Tackle pike in fall

Experienced fishermens understand that in the summertime, particularly on hot days, capturing a pike is really troublesome. The killer, like other species of water residents, comes to be slow as well as enters into openings where the water temperature level is not so high.

Many are reluctant to wait on completion of the summertime, yet genuine anglers simply idolize thisseason of the year. During this duration, all kinds of aggressive freshwater fish start to eat fat before winter season, so they hurry to nearly any lure provided to them.

This considerably simplifies their capture, everybody can catch trophy samplings of toothy predators without troubles, as well as no person will be left without a catch. In the autumn, numerous deal with equipments are made use of, it is impossible to choose anymore catchy ones. During this period, you can catch a killer for any kind of kind of tackle and bait, the important things is to have a desire as well as a little patience.

With a decline in air temperature level as well as water starts to cool a little, their life-activators are activated. They appear of the pits and also begin to consume actively, eating up reserves for the winter.

From completion of August to the beginning of September, the pike leaves its long-term places of car park and also scours around the whole body of water in search of food. Typically chooses food to vegetation off the coast, where there is still serene fish.

In October, the activity of a toothy killer only boosts, it remains to hurry at whatever moving in a reservoir, does not derision also its family members that have not matured. Searching for a pike during this period is required at decent depths, as its “food” has already transferred to breaks and also bottom edges. When choosing lures, it deserves paying attention to the truth that they ought to be submersed 3-8 meters relying on the tank.

November makes the pike much more passive, the very first frosts and the minimum variety of bright days do not enable the water to heat up sufficient. Pike passes closer to the winter season pits, where nearly all agents of serene species from the storage tank have actually long resolved.

Based on these functions, it is rewarding to understand that deal with for pike fishing in the autumn should be solid. In the very first two months, an energetic killer can remove tender devices, as well as in the last month of fall, for its capture, it is required to make use of a base that can withstand hefty lures for catching all-time low of the tank.

Ways of fishing in the fall

In fall, deal with pike equipments are made use of the same as at various other times of the year. A function in the collection will certainly be using a thicker as well as a lot more long lasting base. In fall, pike are efficiently captured on:

You can use float deal with, yet it will be much less effective.

In order to be accurate with the catch, you need to comprehend the complexities of gathering gear for every of the above capture approaches in more information.


Spinning is one of the most reliable of all the above. Using fabricated baits and their right publishing enables you to fascinate a hungry killer from the initial secs of fishing. Generally the pike rushes to the lure provided to it nearly quickly, the main thing for the angler is not to obtain confused and also promptly make a notch.

Spinning take on for autumn angling consists of:

  • kind, the length of which is picked based upon the location of fishing. A size of 2.4 m from the coastline will certainly be rather enough, yet no greater than 2.1 m will be needed from any kind of watercraft. Examination signs are picked based on the lures used. In the fall, bigger ones are selected, as well as therefore the examination of the rod for the most part starts from 10-12 g as well as finishes with 50 g. A quick develop will certainly be perfect, at the suggestion of the fisherman will have the ability to identify even light fish sticks, and also execute the cut in time. It is much better to provide preference to carbon plugs, fiberglass and composite will certainly give an unneeded load on the hand, the rotating gamer will quickly burn out, which implies that the catch will certainly be much less.
  • The coil is taken inertialess, preferably with 2 spindles. The variety of bearings here will play among the most vital roles, there should go to least 4 pieces. The dimension of the angling spool in the loss is not small, 1000 will absolutely not be the best alternative. To catch and also cast heavy lures trophy specimens of a killer, it is recommended to choose alternatives with a light-weight, but 3000-4000 dimension. This will allow you to wind the needed quantity of base, and as a result make casts of the required array.
  • As a basis, it is far better to select a braided cable, with a smaller sized thickness it will certainly hold up against much more severe lots than monofilament angling line. For fall fishing using significant baits, 0.16-0.22 mm thick is made use of. The quantity of cord needed will certainly reveal the ability of the reel spindle, normally with this density it is much better to acquire 200 m.

Leashes with top quality installations are called for, an active predator will have the ability to quickly eat the base throughout a fast strike of the lure.


This kind of killer fishing equipment in the autumn is stood for by a number of varieties, each of which will work in the 2nd half of the period. When the water cools down, the pike, following its possible sufferers, will certainly go to the midsts, to capture it, use gear to catch at the really bottom, that is, tossers.

These include:

  • aggressive feeder;
  • tackle on self-reset;
  • donk;
  • base take on with elastic.

Each of the above subspecies is gathered from the complying with parts:

  • essentials, which is better to utilize monofilament fishing line. Its density ought to go to the very least 0.35 mm. The number of equipment can be various, everything depends on the picked subspecies. For an aggressive feeder and anchors of at least 50 m, deal with on lower and also self-dumping subspecies with flexible are made from 20-30 m of base.
  • In each of the subspecies, a weight is always used; without it, casting the lure to the needed distance from the shore and also installing near the bottom will not work. For catching lakes and also fish ponds without a current, not more than 40 g are set up, however, for the river you require an alternative with a weight of 60 g or more.
  • The use of a chain during the collection is required, without it there will certainly be a lot of cuts, and when hooking it is better to lose the hook with the lure than a great component of the equipment. The most effective option would be steel, at the very least 25 cm long, fluorocarbon in the autumn is not so relevant. Tungsten additionally verified to be rather excellent, yet it will rotate over time.

Yet where to place everything depends on the chosen kind of equipment. A predatory feeder and donka are normally developed utilizing a fishing pole with a difficult whip as well as test parameters of 40 g or even more, a reel, far better inertialess with an excellent rubbing brake, will certainly end up being an additional part. Bottom take on with rubber and on self-discharge are wound on a reel, attached on the shore by them.


This deal with for capturing pike is absolutely universal, its varieties capture pike in different tanks as well as at any time of the year. They can be categorized as a passive kind of fishing, due to the fact that the fisherman just needs to put the equipment in the chosen area in the tank and also wait on the bite. Pendants are commonly used during the night and also as an auxiliary option for angling. For their arrangement, you must have a boat.

To accumulate deal with for catching ponds in the fall, it is worthwhile to carry out a little prep work. A number of components are needed to collect gear, the base can be acquired in a shop, made separately or make use of offered tools.

component quantities required
the basis Angling line with a thickness of at least 0.35 mm. 10-15 meters suffices.
leash Best of steel, length from 25 cm.
sinker Rely on the reservoir, but not much less than 4 g.
hook Solitary online lure, double, tee.

The elements are wound on polystyrene cut in the form of a circle. One side is repainted red, this will be a type of bite signaling device. You can use not just polystyrene for this, a normal empty plastic container will certainly be a fantastic choice.

The option of appeals

In the autumn, lots of kinds of attractions are made use of for pike fishing, both all-natural and also synthetic. Depending on what kind of angling to be gotten and also lure.

For spinning

When fishing for pike in the autumn, artificial baits are used for spinning gear. Their variety is very large, however still you require to pick a few.

For effective angling with a spinning space in the toolbox, each fishermen ought to have:

  1. Oscillating knickknacks, with both dual and also solitary. At a minimum, 3 ranges should be present in the fishing pet crate, the most popular being Lady from Spinnex, Syclops from Mepps and also the castmaster. Choosing is worth the larger as well as bigger choices if you intend to catch a larger pike. Dual skimmers are also well caught in the autumn duration, they produce acoustic resonances throughout circuitry, to which the pike responds with lightning speed.
  2. Wobbler huge. According to experienced fishers, one of the most memorable are mine as well as 110 and also 130 mm. Such lures are fished both at shallow midsts near the seaside plant life in very early fall, and also along pits and lower sides in the later duration of the period. Cranks will certainly function well, they additionally capture various components of the chosen water area.
  3. Silicone is utilized in open water throughout the year, the job of a whirlwind or vibro-tail can always bring in the interest of a toothy killer. Soft lures are used both in the coastal area and also in the pits when winter is just around the corner. Various shades are picked, it is much better to have acid options and also with an all-natural color.

The use of rewriters is also feasible, nonetheless, in the loss, plus sizes will end up being catchy. Turntables are picked from 4 dimensions, a lengthened flower will work better on the river, as well as tanks with standing water are captured with even more rounded ones.

On zakidushki as well as zerglitsy

These kinds of fishing need using only all-natural baits, it will take a very long time to wait for synthetic catches. The most effective choice would certainly be live lure, particularly a small fish from the exact same storage tank, where it is planned to catch a toothy predator.

An outstanding choice would certainly be:

  • crucian carp;
  • roach;
  • insertion;
  • sandblasters;
  • tiny perch.

In late autumn, you can utilize lump fish for treats, for various other types of deal with and at other times of the year such a bait will certainly not attract pike.

A crucial factor will certainly be to plant live lure, unskilled fishermens are better to see how others do it numerous times. Most often, the hook is grown behind the dorsal fin, while being kept track of so as not to catch the spinal column. The least terrible is the baiting under the gill covers, but it will certainly take longer also for an angler with experience.

Nuances of fishing in the fall

Peculiarities of the actions of a killer in the loss likewise make anglers use all kind of subtleties to record it. The cooled water as well as the coming close to winter season make the pike end up being more active in order to stockpile on an adequate amount of nutrients until springtime.

Catching a pike in the loss is simple, but there are still some attributes:

  • you need to try different sorts of posts, experiment regularly, make a lot more aggressive jerks with bait;
  • it is essential to use larger baits; the coolness pushes also little probes to attack the lure more than themselves;
  • Autumn cuts are executed immediately; you must not wait throughout this period;
  • the fishing procedure itself is carried out in very early fall near the coastal zone, on the border with vegetation, near reeds, reeds, water lilies, and fish pond water;
  • with decreasing temperature, the catching of the water location is carried out in places with midsts;
  • prior to cold, you can capture a pike just near the wintering pit, where it currently stands in the hope of feasting;
  • it is prior to the freeze-up that angling for zerilniks will be successful.

One more function and also nuance of fall angling is making use of more powerful equipment, considering that throughout this duration the opportunity to capture a big pike increases.

Tackle pike is gathered in the fall, the nuances of fishing are researched, it remains to visit the fish pond and directly attempt the functional guidance and tips.

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