The bream angling in winter months for

Bream is an enviable trophy for the angler-winter roadway. Nevertheless, to catch bream in the duration of ice development is hard enough, particularly on the river.

If in confined waters when searching ledovyh areas often focus on areas where water is extra saturated with oxygen (where the fish feels far better and also much more energetic), in fast streaming rivers such as Ugra, Oka, Terez, don as well as some other level of oxygen in the water continues to continue to be quite high throughout the winter.

The bream fishing in winter, over facility for novices. Recognize what tackle to make use of, where to fish and also what to supply winter bream.

Wintertime fishing for bream on the course

Bream, which in the wintertime always maintained in terrific depth in rapid flowing rivers is frequently relocating. Lesova flock may continue to be at a particular vending station as long as the scanty food supply.

What is bream in the winter season

Bream in winter eats generally food of pet origin– it is high in calories, and also a tiny amount offsets the price of power that the fish eats in the rough winter months problems. In tool and large rivers are frequently the primary food of bream is the Zebra mussel. Ranches of this great mollusc in rivers can be located in one of the most unforeseen places.

In addition, winter season bream usually searching for food on the rocky bottom locations. Passing away or weakened mollusks, shellfishes, bloodworms as well as other larvae are being destroyed over and obtain stuck between the stones with minor silt debris, where the bream frequently finds food, selecting his head to the ground.

Where to capture bream in the winter season

On a strange river in front of the fishermen to begin with the question emerges where to locate the bream. In the winter season the fish often selects locations where tyhovoddya ringleader is surrounded by the quick water. The bream will remain where he is more comfy in the silence, and, as we have actually said, to look for food on the ground or will need to wait on when the rapid current will certainly carry him food. Usually, these locations are not far from the terrific depths, the pits, where bream slides, when there are negative weather.

During his activity a school of bream, leaving the pits, maybe to search for food, relocating along the side of the river network, particularly at bends, where it likewise sticks around demolished over food. Sometimes this side is located directly under the steep banks near peaceful stretches below rapids. Usually, especially in the thaw, ledovye groups enter into peaceful water of the deep bays, as well as additionally show up on seamounts near Svalov channel.

Significant attention ought to be paid to effect streams, where typically both in wintertime and also in summer maintains every fish, including bream. They need to take note of summer season since such locations under the ice it is tough to establish. When whatever is covered with snow, the angler relies on a private bushes or trees, uncommon topography of the coast, and so on.

Wintertime bream chooses specific courses, which is famously known as losowymi trails. To locate a path is a large success. Sometimes it is useful to « spy » places of bream fish from the local fishermen.

Where to find bream in winter season on the river

Bream love to stay near Svalov network or stroll along the slopes of the pits on which to resolve nests of the Zebra mussel. Near the bottom, near the bottom of the incline, can accumulate various other and also organic food, yummy for bream. The nature of the bottom in such areas permits you to separate it into areas according to particular midsts. Commonly all-time low there is a few steps with a certain depth worths, for instance: the upper ledge– 4 m, standard– 5.5 m as well as the bottom is 7 m.

Bream selects the degree at which he feels much more comfy in a particular weather. With the atmospheric stress reduction bream goes to the best depths, with rises, on the contrary, can rise right into the middle layer of water that is situated on the top or middle back.

Specifically efficient for catching bream are areas where network as well as film drop offs exist together with stony underwater ridges. Such areas Lesova flock does not leave even when a swarm of Zebra mussel significantly gnawed. With the onset of desirable climate condition, the bream out of the pit, beginning to look for feed on the ridges, and constantly locate something good.

Tackle for bream in winter months on the training course
Rod and also nod for bream in winter

For angling on the course you can make use of different versions of Ugolnikov and different outfit them. Some fishermens like to capture on the « filly » with a float snap-in, various other– on fishing pole equipped with a nod as well as a reel. It is feasible to do the opposite– to equip the « filly» with a nod and reel spinning aspects with a float rod. That will certainly be near all-time low, a jig or a lead with a hook, additionally an issue of preference. We choose to make use of a weight end and standing over him at 5-10 centimeters long (20 to 50 centimeters) chain with a couple of hooks. If you are utilizing our jig, it is only tiny, which are positioned one behind the other on a leash with an interval of 5-7 see

As alerter bite great nod, constructed from clock spring. The sensitivity of such a nod, relying on the stamina of the flow is quickly changed its size, while a solid flow capacity of a traditional float may not suffice, as well as it will certainly go under the ice. If parts of the snap-nod– carrying end sleeves or ring– frosted over in the cold, they must pre-RUB with wax.

To connect the major fishing line and also chain, it is desirable to make use of the swivel and the clasp. Not be amiss to establish the swivel as well as attaching to a weight whose weight may

vary in the series of 10-50 g. The diameter of the fishing line

for bream on the course Bream when the fish are proactively withstanding, so the primary line is absorbed diameter 0,16-0,18 mm. naturally, it needs to be very good high quality. The leash is put with a size of 0.11 to 0.13 mm. Tackle from the angling line of a smaller sized diameter, based on added exposure to currents may tear. Hooks is much better to take tiny: with a typical fore-end and also straight bend No. 15-18– for bloodworms as well as No. 12-15 with a long fore-end for the worm.

You can also make use of snap-on the basis of weights, made in the type of olives. In this case, one chain is for olive and the other in front of her. Using various nozzles, such as the worm as well as the moth, to determine which one is extra efficient. It needs to be said that the lengthy leashes are excellent only in the case when fishing is conducted in a solid present with a fixed on the end of the angling line sinker; after that the leash goes widely from side to side, attracting fish.

To capture bream in the wintertime for

Wintertime tip for catching bream is typically a tassel from a large bloodworm. Each larva should stick under the second joint, trying to keep the liquid from it leaking. Is additionally very appealing for bream, specifically throughout periods of thaw can be a bunch of small worms, dung or podlistnikov, which are harvested in the fall and also kept in a wood box with the ground at no temperature. In some cases, bream are captured on tiny maggots, with a hook baited with 3-5 larvae.

Bait for bream in wintertime on the training course

In winter months bream angling lure plays a substantial role. For shipment to the bottom use traditional cone feeders of various dimensions. Feeder okrujayut additionally, if the current is too solid to not bore. This can be attached to the cover of the feeder with the copper cable lead plate, pre-drilled matching holes. Usually fishermens utilize a prefabricated natural combination planned for winter fishing bream, which are offered in angling shops.

Prior to in the regular cone feeder to load the lure, it is necessary to moisten with water extracted from the wells. If you prepare the lure in your home, soaking it with tap water, it can have smells to which bream is very delicate.

To plant the bait wasn’t down over, it is combined with sand or crushed rock drawn from the coast outcrops. Add the bait blend of bloodworm or maggots considerably increases its beauty to fish. Extremely commonly bream feed at all only little bloodworms, which, nonetheless, additionally be weighted with dirt.

When fishing for bream on the program it is essential to produce a feed track, which from a range will suit bream. The nozzle needs to go to the beginning of the feed track, so the opening to pierce trough concerning three feet over the opening, which delivered the deal with.

When angling at midsts more than 6 meters with a solid stream range in between the aft as well as the working opening can be enhanced to 2 meters, listed below the trough is not also destroyed to the area of fishing. Often, if you feed one bloodworm, feeding near all-time low is closed, as well as leave near the bottom in the procedure of catching shut. In this instance, the holes in the feeder need to be completely big that larvae are well washed.

Lure for bream in the winter months with your hands

In the manufacture of lure vegetable mix independently is very important to think about to include light bits (breadcrumbs), which will be knocked down downstream to draw in fish to the angling area, as well as heavier particles, which develop the feed track. Remember also that the living components (maggot, worm) will certainly produce in the water eye-catching variations, and also their smell will swiftly bring in fish to the fishing spot.

In wintertime, you must not obtain entailed with huge plant fragments of a type of steamed millet. It happens that the bream out from the place, due to the fact that the lure used was inadequately cooked as well as beginning to rot near the bottom, terrifying the fish away an unpleasant smell.

Strategies lure bream on the course

Usually on the river angler sakarlal couple of places that he thinks about assuring to release the bream. It is best to utilize two or three sets of rods. Having researched the tank in the summer and also understanding the location of calm flow, where may give natural feed drill with this hole. As well as select an area to appealing locations were not extremely much from each various other, no more than 50 m. Drilling combined wells, mark them with warnings.

To each well is reduced by a take on, but so that the nozzle is over the bed regarding two meters away– after that it will not hemorrhage things. Capture are initially on any one pair of holes, and if for twenty mins complied with by a bite, transform the area of fishing. For this development have to prepare their gear.

To the selection of each room should be come close to thoroughly. Sufficient looking in the area of fishing and recognizing the pressure of the existing, the direction of the cutting jets, as well as the bottom alleviation, pick such place where it can stay on ground the challenges washed out of the trough of food, specifically bloodworm, maggots or chopped worm.

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