Winter season angling for bream on bessatalk

Traditionally, careless, slow fish in the winter season indifferently yielded also actively relocating the bait. In this regard, most fishermens that fish with bait on a float fixedly mounted or kucove poles.

There are enthusiasts that are always looking, frequently moving on the ice of the reservoir, looking for locations ledovyh websites, but they are in the substantial majority of cases are fishing on mormyshka with a planting bloodworms.

And only a really small group of anglers exercising catch bream on bessatalk winter. Really typically these trendsetters come in with a great catch each time when it appears that the fish is not powered.

The bream angling in winter season basmatic

To discuss this mindset bream for oscillating the jig is fairly challenging. Obviously, in the duration of reduced task fish for a very long time watching the nozzle before to touch her lips. She catches the inequality oscillations mormyshkas bloodworms on the all-natural movements of the larvae and also departs from him. In the case of a baitless jig bream as well as other fish, seeing the incongruities artificial living, reacts only to create a jig vibrations that it picks up all sensory organs.

Generally, make a decision to go fishing for bream with a baitless jig is quite tough. Many begun to learn it rapidly lose interest in it, regarding discover the appropriate game is not so easy. If the bream and also white bream do not find on your own with bites (and do not handle any kind of take on), then a newbie, polovit a little baitless jig, quickly returned to the jig with a planting moth– the proven method. Technique reveals that baitless jig catch no more than 7 percent of the whole military of fishermens.

In order to constantly capture bream and white bream on a baitless jig need to be thoroughly chosen all the elements of the snap-in as well as stabilize them properly. It is just as crucial to obtain hand: appropriate technique– the basis for success. Search catchability areas additionally contributes. Let’s start in order.

Winter season gear for bream
Snap-in winter months fishing for bream
The pole

For the amateur fisherman better fit to spinning a length of 40-45 centimeters with a comfortable (preferably cork) handle (length from 5 to 15 cm) and open or encased reel with a spool diameter of 4.5– 6 centimeters, the Brake coil might be deaf or rubbing. The latter is a lot more convenient when angling at various depths, especially in loved one superficial water, which can leave fish to thaw.

The whip put a length of 20-30 centimeters In General, the kind of spinning equipment is identified by the purchases and conditions of angling. Some efficiently caught on « balalaika », others utilize self-made models, while others like special finish udilnika.


This is among the most crucial elements of devices. It can be constructed from different materials. The best fishing for bream with a baitless jig appropriate cone nod from the clock spring, and you can make use of polypropylene, polycarbonate, Mylar tape or various other soft product.

The length of the nod can reach 18 centimeters These measurements allow to accomplish steady efficiency and align added, unanticipated activity of the hand. When making use of tiny jigs in superficial water the size of the nod ought to be high.

Cropped nods utilized in windy problems as well as when angling at a depth of over 5 meters. Under different problems of fishing job well brief nod, made from a gramophone plate. Nod should have end an opening or ring for the passage of angling line. Long nods, to eliminate slack of the angling line, crimping end sleeves or embeded in the middle of the nod to make an additional hole.

Angling line for bream in winter season

It is best to use soft alteration with a diameter of 0.1– 0.15 mm ««» TEKLON »( Japan )or « SILYER FISH»(Germany). These scaffold having boosted toughness on the knots and very smooth surfaces, little susceptible to complication in fishing near icy ice crumbs.

For fishing at depths higher than 7 m making use of a stiff scaffold. This is due to the fact that the tough line sinks quicker, is less confused when playing a fish, and also clearly communicates the bite. Can you suggest a sinking fishing line of the firm « BROWNING ».

The high quality of the game depends on just how slim line. Keep in mind, however, that huge bream needs to not catch on the angling line with a size of less than 0.1 mm, due to the fact that certainly there will certainly be breakages. The» use of thinner, but solid « wicker » in wintertime problems does not make good sense just because they will be covered with ice also in weak frost.

What sort of appeals to catch bream in the winter months

For bezmetallny fishing for bream the majority of the anglers use « hell ». This jig entered Vogue in the seventies of the last century, Modifications of these lures a lot, they are occasionally extremely various from each other, their appearance is mainly established by the imagination of the producer.

The brats may vary according to the physique, method of affixing hooks and fishing line, the kind of hooks, the approach of grafting grains or various other fabricated attachments, etc depending on the designs can change wiring alternatives.

The most typical « evil one » has a triple hook, however in the course often go even chetyrehochkovym design. Some experimenters make use of 2 « heck ». This is due to the fact that you can prompt the fish to obstruct due to the two lures it produces the look that a water body is targeted by one more.

Method has revealed that with great bite is better to utilize a huge « devil », has the ability to lower the percentage of the gatherings of big fish. It is recognized that egg « heck » zatsepistye much less than extended. Recently prominent « hell », which is made in the form of segmental joints.

The option of shade of bait, generally, as a result of the similarity of the coloring of the water invertebrates. The most typically used black, grey, dark brown « heck ». Relying on the attributes of the reservoir, illumination, and also other problems of catching in some cases make use of yellowish, greenish lure or those which have actually integrated shade. There are exemptions in the type of maroon as well as other shades.

In the case of fishing at fantastic midsts, of course, be more suitable to the hefty tungsten « heck » with sharp hooks. Their color can be a little lighter than the lures used in superficial water, where it is best to use the jig a dark, matte, black-brown shade.

Option baitless jigs lengthened with soldered in a lead or tungsten body hooks is considered optimal. There is likewise mount hooks on the movable suspension. Size of hooks for capturing bream– No. 10-13, bream– No. 13-18.

Not so long ago, fishermen have actually shown up in mix with a baitless jig to make use of all sorts of fabricated add-ons. The concern arises: what to take as replanting on « adversary », designed for capturing bream? As there are numerous synthetic materials, so there are a number of alternatives for their installing or installment. Beads, beads, foam, foam rubber, elastic band, thread. You call it, yet there are some generally approved variations of synthetic accessories, which offers good results. The most preferred with fishermens beads, moving openly on the poddevom the hook.

The mix of white and yellow beads well draw in big bream. Sometimes it suffices to the hook to put on the yellow grain or grain cream color. You can grow single hook little bit of run down red or yellow foam. Also fit the mix of white and also yellow kembrikom. It must be kept in mind that the mix of red and white draws in bass, and also if you put on the hook white sphere of foam, that might not be lights out from bleak.

Occasionally when angling for bream and white bream favorable outcome of the putting on 1 or 2 of the yellow beads (grains) directly on the line that when publishing tapping each other and the body of the lure. Released at the very same acoustic signals, appears to appear like the knocking appears originating from the shallow water microorganisms in that moment, when they are actively moving.

Proceeding the conversation regarding the baitless jig for bream, note that in addition to « hell » anglers widely make use of odnorazovye « fairy », « oralce », « ants » and also «dvuhruchevaja «» goats. » These jigs are likewise commonly utilized in combination with a plastic hook grains.

It beaded under specific vibrations of approval creates special impact of vibration field which the fish regards as the signal to begin feeding.

In General, baitless jig can be placed versus the scaffold both vertically and also at an angle of 120 levels. The location of the attraction is mostly established by its adjustment as well as technique of addiction of the line (Fig. 125).

Like the brats, some jigs might have a swivel hook with the body of the appeal, thereby producing added non-standard oscillations. When angling in those waters which are experiencing extreme fishing stress, it brings success. Naturally, responsible right here ought to be some man-made Supplement in the kind of tinted beads, small lembrikov, particles of the foam etc.

When it comes to the shade of hooks, practice signed in any type of light careful bream bolder takes the lance from the dark, not a light hook. For baitless fishing you need to take hooks with much less deep poddevom, which is well hidden by the beads or other man-made replanting.

Methods for capturing bream on bessatalk

There are General concepts of play that you should take notice of. Most significantly the video game is to make the jig just shook, practically staying in location. However, a legitimate application of the measured lift bait off all-time low at 30 centimeters– 40 centimeters– 50 centimeters– to 1 m

The resonance of the attraction is accomplished with a systematic continuous moving spinning with substantial frequency and little amplitude oscillations of nod. If vibration of the idea is not near absolutely no, and also besides, there are problems in the game, it does not draw in, but instead scares the fish.

Begin circuitry after the bait falls to the bottom. Long times tapping the appeal on the ground, begin her subtle rise up, giving the lure up to 120 cycles per min. This can be done slowly gradually raising the speed of the ascent relying on the arising or otherwise developing of bites.

Idea! Usually most of bites happen near all-time low in the separation from it of the jig or when reducing it on the jig.

There are specific methods of playing, one of which is « sawing» with the support of a scaffold on the edge of the opening. It gets rid of glitches in the game. The regularity of oscillation of the attraction in this case may be really minimal, occasionally it does not surpass 20-60 cycles per minute.

One more basic approach is very slow-moving the rise of the appeal without any reluctance. Certainly, in this instance the fish takes the jig for some pop-up carcass. Typically, in any kind of transaction, seeing the bite, bear in mind the option that this was executed, and also the depth at which the fish took your bait. It is really important that the activity of the jig maximum was similar to the behavior of this water body.

Where to find bream in wintertime

Winter bream to a better extent trades at the bottom, where he can head to damage the sludge collecting emerging little insects, gammarus, larvae, Daphnia and also Cyclops. When the ice is too slim, bream can go in shallow water. Discovered that where fed bream and bream, is really typically a roach. She, incidentally, can be a limitation when fishing, since the quicker bream and white bream as well as faster them reacts to the bait.

Bream must be sought actively in any type of period of rapid ice, regardless of the weather conditions. To do this, drill a few openings and also periodically, depending upon the bite, transform the place of fishing. In the lack of bite one well for 10-15 purchases, you can transfer to one more opening and do that till up until bites. When relocating from opening to opening, try to manage the bottom at each place. So it is feasible to identify the place of the differential depths or to enter the pit, which can be important with the active search Lesovoy Parking.

The reservoir of success in angling is assured, if we can find an aesthetic, opening, old course or plateau, which stands apart among the surrounding midsts. You can sit next to the grabs, if near the existing brings oxygen-rich water. The development of ice bream are ending up being extra passive, shoals of this fish are concentrated at depths of 5 to 10 meters in areas with clay-sandy, clay and rough bottom, near the dam, the old water supply.

In the rivers the bream and also white bream in the winter can typically be found on the inclines of the riverbed, river bed pits, situated below the rapids, near heaps under bridges and also where the shore has a lot of deepness. It happens that in some durations of winter bream and also white bream are holding in the water column, so making use of baitless jigs ought to not only catch all-time low, particularly when changing the pressure.

Commonly great bite bream have for a lengthy thaw. Right now, the bream often feed upon leaves at smaller depths. So, on the Ruza reservoir and also various other reservoirs we did not had the opportunity to capture big bream in December– January on the tables beside the bend of the undersea channel where the depth does not surpass 4-5 m.

And once more. Bream, particularly huge species, are really scared of sound. Not seen: when at night anglers collect their equipment and also cleared the ice starts attacking large bream as well as bream. Incidentally, in a time when there are a great deal drew holes, well go through them with a baitless jig. For a long period of time to remain in one location is not: if the bream began the feed, he immediately reveal themselves. Often, oblasova left hole, for half a hr can make the day-to-day rate.

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