Where to fish for pike in November on rotating

The pike angling on spinning in November connected with worsening search fish than the cooler becomes the water, the further from the shores to midsts pike. The predator is in full swing getting ready for the winter.

Where to fish for pike in November on rotating

Cooling water is requiring serene fish complied with by the predators to leave seaside waters. The predator holds particular places as well as leaving them very uncommon.

Good for pike is predsedateley period, when the frost has currently come and also ice yet. At this time, the pike bite rotating can be fairly energetic. The temporary period as well as relies on the dimension of the tank. At low water the trend is 1-2 days, the reservoirs 3 to 5 days, in big rivers– a week or more.

Location for pike on rotating in November are: deep-water wintering openings far from the shore; deep thickets of snags as well as plants; the depth of one metre (rarely). the pit at the convergence of the rivers;

  • holes, snags, dropped trees on the curves of the steep shore;
  • the results from the bays of the reservoir right into the network;
  • the distinctions of depths.

A substantial function in successful angling is the selection of the storage tank. Beginning to capture on rotating in November on small rivers as well as lakes, after that comes the turn of medium-sized storage tanks. In the last turn pass to capture for a very long time not freezing big reservoirs as well as rivers where pike abide by the depths more than 5 meters.

In November, pike no need to look for food– food is entering the same wintering pits, where there is a carnivore, so finding a predator when, you can be certain that he will certainly exist next.

When capturing pike on spinning in November

November is a precursor of winter season. In lots of areas this month, when bodies of water is established ice. The actions of pike because month is determined by weather as well as time of day. The best weather condition for fishing is constantly over cast without strong winds and pressure distinctions.

In November, unlike summer season, there are days when a sharp dive upward pressure with the simultaneous arrival of the anticyclone, create energetic pike bite spinning.

The ideal time for pike on spinning in November, very early morning and late evening. Nonetheless, there are no regulations without exceptions, for unusual reasons, is the energetic bite in the center of the day, particularly for little storage tanks.

Rotating for pike in November

For pike rotating at midsts used big attractions and heavy weights, as well as consequently all components of the devices must be appropriate. Subsequently, the pike, on the average, in November, catches are a lot larger than in the very early fall as well as summertime.

Just how to choose spinning for shore as well as watercraft

The best option rotating rods for fall pike will be medium or medium-fast action. The ordinary system utilized with a knotted line, and also medium-fast with monofilament. In this situation, angling line or pole will be to extinguish the jerks fish.

Test of the pole depends on the weight of made use of lures. In tiny fish ponds sufficient dough to 20 g, as well as at fantastic depths of large rivers as well as lakes may be little and also test in 30 g. When selecting the examination rod is required to think about that in November, utilized large lure, which themselves are not light weight.

Coast angling with spinning utilized fishing pole with length from 2.7 m to the watercraft fishing size of 2.2 m.

Coil, cord, chain

For capturing of a large pike on spinning the very best alternative is a spinning reel of typical course size from 3000. For big weights of lures is preferable at least 5 bearings, which have the ability to secure the coil from rapid damage.

It is feasible to utilize the double coil, however it is a lot more costly and has just one advantage over the instantaneous– able to operate without damage with huge weights.

In the transparent cold water line ought to be much less visible. For pike is made use of as a monofilament fishing line and intertwined. When tapping the base, for fishing with the use of the jig as well as go down the leash fits far better with the braided line– it is extra sensitive. Size monofilament angling line 0,25-0,3 mm, entwined– 0,12-0,14 mm.

Chains are utilized soft of tungsten. Holds on leashes– a little but long lasting. For discharge of the leash is excellent flurocarbon fishing line 0.3-0.4 mm.

Appeals for pike in November

Frequently, the pike are attacking from the bottom. Use to lower angling, you require bait that is matched to the depth of the reservoir.

But what caught the «pike is much better in November: Spoon lures. Crankbaits.

Silicone as well as « edible rubber ». Dead fish. Preference must be given to the appeals of at the very least 8 centimeters in November, pike likes to capture one big fish as opposed to chasing several little ones.

The most effective spinners for pike in November

The most effective appeals for pike in November on spinning are a vibrating medium as well as huge size.Excellent work at wonderful midsts such as spinners kastmaster. Good results shows the good old « Atom » as well as the rewriters Williams and also KuusamoProfessor.

Frequently, attacks take place on rewriter silver color or combination of shades with ««»silver ». We should not forget that along with their motion, the spinner attracts the pike acoustic waves. Good option for dual ringing spoons.

Wobblers for pike in November

Frequently in November utilized a sinking or neutral lures. For angling at depths of 5-6 m, are « Minou » with a working deepness higher than a meter. For sure the immersion and also provide the capacity to function from all-time low, the Wobbler is filled « Cheburashka », and also the electrical wiring step is applied.

There are occasions when a magnum opus surface area appeals. The very best Wobbler among them, Duel 3D Popper. An excellent alternative for angling at deepness

Rapala Husky Jerk. Made use of for trolling the large appeals– from 12 centimeters as well as jambeity. The main need is a big penetration. Mostly all bite in late fall take place at the bottom.

Edible silicone rubber

Silicone appeal for rotating in November, especially if the first frost, commonly shed their effectiveness on little rivers and also lakes. Attack on ««» rubber » continues on the major rivers, lakes and storage tanks, particularly at great midsts. In such reservoirs a huge jig– attraction No. 1. For the November searching for pike make use of a foam fish and also Mandola.

Shade of attraction can have a crucial role. Very commonly it is the brightest shade– « kislotnik»».

Angling for pike in November on real-time bait and also dead fish

Great bait on the spinning rod in November working real-time bait or dead fish. To use this lure uses different snastochki discharge on a leash. Work best snastochki based on 2 hooks-doubles. Fish such snastochki take on a lots casts.

Spinners in November for angling rotating practically applied.

Angling strategies and also tips

With each brand-new angling anglers have accumulated our own experience of fishing on the waters of a specific type and also in certain problems.

Nonetheless, there are General referrals for November:

  • in addition to a continuous search for the « tasty» bait, you need to continuously grab and also differ the circuitry, look for the Parking of a predator;
  • at the time of uploading all types of lures you require to stop;
  • in great utilized bite fast and sharp wiring, poor– smooth and also slow;
  • for deep crankbaits and poppers best harness– multi-speed twitching;
  • for fishing along the coastal side of the well established technique of the fan when the casts are made sequentially at 10, 20, 30, etc meters;
  • with the method of freeze-up bites pike diminishes, however the larger specimens captured;
  • pike in November hinges on deepness as well as not on the sidelines;
  • every 5-7 casts, if no bites, you need to transform the lure;
  • in cold water to preserve their source of incomes pike is required to conserve power in search and search of food, so bites usually take place at minutes of autumn of rewriters in the water or throughout pauses in the purchase;
  • at the November angling must not forget their own health and wellness– the clothing ought to be cozy, not water resistant and comfortable.

To fish for pike in November on rotating is not just possible, however needed. Such angling needs some modification psychology an angling and careful preparation. Rather, she brings trophy fish pike and most significantly positive emotions.

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