Spawning ban, fines

In order to preserve a sufficient number of ichthyogens in lots of reservoirs of our nation, a generating restriction on the catch of particular kinds of fish has actually been in effect considering that early April.

This norm was developed and also presented after a substantial reduction in fish resources. Now the number of fish in water bodies is gradually normalizing, yet many do not understand regarding the restriction and continue to fish.

It is in this instance that fish guidance can apply administrative policies to the fisherman, according to which they will certainly need to pay a fine, and in some cases the wrongdoer will even deal with criminal obligation.

From a biology program, each of us recognizes that fish have a spawning period, and also it was at this moment that they generate, from which fry will certainly later arise. According to the legislation, during the spawning period, the catch of pike and also other fish varieties is entirely banned or has considerable constraints on the equipment used. Beginner fishers ought to understand that lack of knowledge of the legislation does not excluded from liability. The penalty for capturing pikes will need to be paid in full.

It needs to be comprehended that there are several regions in our country, it is impossible to establish a restriction on fishing at the same time all over, because spring comes with various times. Before going angling, you must initially find out even more information concerning the prohibitions as well as limitations in the picked region, so that the arrival of fish guidance is not a surprise.

The size of penalties for pike to generate or for other offenses is also set totally separately by area.

The subtleties of angling throughout generating

Not always a fine act is issued for catching pike during spawning. In many regions, fishing with amateur equipment is permitted, yet some prohibitions are still existing.

In the « month of silence» is forbidden:

  • to go on tanks in boats with a motor and on oars;
  • drive closer to the reservoir by transport than 200 m from the coast;
  • catch fish in generating areas;
  • make use of greater than 2 hooks on one amateur take on.

These are the major restrictions, relying on the region, they can be supplemented as well as clarified.

In order not to become a poacher, you need to recognize who you can capture and what gear. We think about all the subtleties listed below.

What equipment is enabled to utilize

It is permitted to capture pike in the spawning period, however you require to know what equipment to make use of. Additionally, you should meticulously approach the selection of place.

Permitted gear can be provided in table kind.

permitted gear forbidden equipment
pop shop with one hook 2 or more hooks drift
solitary crochet rotating empty spinning on the track
single hook feeder bait angling
any tackle with a metal chain

It’s not a ban in all for zergirls; such deal with need to wait in the wings, along with a zakidka.

Where to capture

You can catch pike during generating in all tanks with the equipment explained over, yet not in generating grounds. In each region, it is recommended where the fish goes to throw eggs; there, the capture of any kind of ichthyol is entirely forbidden.

How can I catch

Is it feasible to capture pike from a boat during spawning period? The regulation restricts this categorically, not just a penalty is enforced for the violation, yet likewise confiscation of the boat and also equipment.

Angling is carried out only from the coastline.

Spawning catch limits

The duration of the spawning restriction generally lasts a month, yet in each region the authorities deserve to decide when and also wherefore period to set restrictions. It all relies on the temperature level as well as the specific actions of the fish in the fish pond.

On paid storage tanks there is no restriction on spawning or other seasonal constraints.


Amongst conscientious fishermen there is an unformulated legislation, to launch any fish with relish if it obtained very little damages to tackle. If, nonetheless, an individual captured in the generating site is removed, after that the fish examination will suggest a penalty during the evaluation.

Bottom line

The regulation of the Russian Federation offers financial fines for catching fish with caviar in the wrong place or for restricted equipment in the quantity of

  • from 3 to 300 thousand rubles;
  • if the capture happened from a craft, after that it is gotten rid of in addition to the gear made use of.

In instance of non-payment of the penalty for fishing within the recommended period, a charge is charged, and traveling abroad is purely restricted. Furthermore, a methodical infraction of legislations can lead to criminal responsibility.

Spearfishing provides for entirely different penalties and also constraints; it is purely prohibited to utilize this sort of catch.

Recent additions to the law

In April, the most up to date changes to the regulation on the spawning restriction were presented. According to the legal act, a “month of silence” is compulsory throughout the nation, during which the catch of any type of fish is strictly restricted in lots of areas. Considerable penalties as well as other administrative fines are offered the violation.

Can fines be stayed clear of and angling during spawning?

Is it possible to capture a pike throughout the tossing period or is it better to abandon such a pastime for a while? Pike capture can happen any time of the year, the main point is to choose the ideal location for this. In spawning premises this is purely prohibited by regulation, but there are other angling places.

No penalty is dreadful if the water location is caught offshore, while the equipment consists of one hook, and also the automobile is left more than 200 m from the water’s edge.

If you fished throughout the spawning period, you should carefully pick the equipment for this pastime, bear in mind that shooting from a hunting rifle under water is purely banned, and also you can just capture with one hook. It must be recognized that this is not the impulses of the authorities, but a required action to maintain the population of different species of fish in the storage tanks of our country as well as treat this with understanding.

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