Winter months fishing with rotating on the Moscow river in Moscow

Usually anglers winter season roadways go fishing when the thermometer outside the window shows listed below -10 degrees Celsius. In truly winter to catch, not just cool, but tough — — deal with is subjected to high lots, constantly frosting knotted cord, etc Analyze just how as well as where to catch in the wintertime on rotating in open water.

An instance of the angling, methods and also tooling will certainly be fishing in Moscow and also the Moscow river. Where to capture in the winter season on spinning But there remains in our middle and had by anglers, who travel on the river also in 20-degree cold. In Central Russia, lots of completely or partly ice-free waters, however many of them have to travel from the capital a couple of hrs.

Whether it is the Moscow river! To fish from dawn to sunset on the cold strength as well as persistence not always sufficient, however right here the residents of the resources and also Moscow suburbs can go for a couple of hrs spent on the roadway a minimum of time.

For angling when the temperature is below -15, it is feasible to recommend this fish pond. Fishing rotating winter on the Moscow river Lots of people understand that the Moscow river does not freeze in any type of frost. The greatest advantage when fishing in strong frost I think the lack of competition in whichever section of the river you come, will fish virtually alone, especially on weekdays, so you would constantly be able to stand up at any type of point and there quietly to catch, as well as do not proceed with her spinning right into the crowd.

As much as the attendance of the Moscow river relies on the climate, can be clearly seen when going across a road bridge Ryazan freeway near Chulkova. Defrost listed below on the ideal coast, especially in the day, you can see a lot of spinning — one was able to count 60 individuals, and it’s on site no more than 1.5 kilometres. Relocating the bridge if the air temperature is -25 once more at the weekend break — as well as see an optimum of 3 anglers. As well as this is one of the most popular and also near from Moscow.

As well as downstream(catchability areas for fishing on the Moscow river are plentiful *) or you will not meet anyone, or a maximum of 12 anglers. Weather for winter spinning When the loved one moisture of the air is high sufficient 15-degrees listed below zero to feel like -25. This is specifically really felt in the fog, when, as in milk, in the chilly air, and the rod as well as outerwear covered with frost. When the air is completely dry and also the day is Sunny, you can safely capture and also a 30 — degree frost.

But one of the most undesirable at a low temperature is the wind, which in the thaw much problem does not provide. In the bitter cool all the way. One of the most at risk at capturing on your own hands don’t assist and also gloves. Hands come to be literally « wood » for a couple of minutes, so whenever feasible, pick places with a fair wind, so chilly to move much easier. Better to select tranquil climate, even with high humidity — catching will certainly be less complicated. If angling in the thaw special requirements for the tools not, in the bitter cold, there are numerous « unfavorable nuances. »

How to pick a spinning reel for ice fishing A spinning reel when angling in the wintertime should be made of CFRP as well as hold an adverse temperature, that is, when the lots in the bitter cool to make it through. Crossing rings on the letterhead of the rod must disappear than 7.»

Ring opened(normally, moderately)size — for example, « Tulip » should be nothing more than 7-8 mm. the reality is that when angling on the rings, particularly the leading 3-4, ices up in ice, as well as the smaller sized the ring dimension, the tougher the fishing line to go through it. As well as this has an unfavorable impact mostly on the — spreading range.

Even 6-7 years ago, I sprayed the rings with numerous methods to defrost cars and truck locks, glass etc, however this was a little 2-3 casting treatment had to be repeated. The splashing of the rings took a great deal of time. Less complicated to get rid of the icy ring of ice, washing the upper component of the rod in the river water. Occasionally losing out on the 5-10 secs that the ice has melted. What sort of coil to put on winter season spinning She should be of top quality and also for that reason not affordable.

With this coil you can be sure that at one point it jammed and also will certainly not take place something such, what fishing will have to quit. I know a few situations where coils of low quality is actually scattered when fishing in exceptionally cold, with such a benign yet there was none.

Due to water on the angling line roller line bale subject to frosting. The ice, certainly, necessary to remove as well as after a few casts to actually take a breath on the roller, melting ice with cozy steam. After the coil is put on the rod, the reel seat( most of the times it is a steel)it is needed to rewind elastic bandage- so the hand holding the pole, there will certainly be less chilly. Mono or braid for winter season rotating Wintertime jig rotating angling line, naturally, entwined, with the traditional « pigtail », not the cable in the braid, as it before fishing it is necessary to fertilize fat. I made use of to take an item of foam, which formerly paraffin oil «, as well as missed out on work( 100-meter) sector of the fishing line, thereby fertilizing it.

However then it turned out that in fact cold affected mostly the last 10-15 meter section of the cord, so to oil the fishing line can be also much easier. Prior to I capturing an item of foam rubber layered fishing line directly on the spool, thus impregnating two lots meters. Some anglers use special sprays, lotions, and so on, yet it’s rather costly, however the result coincides. In my opinion, it is far better to use mineral oil — affordable as well as pleasant.

In the bitter cold of the scaffold impregnation of paraffin oil missing out on no greater than two hours of fishing, after that on the « network » begin to create — ice balls, which when casting can occur, « beard » or noose-tightening on the spool; additionally, in this situation, the bait is not fly. How to deal «with it?» There is a method! After speed publishing before wearing down the lure», the rod pointer must be lowered right into the water. Ends up that angling line, soaked with water, will not dwell airborne, as well as thus will certainly not freeze. We just need to maintain the bait from bumping into the « Tulip » or else paste out of the ring after hitting his sinker can fly.

What to capture in wintertime rotating: pike, Zander, perch On the water it is much better to bring a prefabricated mosaics « leash» — support — bait », then don’t need to accumulate them on the fish pond.

This is very important since a tough frost just a number of minutes to hands without gloves « zadereveneli » and also quit to «pay attention — to you. — Generally in the bitter chilly predative fish (pike, pike-perch, perch, burbot)captured at a deepness of 3-4 meters. To examine the rocks makes no feeling, since in such «places in winter are generally captured Chub, yet in the bitter cold, this fish did disappoint any kind of passion in rotating lures. Killer happens to discover in the coastal valleys, and in the vast pits.

The selected location does not need to be over, usually fish kept in standing water. The day to day. If you handle to find built up for the wintertime bream (Sedivy for him are shared in the vibration of the pole pointer on the pauses in between podmocani coil, when the lure fish jumping on the backs), after that such a location should be examined carefully. Close-by need to be present perch, bear in mind the regulation, « where is Belle, there is a killer ». Predatory fish can be found in the grabs, but regardless, at a decent depth.

Tiny « runs » the area », generally, in the cold do not work, as well as it makes no sense to spend precious time(winter season daytime hrs are brief ). Generally, all encouraging pits»on the Moscow river, devoted anglers have actually long been recognized, so they on a regular basis go astray «. Suggest you discover brand-new factors at which the fishing press is not so great. They likely capture will be richer.

The story concerning fishing in the wintertime on rotating Last winter season my pal discovered one such place — a tiny pit with a return flow near the coastline. For two weeks we saw her 5 times, and also the footprints in the snow it was evident that, with the exception of us, nobody ever before comes in below.

On each angling walleye bite, as set up began at 9 am and also was finished by 11.30. Evening output was not always, however if there was, then 2 to 3 hrs a day. During these 3-4 hrs of energetic angling for two, we normally caught up to 20 tails. Certainly, there were gatherings, and also a single bite is all as it ought to be angling. When it come to the nature of the day to establish the visibility of a predator is hard, there are fish as well as silistix sites, and also on rough or clay( inflexible) base.

What fish is captured in the bitter cold? Perch in winter spinning According to my observations, in the first place there is Sudak, it is the main things of hunting. His normal weight 300-600 grams, but there are likewise larger specimens, occasionally getting to 6 extra pound weight. Perch on rotating winter months energetic

In the 2nd place perch, you can occasionally locate the whole group, as well as often it comes from one location intermixed with Zander. Primarily on jig the bait encroach samplings weighing 200-400 grams, often it takes place to catch and pound humpback, but I note that now on the Moscow river, they are uncommon, not that 4-5 years ago.

As well as what about the pike In 3rd place — pike. In my whole method fishing rotating wintertime in the frost on the predator(when one location had caught up to 5 tails )I fell only twice on the remaining fishing pike was a by-catch. The weight toothy is uncertain, can bite the flooring pound the circumstances, and also — you can really catch prize fish considering over 5 kg.

Predators of other types in the lower Moscow river, when the air temperature is listed below -15 is seldom caught. Maybe many will state: why me rotating in this cold? I ‘d instead go ice fishing and open water will certainly catch in the thaw. Yet I’m certain there are those that will certainly value the severe wintertime fishing on rotating in the bitter cold.

You will certainly have something to remember — I guarantee you that. No tail or scales bosom friends fishermens! — The pike angling in the wintertime on spinning at the end of the Moscow river. Falling short to return from fishing from the ice, I was once more welcomed by fellow team-mates to capture a predator on rotating, on the Moscow river.

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