To provide the autumn predator

Over the last few years, spinning angling, we return less and also much less, virtually entirely devoting the fall fishing hunting predator with revcovery take on. Usually capture pike as well as perch in floodplain lakes of the float rod, at the very least picked feeders on the Volga — — searching that evening for walleye.

Zhivtsovy rod or rotating? If we are discussing the autumn capturing of a predator, after that, perhaps, we with the spouse currently did. We fishermen generalists, can use rotating rods and also zhivtsovy poles, and over fishing.

I recognize that several anglers who consider themselves professionals of rotating, with some contempt belong to the fans of zhivcova fishing. In their point of view, to trick mindful as well as cunning killer, requiring him to eat a lifeless piece of plastic, rubber or shiny tinned sides of a piece of iron, requires much more ability as well as capability than when an angler offers a fish, vigorous and also in no other way dubious of the bait.

All the same without belittling the skill of the fishermens and also pleasantly taking off his hat to them I will claim that zhivtsovy angling is not as easy and primitive as it appears in the beginning look. It can give one of the most beneficial and full details concerning the water bodies as well as behaviors of their inhabitants. They will certainly be really useful to any fishermen, including the rewriter.

Tackle is a reflection of personality

Prior to speaking about what are the advantages of zhivtsovy angling during the growth of new or in-depth study of the already understood body of water, let us assume a little, why anglers choose zhivtsovy a fishing pole rather than a spinning and why the reverse. I believe the problem remains in the strategy to the process of angling and focus on the result.

For numerous, spinning is much more essential than the established truth of the bite, when after hours when angling appealing to fish locations still handles to shake up lurking in ambush of a predator, and also he firmly slams toothy mouth on swimming by the lure. Violent battle as well as resistance of the cut prize -climactic action, which was prepared by the spinner, passing the miles on the overgrown banks of a river or reeling often times long distances on an electric motor watercraft. Also if effective the bite happens only one spinning with a peace of mind can consider angling success, because you might still get the key to an easy killer. The constant search, option of the ideal attractions and also proper wiring — — that is the primary path of rotating.

Zhivtsovy angling, of course, if we talk about the sports part, is substandard to the spinning. It is selected by those who such as contemplative, leisurely fishing, there is no need to constantly transform locations, to travel long distances and also to thoroughly choose lure that are most ideal under certain problems. And also as in zhivcova fishing there is no demand of permanent selection and also appropriate computer animation of the attractions that hook brings the rewriter and engages, « jevtovic » more concentrated on outcomes, out process.

To put it much more merely: what is spinning will be able the whole day to catch just one bait, without changing it? The supporter to lure the hook will certainly be able to»fish, having to stroll two dozen roaches there or crucians. While it is extremely rare an unpleasant uncertainty that the reason backlava incorrect « bait ». This also occurs, yet relatively hardly ever. One more vital factor that affects the selection in between spinning reel and also the fishing pole zhivcova is the family member availability last rate.

For many anglers it is simply a critical. Obviously, the rotating will be able to catch a fish, had a single spinning frame budget reel as well as a few appeals in China. Barely with such a minimal kit it will certainly be ready for any kind of fishing conditions, I’m not chatting regarding the aesthetics of the angling and also take pleasure in the procedure.

But zivcovic set of gear will cost more affordable than the minimum spinning. The float rod, collected the required margin of safety, enhance only melanocyte for capturing online bait as well as Kanna to wait. And with all this tools, the advocate of zhivcova angling is hardly ever inferior to the impact of fishing to the ordinary fisherman picture!


My wife and I favored angling from the coast. For the autumn predator typically hunt without a watercraft, choosing various floodplain lakes listed below, Volgograd, on the right Bank of the Volga river as much as the borders with Astrakhan oblast and also listed below. There are great deals of lakes as well as springtimes which differ in dimension, deepness, nature of financial institutions, base, water clearness and also, certainly, the structure of the fish fauna.

And if these initial elements stay essentially consistent from year to year, so last -the composition of the fish populace may differ fairly strongly. It depends mostly on the success of spawning in previous years, the number of fish came into the pond at the beginning of the springtime flood and also just how much has actually slipped back into the Volga along with the retreating water. We can not neglect the activity of the fishermens and also the ever-present poachers. So, if in 2014 on some lake in the autumn there was a great bite dimensional perch and also flew suitable dimension pike, not the reality that the present pattern will certainly coincide.

When with the onset of autumn we switch over from the Volga feeder fishing float angling zhivtsovy, we don’t recognize exactly which fish and also at what a floodplain lake is caught finest. One or two of angling on each of them allows you to be a lot more or much less clear image.

We are not hurrying from lake to lake, because determined 5 reservoirs that run stably at the killer from year to year. Seeing them at least when, we currently know that Pike pool (hereinafter neighborhood names unrevealed flood-plain lakes) perch from last year was squashed, rarely captured samplings any longer the index finger, as well as pike is not in view. As a matter of fact, in Turbaevskaya opening as well as the perch is much higher, yet with pike still limited. Spotted a good dimension shark captured on the Dirty, nevertheless, bites are unusual, but in Guthrie pike a great deal however it is small, rarely peck specimens weighing greater than 500 g.

The very first knowledge in the succeeding fall angling can be shot down, yet more often they are validated. By the way, many thanks to them, we can establish ahead of time the place angling that ought to be the starting point to visit after the development of ice.

Naturally, rotating can additionally make for on your own an understanding of what fish and ka one size richly a lake. But he, once again, you first need to choose the best lure and an appealing uploading, yet this is not always the situation of one angling. However fans of live-bait fishing the lure is constantly the appropriate one!

The effect of the runaway cake

The seasoned spinner is constantly capable of eyes to identify feasible Parking of a killer. On our floodplain lakes is protruding of the water koraichi and also inclined to sprinkle the branches of coastal trees, walls of reeds, the boundaries of pure water and also still not fully fallen to the bottom of the plants. Of course, the exact same space in the first place live and also make use of lure. Watching our lakes as well as those various other seekers killer, I can genuinely claim that oblaivanie ««» secret » websites predators on online lure is a lot more efficient.

Our floodplain lakes, one feature that does not constantly take into consideration the spinning. The fact that the loss in the lakes build up a lot of grown fry of white fish and also pike to be well-fed, simply sufficient to swim in the morning from your ukry aphids and commonly yawning toothy maw. However, despite this abundance of possible food, appetite lacustrine predators on Sunny days is great.

In some way my pal, to whom I conveyed the fundamentals of zhivcova fishing, asked, taking a look at the abundance of whitebait in the fishery:

— — There is so much forage fish around our floats floats! Why do you believe a pike will catch our real-time lure responsible?

To this concern I determined to respond to associate an abstract instance:

— — Imagine you’re extremely starving and you stroll right into the cooking area to eat. on the table you’ll get a lovely cake, yet as soon as you connect, all the pieces scatter in different instructions. There is only one piece, which for one reason or another can not leave. Naturally, you won’t be able to eat all the runaway cake, but what’s stopping you to satisfy the hunger of this item?.

Close friend comprehend offered the instance of allegory. The fishing we captured with him for 2 or 3 suitable pike — — worked not just showed concept, but method!

In the defined conditions of our floodplain lakes have angling with real-time lure is much more likely to lure the killer than the rewriter. For example, in a particular location of the tank is regularly observed ruptureds fattening killer. The fisherman throws back float tackle with live lure. In some cases in the enjoyment of the predator immediately sinks float. A lot more typically he needs from 5 mins to half an hour to « believe»». If you reveal perseverance, not to perezapustit take on and not make a sound on the shore, the bite will certainly take place always!

However exactly how to act in similar circumstances the fishermens. Seeing the area where her predator, they came close to as well as began to pester him with lures. At the really first casts and also Postings scattered all fry, and also predator was concealing and also did disappoint their existence also after the departure of the unlucky fishermen.

Attack times and other monitorings

Long understood that even in one of the most effective time for the spring Jora pike is energetic not all day -typically blink her bite complied with by durations of family member calm. In such a circumstance the job of the angler to be at the right time in the right area, as well as the chances of this, once again, live lure is a lot more than with a rotating pole.

A couple of years back, routinely seeing a small lake, which the citizens called Turbaevskaya fossa (on its shore when housed the camp website), we during the day included at least 4 optimals of task pike. The first occurred even before sunrise, nonetheless, took in mainly medium-sized predator. In between 10 and also 11 am on the search appeared medium dimension pike considering up to 1 kg. thereafter for concerning two hrs the bite was a full time-out, but while duration from 13:00 to 13:30 you can trust the bite of the largest killers. This is generally after fishing we quit, though, and recognized that if you remain till evening, you can capture another wave before sunset bite. At this time, search just very small pencils, which have to go. This pattern was observed for several fishings in a row-the neighborhood seen killer stick purely to your nutritional routine.

The much deeper into fall, the fewer leaves during the day, taking the pike to search. Last loss in late October — — very early November more or less big lakes — — Dirty as well as Guthrie — — there was only one wave of the wand output that took place in between 11 and 13 hours a day. In the early morning we fished real-time lure, podgadyvat time GAK ahead to the pond and also throw the deal with in this time interval.

For a couple of hrs could be from one to 3 successful attacks, next came full silence. The Cougars captured a suitable size.

Knowing the time and place of the pike fish, we can simply throw zhivtsovy gear and await a bite, positive that the lure will have a starving pike is a good option. But the fisherman-spinning might not just presume with the bait, or, falling short to properly determine the time pike leave, to relocate from the tank to the pond specifically when you need to be prepared.

In enhancement to figuring out types make-up and size of fish in the pond, the areas of the predator as well as time of the most energetic fish, fishing with real-time lure allows you to make other interesting observations.

So, a number of years ago my better half as well as I were angling on among the steppe pond and also saw that pike task there depends on the nature of light. The water in the pond was very early as well as really tidy in the early morning while the sun rose over the perspective, pike took fairly endure. When the rays of the increasing star punctured the water actually to the bottom of the pond like passing away. Everything transformed when the sun located a large cloud, and also once again became bleak. It remains in these moments throughout the day was all pike bite.

Baitfish baitfish alike

In the same way as angler-the spinner, the supporter of live-bait angling it is often required to meticulously choose the bait, due to the fact that at the end of preferences of pike can differ. One of the most functional, in our experience, are bleak as well as cockroach, which work with almost every pond. There are exemptions.

In Guthrie in current years has actually reproduced a great deal of little white bream, which due to its abundance and also high food competitors seldom expands even to popularising dimension. Local pike so used to this food Bank on him much better than any kind of various other real-time lure.

Yet in the bordering Turbaevskaya opening where a lot of small perch, pike simply goes bananas with it. As well as this is no exaggeration! Tiny perch as lure fish we utilize extremely hardly ever, but this time the bait was an issue as well as we were forced to impose on the hook perch with the little finger captured below. The only live lure within half a hr had caught several medium size pike, and found the predator continued to take perch, even when reduced with fish teeth already showed no signs of life up until at tore it from the hook…

… Happened sometimes that my better half and revcovery float rod fished spinnings. Noteworthy in this regard, the September angling, held a number of years earlier in a huge floodplain lake. The morning was invested in the production of baitfish, which somehow didn’t most likely to Malamocco, so the fishing place we were simply at the beginning of the eleventh early morning. At the very same time with us on the lake came a company of fishermens, including five people that Packed my equipment, went in different instructions.

Floats our fishing rods steel sink as quickly as we made the initial spreading. Pike that day simply fatten. When we offer her bait, it appeared that she just waited for the moment. The following hour passed in a rush without taking note of what is happening about, we vivarelli took podsachek detected predators were planting a brand-new zhivtsov, once again threw, and then adhered to by one more bite. When an hour later on our bucket had actually exhausted the weak supply of bait fish, the chef swam 13 pike. And also just after that we discovered that all 5 spinnings Surrounded us on 2 sides, and whip the water, various baitmi, pummeling them straight to our floats. At the same time the angling is only one of them managed Abryutina small pickerel…

… Were the contrary the situation when I fished on a little flood-plain lake, sheltered from spying eyes by a thick growth of trees. As zhivtsov I had a tiny perch, but pike took poor. In some point of the thicket came 2 rewriter, and the first casts of steel to pull extra pound pike, and also, as the lake was very small, they threw straight to my drifts. For any kind of half an hour they fished for 2 a minimum of a loads sharks, as well as I had no bite.

Summarizing, I would certainly state that the very best take on for capturing the fall of the killer, the one where Fisher is totally confident as well as understands exactly how brilliantly it operated. One of the most vital point in fishing is to appreciate the procedure, as well as the catch is an additional matter, although, I must confess — — nice!

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