A good Chub morning

The third day of my journey for Chub. Got up and also took care of to capture the dawn. Swiftly Packed up, had coffee and also went to note the roll.

This roll we discovered a lot more since yesterday. Comrades caught it, and I just had bites and also events. This moment I utilized the pole SPRUT RENZO 190UL. Fishing started with kalabalik, yet they really did not want to work.

I discovered just how someone attacked a trifle on one little sateska. Send valleron SPRUT RINI CRANK in natural shade, gradually lead a Wobbler, and on the boundary of streams as well as quiet water is a long-awaited bite. After three meters playing go fish, as well as it was absolutely a Chub…

… Continue harvesting of the shallows, but however even more and also extra throw toss Wobbler at the point where the bite was. As well as currently, the bite is returned to! I noticed that the Chub active just in the very first seconds of a fight. Tough initially stands up to, and after that when it grabs the circulation, just drag it as a package. Tons all the same RINI CRANK.

However nonetheless, this boat I mored than happy. Send good-looking right into the wild, make the following cast, uploading on a similar course and again the bite! And below’s an additional red-finned good-looking in my hands!

Below is what I have gotten the bait under the conditions. Declaring in the appropriate place and also below it is the fish. Decide not to alter a functioning decoy. And currently, with a slightly different point, is extra cool bite, yet with a more fervent resistance. It’s on my crank desired tiny pickerel. These pencils are extremely like to mean.

Decide to put SPRUT RINI CRANK in a fascinating greenish color. And also simply a dozen casts takes place a effective as well as positive bite. As well as right here’s one more, golovchik in my hands. He ingested crank really deep, only the blade protruded from the mouth. Chosen today stick, by the way, good task capturing on cranky.

After that I was no more Chub celebrations as well as attacks. I periodically prevlevel little acusat on the exact same crank.

Determine to walk along the river. Throughout the shift, I had a very good bite in a common Chub. As well as fish are detected. The resistance of the stream was very solid. To the last thought captured a substantial Chub, however there it was, caught a pickerel. Well caught, got hold of the pike. Then she kept an eye out of the water, the cable in her teeth, jump and also drift away with my attraction.

More on shifts of call with the fish I had. At the morning roll I handle to capture a pair okoset on the sinking minnochka SPRUT TABURO TROUT. On the whole, the fishing I was very happy.
After lunch we determined to seek brand-new places on the river.

Went downstream, were very much, extremely terribly melted, discovered a number of intriguing rolls, however they were empty. On the last day in the state of mind to check out all the exact same peracetic.

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