Spring fishing for gudgeon from April to might on a float

Since childhood years, kept in mind moments record fantastic fish minnow. However veteran anglers today are on the search for him. From late April through may, spring begins angling for gudgeon on the float pole. Be entitled to such attention gudgeon

With the enlightenment of the water the fish started to actively feed near the coast, as in the tributaries that move right into fish ponds and also the ponds on sandy or sand-gravel base. Commonly the fish captured in the location of the coastlines when fishing the lure various other fish.

The minnow spawns in late April– early may. Right now, the minnows thick flocks of garbage on the sand or near the dam pieces as well as boulders than attract a range of predators– Rotana, pike, perch.

Spring tackle for capturing fish in April and may

A week after spawning, the fish begins to bite well in the mouths of moving into the fish ponds tributaries, in the heart of dams as well as spillways on the easy rod with a float, outfitted with lightest snap-in:

  • The float must take with the examination to 1.5 g,
  • Basic scaffold– 0.1 mm in diameter,
  • Leash– with a diameter of 0.08 mm,
  • Hook– No. 15-18.

In the spring, the fish usually bite eagerly, as well as discovered that it takes an excellent after the initial moisten the component of a worm, a lot of bloodworms, as well as by the end of might and some plant suggestions, in particular on the pellets of white bread. Capture generally the fast way or the sluggish publishing, blowing nozzle near the bottom or dragging it along the bottom.

Where to catch minnows in the spring in April as well as may

Great to capture minnows near the dam, where there is a recognizable pull of the tide, and also on rocky-sandy base below the dam. At the Tsaritsyno fish ponds a great deal of fish caught in the area of the spillway of the dam Top and also the Bottom of the pond. The bunch minnow for their habitat frequently pick hollows in all-time low in the form of pits and also ditches in the side of a strong jet or listed below the main flow, where the rapid current moves in a sluggish.

In the second fifty percent of might successfully catch the fish in the small tributaries. For this angler can be found in zapadnom overalls or high boots in the water, standing above the habitat of the minnow, and also grabs the dregs from the bottom. Gudgeon normally fast taking place a rapid flow, so capture it with a short rod is means short of the circuitry attachments. Such angling is fascinating.

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