The nuances of fishing, pike on rewriter

Spinner for pike fishing has been utilized given that prehistoric times. Typically excavators find huge sizes of lure, on which our ancestors made the capture of a killer in water bodies.

Now angling lures are a lot of selections and also kinds, each of which has its very own benefits as well as drawbacks. In open water, two kinds of lures are made use of to catch pike on a rotating rod: rewriter teetering attraction.

From the ice they make fishing with vertical spinners, yet it will be much easier for the angler to deal with it.


For capturing a large pike, most of the times it is the oscillating baubles that are utilized. However throughout the autumn zhor, smaller sized agents of the ichthyofauna respond to this version of the lure.

The most preferred and common among both predators and fishers are:

  • Atom;
  • Pike;
  • Perch;
  • Lady.

These alternatives appropriate for capturing both river water locations as well as for bodies of water with stationary water. Dimension as well as weight are selected based upon the angling period, as well as on the made use of spinning blank, extra exactly, its casting signs.

Intriguing! There are really huge sizes, it is on such bait that you can catch a pike of 10 kg or more.


Rewriters are utilized to capture not only pike. If it is proper to capture such bait from the shore, after that as a prize you can get perch, pike perch, asp and also, naturally, pike.

There are potter’s wheels by:

  • weight
  • petal form;
  • body tightening.

The most well-known producers of catching appeals of this type are Mepps and also Blue Fox, and the Ponton 21 has actually established itself well.

The weight of the lure is selected, starting from the midsts of the fished reservoir, taking into consideration the efficiency on the rotating rod. Some craftsmen individually fill the lure already in the pond to catch much deeper places.

Choosing lures for angling pike pre-think regarding where angling is intended. Angling for pike on a rewriter in a reservoir with standing water is executed by versions with a rounder petal, while the lengthened one appropriates for catching on the stream.

Sheer upright designs do not have unique differences and also such attributes, besides the weight as well as color.

Exactly how to capture a pike on a rewriter

Not everyone understands exactly how to reveal pike, newbie anglers do not constantly handle such a job the very first time. To capture pike on spinning you require experience, and you can get it just in a fish pond.

Tackle pike angling equipment is picked relying on the fish pond and period, however the circuitry for every kind of bait individually.

Circuitry for oscillator

A range of appeals appropriate for catching pike on this sort of rewriter, while fishermens with experience suggest starting with a consistent bait. This kind is easily understood also by a newbie that initially got the kind.

For a huge pike, the electrical wiring ought to be more aggressive, particularly in the autumn period, the killer will react well to jerking with the suggestion of the kind, as well as little stops.

Pinwheel circuitry

Not everyone will certainly be able to reveal the right spinner right the first time, for proper wiring it is necessary to contend the very least a little experience. The best animation options will transform the man-made lure in the eyes of a predator into an injured fish attempting to run away. This result is attained because of the petal spinning around the axis.

The twitching of the whip and also the fast fatigue of the sagging base can intrigue even the sluggish killer and also make him attack from around the shelter.

Seasonal pike angling

Depending upon the period, the used pike lure will vary, the color of the spoon, its size and type will certainly be important. Experienced anglers understand exactly when and what lure to set, some tricks we will certainly disclose.


Right away after opening the ice, many spinningists triggered to attempt their good luck. To catch a huge pike, relatively little lures are made use of, amongst which there can be either rotating rewriters or oscillating ones.

The color design can be extremely various, depending on the transparency of the water they utilize:

  • acid color in distressed water throughout a spill;
  • in clear water with already worked out turbidity, the pike will certainly respond better to light petals, the silver version will certainly work perfectly;
  • in bright weather, the predator is a lot more obvious bronze shade of the lure;
  • an over cast day with rain will certainly open up fully gold knickknacks.

Every little thing needs to remain in the arsenal, because throughout such a duration it is really difficult to forecast the actions of fish for fishing. A capturing pike bait in the springtime on a spinning rod can be the most unpredictable.


In the summer warm, fish typically stands at the bottom and also in pits, where the temperature level is a lot reduced. It’s simply not possible to intrigue her in huge lures; I do not really wish to chase a big “target”. A stupid and also little « trifle» is extra likely to be appreciated by a predator.

In over cast weather condition you can likewise attempt tool sized shakers, however warm days can pass with no bite at all. Acidics often work well, yet they must be carried out in the bottom locations of water bodies.


This time around of year is a real paradise for anglers, you can capture pike in different fish ponds on any huge spinners. Both oscillating and rotating choices are actively utilized.

It’s difficult to single out the best designs, you require to try whatever that remains in every person’s fishing box, as well as the option that lay from ancient times may function.


Catching is performed from ice to a plumb line, for this use vertical spinners such as a castmaster. Both silver as well as golden alternatives work fantastic. Depending on the midsts to be caught, versions from 5 to 30 g are utilized.

Catching pike on knickknacks any time of the year achieves success, the important things is to select the size and shade of the lure, as well as additionally to perform it properly and in the right area.

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