The best ice fishing

Fishing is the best rest for men at any moment of year, also the coldest. As well as ice fishing is no much less prominent than common, because it has a special taste and also even more exhilaration.

However, in order to angling succeeded, you require to pick the ideal equipment and also all flight hunting for fish. Essential features not to forget Going ice angling, you need to first care for safety and security, i.e. to guarantee that the ice is thick enough and resilient.

The optimum density of the ice have to go to least 7 centimeters, since it is able to endure the weight of an ordinary grownup. You require to prevent locations where there are reeds and also grass, since there the ice gets thick a lot later on.

For successful strikes, specialists additionally recommend to search for places with irregularities, bed pits as well as inclines, as they will certainly be a lot easier and faster to drill the opening. For a good catch should provide preference to the locations where angling was not conducted enough time, as they are a whole lot more fish.

Picking the area you need to keep in mind that when there wants amount of oxygen and also food, fish, hibernate and also come out just with the renovation of these indicators.

What you need to bring?

Naturally, for comfy angling in the wintertime need special equipment, cozy as well as water resistant garments, ice screws.

In the taking a trip box has to add:

  • winter season fishing pole, characterized framework as well as compact dimension. This course consists of versions with a float, a rod with a nod and also modification for blesneniya. It is important that the picked pole was reputable and also solid, since winter months conditions are much more serious. It is important that the pole fit to accept bare hands due to the fact that in the winter the fish are sluggish, and to identify the bite you need higher level of sensitivity;
  • winter months imitation fish that permit efficient searching of predatory fish;
  • the sounder, which can be made use of to define the functions of the bottom alleviation and location of fish under the ice. Thanks to this small gadget it is possible to discover one of the most perfect location that will certainly bring an excellent catch and will certainly offer you extraordinary impressions of time spent. When choosing the right Fishfinder you need to pay attention on the future depth of fishing, the demand for an incorporated Navigator, variety;
  • wintertime lures, lures, spoon-baits, balancers.

If you wish to get away from fishing the maximum of satisfaction, or to show the highlights with your friend or family, you can buy videotochka. An unique, contemporary tackle, equipped with top notch undersea video camera that enables you to see and catch whatever that occurs under water.

Videotochka will certainly aid to recognize the types of fish, in addition to her reaction to the proposed bait. This remedy will make ice fishing enjoyable that can be shown pals as well as peers.

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