Spinning in gluhozime

Winter in our area actually does not intend to deliver his area to the spring. In the day when I had the ability to get out angling, the climate, to place it slightly, not pleased with: 16 degrees below no and also the wind 6-10 m/s.

But unless it can quit the spinner, which, for various reasons, in fact, the month was not out angling!.?.!? Of training course not!

And after that let’s go

! Educating Getting ready for the winter season fishermen is probably the essential variable for a successful and also most importantly comfy fishing. The initial thing I want to draw attention to is the cable. Or rather its therapy. No « you reach the area and process» will not assist You only in the evening, and also only then You will really feel the distinction. The advantage of a range of silicone greases is currently possible to buy at every step.

The second is the choke ring to Your rotating. Yes, currently is the time that every producer aims to stay on top of convenience, in the form of poles, are installed such rings, one gets the feeling that they are capable of cold even in summertime. As well as it is absolutely not our option. For winter functions, under various conditions, I use three rotating: old 822-Oh from Major Craft Crostage; terminated Black Side from Maximus; and also with this period are Orange Twiching Point from O. S. p., incidentally, I mosted likely to this angling.

3rd — — naturally, the clothing. I repeat that comfort is the important point you need to accomplish for this kind of angling. In some cases you have to conquer a certain distance, in the truest feeling of words — — to the waistline in the snow. And also if You’re dressed, I’m sorry « like a penguin », then I doubt significantly that this trip will certainly offer You satisfaction. Yes, for sure You will certainly be warm, but to actively throw a spinning as well as to move a great deal, it will undoubtedly be unpleasant.


Arrived on the scene, I’m fairly late. I intended to see the river an entirely different kind, however difficult climate condition as well as lack of lorry that can easily carry on snow-covered roadways, compelled forced to choose. Short ««» paving » paths in the snow just over the knee, as well as ultimately I have water. Snow, wind as well as cold, at the moment, provides me wish that getting at the very least one tail, would be the genuine miracle.

And that is why, without assuming, I begin with the « Green Chinese» from O. S. p. in the 90-th size is a Wobbler for the last 2 years, this river became a genuine favorite with me. It was not there! A place that for several years brought ««»fruits », unconditionally declined to please me, even the smallest jab the lure. What to do? Look! Yeah, not the very best weather condition and also time of year to locate fish, yet where to go? So I’m simply not going to surrender!

Change Wobbler to less « enormous » — placed 85th from HMKL K1, wanting to capture, at least for the bass, and also essentially alter the location shallower. Right here, in this site, in fact you’ve got areas of lawn that might involve the Parking serene fish. As you understand, where there’s prey somewhere close-by should be a killer.

As well as, this time, ««» chuyka » I absolutely did not dissatisfy! Already on the 2nd cast, after transforming the place, before the camera lens of my phone, sported the really overweight as well as very first, candy striped burglar. As well as the next as well as all little pike, which most certainly pleased with his spirited resistance and significantly raised my state of mind. Well, hunch with the right trick, or the best place? Discovering the remains of turf, which is really slightly off, gone along with by the coast of this tiny river, I ultimately located as well as perch, which is extremely stable on this day, delighted me with bites. And attacking…

… Oh, it’s just beyond words! Allow my « fish starvation» and also really missed those anglings, through uninteresting and also sluggish winter months, but spirited bite and also you just can’t. Striped, assaulting all-time low of my tee appeal, defeating with such force that the back tee, generally Bouncing off the body or fin of a killer. Well, as such a journey can not be enjoyable? With a lot of attacks as well as the adrenaline, I didn’t focus on the weather, while my limbs to freeze totally, compeling me to go home.

The results

Of course, such fishing day to remember. Properly betting on the striped robber, I’m plainly not lost — — bass, definitely actively feeding prior to spawning than efficiently managed to make use of me. Well, what about pike? Pike, incidentally, was captured only one — — as well as exactly how to clarify it, sorry, I do not recognize.

No, a few of the attacks were near the coastline, however actually it constantly finished commonplace oversight. Why? I repeat: I do Not understand. I think angling was an actual success and without the existence of the hook the toothy predator! As well as, certainly, you intend to come back, as well as repeat, immediately…

… Thank you for Your focus! No tail, You no ranges!

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