Spring fishing walleye: ice as well as open water

In the opinion of most of anglers to capture walleye in the spring, especially finally ice, and also only without ice, open water, really negative. Several anglers as well as not trying to hunt for Fang right now.

This is greatly triggered by transforming the usual habitat of the fish as well as the unpredictability of bite at this time around of year, which sometimes leads to bad catches even prior to the fish spawning or during poslenebesnogo Jora.

Just a couple of anglers can show off stable outcomes of the springtime walleye angling.

Angling for walleye on the last ice

To capture walleye in early spring is commonly feasible with ice. Currently normally simply begins melting snow and also ice, and also sparkling water are in the river, food for fish and oxygen. Because of this come to life iced up in time gluhozime water citizens. Small fish moved to the areas where the streams flow into the tank of fresh water, as well as followed her to the same point and the perch. It remains in these places angling on the last ice will be most efficient.

The very best result therefore bring the imitation fish. As bait for them to select stark, tiny roach and also other fish with extended body shape. Found in the best areas they just offer a good catch, by-catch can be pike. In addition to zherlits to capture Fang currently can be for winter months baits, balancers as well as jig the adversary. In the last instance, a high probability of bycatch to obtain a couple of bream as they are yet specimens commonly choose the same Parking lot.

Features of spawning fanged

Contrasted to the same pike, walleye spawning is later. This time the fanged killer starts when the water temperature level is about 12 levels, which usually takes place in April or early may, depending upon the environment features in a specific year (in this instance approximately two weeks for the beginning of the so-called pre-spawning feeding duration). For delaying the caviar he increases over the bed of the river in which he lives, trying to find superficial water areas with shrubs, fallen trees or big particles on the bottom. After that, the adults remain in the majority went back to their normal environment, as this fish does not endure murky water.

Photo 1. Muddy superficial enough for spawning.

This species has a specific supporting one of the men stay to secure the eggs in a prepared nest. Currently, such a guard in case of a hazard to assault much larger challengers than himself. For fry of the pike perch is characterized by fast growth, when an enough quantity of food. The fry of this varieties currently in the second year of life may get to a weight of up to 800 grams.

Suitable tackle for fishing tempts

Sudak frequently resides in deep water as well as severe current, so the rod will need a suitable.

You must pay attention to the following characteristics when picking a working tool for fishing lures:

  • Length. This setting relies on fishing conditions. For medium distances enough rotating rods 2.1 meters, for large ranges come close to the stick in the 2.4 or 2.7 meters and even more. When coast angling is to take into consideration the ease of traveling– brief model to navigate in coastal thickets is a lot easier (and tugs crankbaits they fit more).
  • Examination. As this fish inhabits the depths, as well as also in places with current, typically use poles with the test to 28, 30, 40, and also sometimes a lot more grams. Here it is essential to take into consideration the specific requirements of the reservoir.
  • System. Given the utilized bait, and additionally hard enough lips walleye spinning angling this fish requires to be rapid and also ultra-fast system. Just such kinds as well as offer a dependable cutting, as well as correct the animation of the attractions and also the high level of sensitivity of the equipment as a whole.
  • The product of manufacture. Graphite is liked, as no fiberglass or composite do not offer the flexibility of the rapid and empty activity with a minimal weight of the ended up spinning.

The reel has to match the rod. This is bezynertsionnoj size from 2000 to 4000, as plastic stickers are used quite powerful, and also the resistance of the perch may have, depending on the size, worthy. With thin cords I do not require to winding needs less than in the case of perch fishing. For smooth running of bezynertsionnoj it should be 4 bearings and even more.

Leashes are chosen from a thick fluorocarbon– this product is strong enough as well as very discreet, and also the fangs of a pike perch unable to inflict substantial damages. In areas where there are a lot of pike, its better to place steel leashes, due to the fact that an adequate size toothy killer can take care of any kind of size fluorocarbon.

Photo 2. Equipment prepared for fight! Used bait To catch walleye in the spring?

The response to this inquiry depends upon already came down the ice or not. According to the most recent ice show result of imitation fish, but later, in open water, comes the turn of man-made appeals. In their choice should take into account the physiological features of this type, specifically a fairly slim throat, wherein as production Sudak picks primarily the versions with lengthened physique.


When angling for pike, silicone lure some of the most preferred. They enable the most efficient sh in the deep water areas of storage tanks, making use of a variety of options transactions. For this predator in the training course are the designs with size from 3 inches as well as more with extended physique is vibrohvosta, worms, slugs, a little less replicas of the larvae of marine pests.

Depending upon the circumstance at a particular time on the angling place can be applied a selection of Assembly joints, as well as jig-head, drop-shot, Carolina, Texas and various other alternatives.

Essential! Preferred edible silicone, considering that it is such lure that has an eye-catching smell and also preference, provide the least amount of empty bites.

The shades of silicone attractions can be rather diverse, yet are believed to be particularly detached to the perch to light green, green, yellow and white. Popular as well as alternatives, radiance in ultraviolet rays, which are particularly appealing on dark base of the pond.

Photo 3. Establish of vibrant silicone.

The transaction in this situation ought to be chosen relying on activity of fish. In some scenarios, will work well and timeless steps, but in situations when fish are passive as well as tired, will certainly have to be extra imaginative– making use of the bottom, brief surges with a long pause, step with light twitching the tip of the pole on the time out, all this may provoke an attack non-active walleye.


Zander are mainly of the vibrating attractions, spinning somewhat much less popular. One of the most ideal options are with lengthened type of the body length of the appeals in this case starts from 6 inches or even more, color: copper, gold or silver.

They are somewhat much less popular, but rewriters additionally find application in fishing for pike. Primarily this design with elongated, lengthened flowers like « Aglia long» from Mepps. One of the most frequently utilized alternatives a relatively large 2 and 3 areas.

Essential! For walleye angling with rewriters, if required, can be more agregate for a fast dive at the functioning deepness. Weight or tondou the bombard, it ought to be repaired for 40-60 centimeters before the chopper.


Offered the physiological functions of a perch, most often the fish caught on attractions with the form of the body of the minnow type. This is normally the alternatives with a body length from 70 mm and also more, as well as quite a big spatula, ensuring the immersion deepness of 2 meters or even more, as well as it remains in these areas and also deeper as well as is fanged.

In terms of the favored buoyancy sinking and also supporter, a pop-up baits are used less frequently, especially in the spring, as there is no demand to bypass the thickets of marine plant life at the top.

Alternatives with adverse buoyancy permit you to begin wiring near the bottom, oblasova therefore, a large deepness crank. Suspender enable make one of the most the slow-moving uploading, with long stops briefly that may set off a bite also passive fish.

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