relatively small midstsNovemberworsening weather will certainly contribute to the capture of prize samplings, will certainly bring the outcome of angling deep places and also leaves from wintering pits

Plumping pike starts around mid-October, however this duration is highly based on weather conditions. As quickly as the air temperature is set at no more than 18 heat throughout the day, the killer actively begins to feed. Yes, and also the duration is various, frequently zhor lasts up until the freezing.

Gear collection

Unique deals with are used for catching fall pike, during this period the killer is aggressive, as well as angling ought to be accomplished at respectable midsts. Based on these functions, the option of elements ought to be suitable.


Catching a pike on a spinning pole in the fall works, but just in the case when it is feasible to catch substantial midsts. This is where a toothy citizen will hide behind the representatives of her diet plan.

Angling requires making use of substantial cargo, which implies that you require to capture pike in the fall on rods with great spreading performance.

In the fall, poles with the adhering to qualities are utilized:

  • the size depends upon where the fishing will certainly be carried out: a minimum of 2.4 m long is used from the coast, rotating approximately 2 m appropriates for the watercraft;
  • the minimum casting weight often exceeds 7 g, so a test of 10-30 g or 15-40 g is perfect;
  • you must pick from carbon plugs, your hand will certainly not obtain tired of them, also if you fish the entire day.

A form with these parameters is ideal for pike angling in the fall.


Autumn angling for pike on a spinning usually brings trophy samplings of a killer. It is inadequate to find a toothy homeowner, after that it is additionally required to take it out, and without a top notch coil it is barely feasible to do this.

To accumulate gear for the loss, a reel is chosen with the adhering to indicators:

  • spool no much less than 3000 sizes;
  • the presence of a metal spool, which is utilized as the major angling;
  • the variety of bearings plays an essential role, for a spinning equipment you need at the very least 3, preferably 5-7.

The gear ratio is better to select extra, choice should be offered to the choices of 6.2: 1.


Many utilize the usual monk, but it typically after a number of fishing rotates as well as obtains perplexed. The very best alternative is a knotted cord; for autumn angling, it is much better to choose an option of 8 threads. He with very little density will stand up to exceptional loads, which indicates the pike will not leave without a doubt.


Usually, forming a tackle, anglers make chains on their own, they make use of swivels, holds, winding rings. Yes, and on the lure itself, the hooks can become dull, which will adversely impact the detection of a killer. To avoid cliffs and also to precisely protect the tackle undamaged, it is needed to make use of just premium installations.

Purchase fasteners, swivels, rings just from trusted producers, and you ought to not minimize tees as well as hooks of a different type.

The lead product is also important, making use of fluorocarbon throughout this period is not a good idea.

The best choices are:

  • tungsten;
  • steel;
  • titanium.

Lots of favor the string. Such a leash can be built without extra fittings, on a twist. Anglers with experience nonetheless suggest using at the very least a swivel in order to prevent tangling.

Having collected deal with from such components, the angler will absolutely have the ability to get the trophy and find.

The option of attractions

In the fall, pike baits are used for a variety of lures, all of it depends upon climate condition and the tank. Fishermen do not recommend especially bothering concerning this, when the pike eats, it hurries at almost everything that it is offered to.

One of the most reliable are thought about:

  • oscillating spinners such as Atom, Pike, Perch, Lady from Spineks, acoustic rewriters of the exact same kind work well;
  • big turntables, No. 4 and also even more with acid blossoms;
  • large wobblers from 7 centimeters as well as more, with the deepening must be from 1.5 m and also even more;
  • baits for capturing pike on a jig-head, with which both acidic and also natural colors are suitable;
  • foam fish in a jig or balanced out with a cheburashka.

Throughout this period, trolling will bring prizes, for this type of angling with a watercraft only wobblers with adequate depth are made use of, the coloring can be really varied.

The subtleties of fishing by month

In the autumn, we picked up the lure for pike on a rotating pole, but for a successful catch it is worth knowing one more subtlety. The predator will behave differently in each of the autumn months, so it’s beneficial to first find out when the pike pecks better in the fall as well as which draws will be one of the most appealing.


To capture pike in the fall, particularly, its excellent end result in September, it is necessary to know and also use the complying with nuances:

  • Immediately after a cold wave, you should not fish, it is far better to wait 10-14 days for the water to cool;
  • it is better to use medium-sized attractions, one of the most catchy are turntables, wobblers as well as silicone;
  • capturing of the coastal area will be effective, throughout this period the pike will certainly eat the thickets of reeds, and then most likely to close-by pits.

Catching pike in September for rotating is performed on lighter equipment, a cable of 0.14 mm in size is fairly sufficient, and the appeals are not very hefty.


Cooling creates the fish to move in search of food to a depth, the plant life in superficial water has actually already passed away out. Adhering to a tranquil fish, a killer will certainly likewise move, so spinningists pay more attention to deep-sea areas in a pond.

Effective angling with tiny baits will certainly not be. During this duration, preference must be offered to larger choices.

Will certainly function completely:

  • acid-colored coarse silicone;
  • wobbler from 9 cm dyne;
  • turning baiters of substantial dimension.

The electrical wiring is much more aggressive, shiver is excellent.


Appropriately chosen lure for pike angling this loss month will certainly be the secret to catch prize samplings of a killer. Trolling will certainly be effective, it is in this way that it will turn out to be of rate of interest to those that have already sank to the bottom, consisting of large size ones.

Casting throughout this duration does not work much, although it all depends on weather conditions. If ice has not fettered fish ponds, then you can fish for a long period of time in different means.

Useful pointers as well as tricks

To be sure to capture it, you ought to know and also use some tricks:

  • it is far better to use a cord for angling, and its density relies on the examination criteria of the empty as well as the estimated catch;
  • a lead in the loss is a must, a twisted string would be the very best choice;
  • for angling, wobblers of numerous shapes as well as sizes are used, however choice is provided to larger designs;
  • an outstanding variant of the lure will be a spider, it is it that is most preferred among fans of fall rotating;
  • for trolling, you need stronger tools, and it is far better to utilize a coil with inertia with a multiplier or a byturner.

For the remainder, you can securely depend on your own instinct and also feel free to improvisate while fishing.

The tricks of capturing pikes on rotating in the fall are disclosed, it continues to be only to use them in practice.

With the arrival of the long-awaited air conditioning, the majority of fish become energetic after the summer season, this boosts their catch. For autumn pike fishing for spinning, you don’t require to have unique abilities, there should be properly constructed deal with and also a sufficient variety of lures.

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