With delicate tackle for a fish

Normal weekday. Painful wait completion of classes at uni… … And currently I’m complimentary as well as already speeding up on the river. The selected point is still the like in hobbies. The weather condition is warm, you can feel the spring, but blowing an unpleasant side wind.

Regardless of this, I took with me an extremely delicate set: stick to 2 grams, katushika 500-th dimension with shnurochek in

size 0.06 according to Japanese classification. Start with a fifty percent gram and the worm SPRUT TAIRO in red coloring. This bait done better than last fishing, however, alas, today it refused to function. Starts evasion of rubber, less complicated to 1 gram, which when it pertains to HIROKO inchworm, which additionally often aids me. Rescued it and currently, essentially in

a loads casts wonderful however tiny ECOSOC already on the coastline. On the shore began a few of poklewski, prodding, as well as soon capture. I was worried about the small perch, capturing 5 striped, one and also all. Then the bite is improving, however constantly caught the very same tiny okoshki, as well as HIROKO quickly retires. Decide to put a little vibrohvost SPRUT

HIDOKU with the purple coloring, which often aids me. As well as right here’s the cast, sluggish obtain with light podbrozny.

Essentially 3 meters circuitry and also obtain a vicious but cool bite. Rang a positive angling tune clutch … Immediately assumed that the town of pike, therefore it verified. Events do not rush, delight in the procedure of playing with delicate tackle. Hairgrass brisk, trying to go under the ice, but she can refrain that. I am getting to the edge and delicately approve it. Good microcephaly pike considering 400 grams. Picture shoot charm as well as release in their native element. After the same lure captures tiny ECOSOC. The attraction stops working as well as the course begins HIROKO. Okoshki once again start to pocelavat. A slight time-out, and once again the wicked bite. As well as again sang the track once again vigorous resistance and unbelievably positive resistance.

And right here is an additional pike on the ice. Both pike identified in the front lip, well, isn’t it beautiful?

A more factor died. Total silence. It takes 40 mins, was about to start to go residence, but all of a sudden there’s a nibble and obtains a good okunishi evaluating under 100 grams. Decided to remain and capture even more. Left and not lost. At the next toss the jab again and again perky resistance. Idea relaxed pike. There’s some various other resistance, more substantial and difficult. And on the surface appeared wonderful bass!

Yeah, very long time I did not catch, emotions running high, evaluates 300 grams. Excellent fishing! Caught a few bass, they were simply as good, yet of today it is far.

Quickly decide to graduate from fishing. Take a look at think about very effective. Long period of time I did not have such rich fishing. Fact was a lot and caught a couple of good bonus offers. And also all this with an adhere to 2 grams! I can not state the leader of today’s fishing– SPRUT HIROKO, this bait has actually brought me the majority of the fish. This fishing will certainly continue to be in memory for a very long time.

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