Zander fishing in october

As fishing studies show, a lot of the food pike consumes in the spawning period — — regarding 50%. Slightly smaller component of the food eaten and, accordingly, the possibility of perch biting, occurs in the autumn period, even less — — in the summer season, and in winter season the pike perch consumes only about 3%of its diet.

Since it is prohibited to fish it during the spawning period, fall is the very best chance for a spinningist to obtain this fish on its hook. Autumn task because of the reality that the fish is attempting to get ready for a long winter.

Additionally, rivers as well as lakes at the end of summer and also early-mid-autumn have the most affordable annual water level, as well as if there is little rain in autumn, it remains in this way up until cold. The water location is reduced, and also the number of occupants in it continues to be unmodified. The fish needs to move far from the seaside locations to the depth. Trifle rolls from more secure locations to the pits, where pike perch and lots of various other predators are waiting on it.

Pike-perch seasonal zhor is not just associated with modifications in the body of the fish prior to winter season, yet also with gravy train. As you understand, its food is comprised mainly of small fish with an oblong body. This is a roach, stark, which leaves right now on from the surface area deeper, minnow, ruff, a few other fish.

The pike perch does not antipathy likewise with water bugs, crayfish, bugs, even worms. The pike perch has a tummy, in addition to the majority of predatory fishes of our reservoirs. It is arranged according to the perch type — medium capability, it has three appendages that help digestion. Acid gastric food digestion assists pike perch the metabolism, plenty sated and not eating for a long time. Commonly, this attribute assists him to adhere to — the everyday rhythm of nourishment.

The exact same individual takes place the quest as soon as at a particular time of the day, and then, having filled his stomach, moves to the areas of the bed where just the fish that seem dubious and also can declare the territory can eat the fish. A relevant feature is the searching of a complete pike perch. When rotating as well as jigging fishing, instead large intriguing baits are made use of, with which they plodding the very same location where a well-fed fish can be found. When the lure bothers her, the pike perch strikes her.

Fish is gregarious. Normally, by the loss, the dimension of the groups increases, since it is simpler for big groups to protect the territory from various other kinds of fish in winter season camps, search and notice the danger in time. The largest perch, which have no all-natural adversaries in the tank, except man, like to remain alone. They feed much less frequently, as well as are not as typically addicted as small and also medium-sized pike perch.

A pike perch quest appears like a perch quest. The fish attempts to go to the group trifles front, which does not have a possibility to escape, deviating to the right or left. This will even much faster lead the victim to be in the seeker’s mouth. The larger the person, the smaller the size of the flock and also the larger the size of the prey.

The pike perch attempts to avoid a bright sunshine, as its eyes are much more adapted for sight at night. The sun blinds him hard. There is a way of catching it, when people are integrated in tiny areas, covered with tied up straw or reed. The pike perch which has actually left at night will certainly quest on a sandbank in the summer and remaining there, hides from the sun under shelter There he finds a bait fish and gets connected. In October, the sun is currently much less energetic, as well as it progressively goes hunting in the daytime.

It is most convenient to track perch movements in the fall. Generally, these are his everyday motions, which initially can be seen from the boat making use of the resemble sounder, and after that utilizing spinning and also biting fish to figure out that it is a pike perch. On the storage tank, where you intend to capture constantly, you can track these daily movements and also use them in additional fishing. It is advised to track the locations of pokolyovk on the navigator, document the dimension of the fish and also the moment of biting In the future, concerning the same courses pike perch will follow and also in winter. In the autumn, you can lay a great base for winter fishing, when pike perch is possibly one of the most desirable prize for the angler.

Pike-perch pressure can occasionally play a role. It is noticed that this fish bites a little far better when the weather starts to degrade from bright to rainy durations. Right now in the water a bit more oxygen, as research study has actually shown. The primary resource of oxygen in water is photosynthesis, which takes place also in winter months. The increase in oxygen from the pressure compared to this is negligible. It is unambiguous to say about the effect of stress on catching, absolutely nothing can be, it is essential to perform serious study.

Pike perch fishing techniques

There are numerous of the most prominent methods to capture zander in October:

  1. Catching on spinners
  2. Jig fishing
  3. Trolling
  4. Angling in a plumb watercraft
  5. Angling for ground equipment with real-time lure

Pike perch angling on turntables — — this technique has actually been understood since Soviet times. Such blades on pikeperch are relatively easy to use, do not call for much dexterity from the angler, as well as do not enforce unique demands on the form of the pole or reel. Provided the weight of the turntables, most usually made use of for catching perch, such fishing must be connected to fishing for light and also ultralight. Furthermore, they will drop as well long right into the lower layer at a wonderful depth, and the accuracy of the access will be shed. Still, much better turntables work at shallow depths and also catch perch in the summer season at night.

Jig angling

The most preferred method of capturing zander in fall is for spinning anglers. It is used throughout the fall — — in September, October as well as November. They practice fishing on silicone fry, mops, silicone crayfish, mandala, jig rewriters. They capture a traditional jig with a load of Cheburashka and a snap-shot snap-in, which helps to catch Sudak pits centimeter by centimeter, discovering a passive perch as well as requiring it to peck. The heads are used relatively seldom, as they suggest an extra uniform electrical wiring in the water column, and also not a game with a thud near the bottom.

Catching on the leash

Fishing on the diverter chain is not used as frequently. This approach is preferable for capturing perch. Those that intend to have a stable however small catch in the fall ought to attempt such fishing. In fall, the perch is suppressing fry in the seaside area. You can capture very good bast footwear making use of a jig snap-in with a diverter lead. It will be an excellent method for a newbie who takes the very first steps in capturing a jig. Angling for microjack pikeperch practically does not apply. For mikrodzhiga usage light-weight lure, which operate in the water column, and also pike perch is better to capture on the jig, walking along the bottom actions.

Pertaining to the jig baits and their circuitry, you can say the adhering to. All lures are divided right into two kinds — — which have their very own game on a consistent circuitry, such as twisters and also vibrating tails, as well as which do not have or practically do not have such a video game, such as foam, worms, octopus. For the latter, make certain to use edible silicone or taste impregnation. They are commonly doing not have an easy pike perch, and also can quickly spit out if they feel a trick. It is likewise desirable that all lures have a fluorescent shade and also are plainly visible in the undersea fall haze.


Trolling is an angling technique that helps you swiftly discover an energetic fish in a huge area as well as prompt it to attack. It is very reliable when searching for fish trails, as it allows you to locate them quickly over a large area. Nevertheless, for effective trolling, you need an excellent electric motor and a great watercraft. We require a four-stroke engine, which typically calls for permission, since angling with a two-stroke gamer under the ear all the time can create not enjoyable tiredness ultimately, yet a nervous breakdown.

Trolling on deep-sea wobblers. Be sure to use the echo sounder to track the lower decrease in time, to speed up or slow down the attraction, so that it goes about alongside the bottom. A good resemble sounder will reveal not only the bottom as well as the fish, however also the setting of the wobbler, if it is not more than 30 meters from the watercraft.

Capturing a plumb

Fishing in a plumb bob will likewise call for a watercraft. However, a powerful motor is not called for in this situation. For fishing, the on-board rod and the balancer of the winter kind are used, however a little larger as well as in a luminescent color. When fishing, they try to figure out the placement of the fish by resemble sounder. Then all along this pack comply with, maintaining the watercraft at a really low speed and also changing the training course with the aid of uncommon paddles with oars, making use of a water parachute or an electric motor. When relocating, they turn the rod, playing the equilibrium bar and tempting the pike perch to take the lure. Also if the resemble sounder does not show a perch, yet a white fish, probably, this group is complied with by a predator.

Live lure

Angling for online bait in October is generally practiced by those that catch the burbot. It can be a catch on a post, on a donk with a rubber band, on a breech. It deserves remembering that most of source of incomes do not tolerate long-distance spreading of a donk on the water as well as may just die while getting a concussion. The fish on such dead lure takes reluctantly. For grouper base fishing suitable peremёt and also gum tissue. They allow you to provide online bait to the depth smoothly, without dizzying flights with the air, followed by an impact.

With such a catch, most of the catch will certainly be burbot. But the perch can additionally be successfully captured, if you put the harpover to ensure that the majority of the hooks go along its course, found previously. It is most likely that every one of them will be hung with beneficial fanged prizes as well as no much less beneficial with a chin on their chins.

Sometimes, particularly in fish-rich locations, in Astrakhan, in Akhtuba, in the lower reaches of the Volga, you can see the fall pike-perch angling in circles. Naturally, in the presence of a watercraft. Exercise in more north locations shows that pike takes the circles more often, and also best of all in the summer, and not in the autumn pike perch. If you have totally free time, you can attempt this method of live-fishing. The resemble sounder in the angler’s arsenal has actually long made mugs not so reliable contrasted to rotating. It enables you to purposefully adhere to the school of fish, instead of waiting for a bite on a broad front of the circles. Yes, and also they will have to chase them all over the lake, breathing for oars or rumbling by an electric motor.

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